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We didn’t work on the house as much as planned. We’ve been doing everything but working on the house. I did hem our outdoor curtains and put weights in them. (Post coming) The side porch was looking like the set of a Shania Twain video.



Domino is coming! Domino is coming! It recently republished bi-yearly (3 have been published bi-yearly) and now it’s going to be quarterly. Plus, Michelle Adams and Deborah Needleman are back. Read about it here and here. I have always wished for a collection of back issues. I was fresh out of college, focused on teaching, meeting The Mister, moving to Nashville, my new career and getting married 2005-2009. I purchased a few issues in 2008 and 2009 but I never had a subscription. I’m watching some lots on eBay.


time to whine and complainhere


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I won the deer I was watching on eBay. They’re currently residing on top of the big cabinet in our sideroom.

photo 3

Lovely lil’ family of brass deer.

photo 5


curled ribbon knob anthroComes in ivory and mint for $8.00



Hoping to win some moolah from Chairish. Enter here.

You know I like Craigslist but it can be a lot of digging to find something good. Charish is a new online sale site that builds the bridge between Craigslist and 1st Dibs – maybe even One Kings Lane. You can read more about here and enter here. You should enter so you may win and so I get an additional entry.


you take for granted


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I knew it wouldn’t be long before Jenny Andrews Anderson of My Favorite and My Best and Jamie from iSuwanee and Furbish would partner together. Jamie has used Jenny’s art in a couple installs and now offers prints as a pop up shop.

Jenny Andrews Anderson Pop Up Shop - Furbishhere

You may recognize the print of a piece of art that I missed out on in May. It’s titled “Through the Telescope” (the original was titled “Through the Periscope”) and is $75.00 and I believe the original was double that. All prints are on 11×14″ paper and there are six available and all are signed. Find them here. It’s tempting. This is my work computer.

work computer

Obviously, I’m a fan.

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Today’s post is a twofer. You get a War Paint Wednesday (Clarisonic idea) and a before and after. Don’t get use to the over achievement.  

We took down the towel holder in the bath awhile back. It was not centered over the toilet (see the photo here) and was looking shabby. However, we didn’t expect to see this under it.

spot from towel holder in bath

We put a fake plant in front of it for well over a year (you can see that here) and have wondered what to do. We considered “stealing” a tile from behind the toilet but the tiles are set in such strong mortar we were fearful of it. Finally, I realized a hook would cover it well and was actually needed.

I looked at many hooks online and at the usual suspects – Lowes and Home Depot. I purchased a few and returned them. As most of them were brushed nickel and we needed chrome. Additionally, most of the backs/plates were too big or too small. A few weeks went by and I happened down the bath aisle at Home Depot, the one with the towel rack collections and such, and found this.

futura hooks from home depot

Seriously, I thought I heard trumpets.

The screw for it was on the underneath. So, we could still insert it but it wouldn’t require the same amount of work to look drilled in. (We have no desire to drill into the tile.) It was chrome and the styling fits the style of the bath. It was simple and a rectangle. I was sure it was the same size as the spot. I grabbed two and practically ran to find The Mister.

The Mister grabbed some mounting tape before we left. We chose Scotch’s Extreme Mounting Tape. We probably could have used something less “extreme” as it doesn’t need to hold 20 pounds. However, we decided it was better to be safe with too much than risk them falling off or being shabby. We would suggest using it if you’re doing a similar project.

Luckily, I was right and the hook was almost the exact same size as the spot in the tile. So, we quickly tackled this project. The screw in the bottom of the hook kept the flat mounting plate in place.

back of futura hook

Then, we added a small strip of mounting tape to the mounting plate.

back of hook with mounting tape

The Mister was a little nervous with putting them on the tile. It’d be reversible if not put on correctly, but I was being pretty specific on their placement. Finally, he agreed that I should just do it. I removed the red protective lining from the tape and lined the top of the hook to the top of the spot on the tile. Then, I pressed it on. I used a good amount of pressure.

hook up over spot from towel holder in bath

I was super jazzed and put the other one up. Though the left side of our tile did not have a spot, I felt another hook was needed for balance and to look purposeful.

bath hooks

Here’s how I use the hooks in “real life.” (This is not totally true as the right hook usually has a face towel on it. I was washing them when I took the photo.)

clarisonic hook

Using it as a holder for The Clarisonic has been awesome for letting it dry. It was a happy surprise. I have found that when I try to dry my Clarisonic, usually the bristles get smushed on one side and heads are not cheap. So, I’m hoping this will extend the life of them. Full disclosure: you have to hit it at the right angle for it to stay. I haven’t gotten it to stay every time. It usually take a few tries. I gotta find the sweet spot.

We’ve had the hooks up for about a month and have had no issues. I’m so glad we found the hooks and it was a simple project. It looks tremendously better. Young House Love tackled the same kind of towel bar spots in their tile here (a good fix if it’s under the window) and here (I like our fix better for by the sink. However, it’s a good idea for above the toilet.)

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Don’t look at me

I encourage you to not look at me as I look pretty rough. My ears are stopped up so I’m kind of hard of hearing, my nose is running so tissues are a must and soup is what is for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s pretty ugly around here. So, let’s look elsewhere for good things.

First, Jamie at isuwannee is having a Christmas giveaway.


Don’t be a donkey. If you win you should give it to me. We’ll call it a get well present.

Next, Jenny at MFAMB is having half off paintings through December. Want to know what a “Big Gay Carwash” looks like? You gotta go here. Actually, I don’t trust y’all to do it. So, I’ll just show it to you.



You were expecting something else?

Amanda (MODG) had her baby. Her birth story is a trilogy. Spoiler alert: In the end, she has a baby.


 However, in her classy style MODG tells us like it is.

I’m going into my office today in all my glory.  I am feeling better and fever free. So, high fives all around.

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While watching DVRed episodes of Secrets From a Stylist I saw this.

My reaction was yelling “Yeah! Throw that on the couch!”, which I’d like to note that’s what she did. That’s because we’re connected awesome. This is what it looked like.

Yes, all these photos of the episode are from me taking photos of my television. Deal with it and be thankful I have DVR to rewind a million times with.

However, the ladyfriend getting her house did informed viewers that mud cloths could also be used as rugs. I didn’t know what a mud cloth was so I quickly realized I needed to get on it and referred to the internet.

From different sources that are listed throughout, here is what I gather: Mud cloths are made in Mali by artisans of the Bamana Tribe. They take cotton strips and dye them using natural materials like tree bark. This strips are then sewn together. This site has a lot of good information including what the symbols on mud cloths represent. They sell mud cloths but it appears you cannot view them in advance so you cannot be gauranteed one that is only black and white.


I want one in black and white. So, I kept searching with little luck. I found one eBay listing for this 32×46″ mudcloth.


Then, Jamie posted photos of a couch she has for sale.


I couldn’t agree more.

The New York Times shared this chair from the 2008 Kips Bay Decorator Show House.


They say that mud cloth-style fabric is available for $5 a yard at Yara International, 6 East 125th Street (Fifth Avenue), (212) 289-3842. We’ll see about that. By the way, the Sexy Afro Glam episode of Secrets From a Stylist had one of the best reveal reactions I’ve ever seen. Here is a photo I took of it for you.

It makes The Colonel uncomfortable. He usually pulls his ears back when I watched the episode.


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Me having a crush on Jamie Meares is nothing new. (Here for example) I want to work with/follow/admire her as she started her design business as a career change and is not a designer from her schooling. We have similar styles – she loves color and pattern. This means I like her store Furbish and today is the last day for her Spring Sale.

(Look at my girl using Peter Dunham’s Fig Leaf fabric – one of my favorites)

Here are some things you should buy:

No, thank you

here Piggy Piggy
This little pig is popular.


do it
Chiang Mai Dragon 4-ever

wear it


take it home

Now, the word “sprung” has me singing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s class “Baby Got Back.”  These items make me want to “pull up a truck” and “I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring.”

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