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I’m diggin’ our new dresser/tv stand.

tv dresser situation

This was it before. Here were the inspiration photos and me discussing my master plan and more before photos.

BEFORE AND AFTER - tv dresserI’m working on the play-by-play of what I did and how I did it. The outside edge and the hardware are painted.


I know we’re all over “Blurred Lines” but I’ve been into this cover for the past week.



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I made our shower curtain.

shower curtain made from sheet - The Lovely Lifestyle

I went to two alteration locations and my mother went to three – nobody would make it. So, we did what any “scorned” woman with a deep desire for the pretty things would do – came up with a way to do it myself.

A “how to” post is coming next week.


This is an interesting ad campaign by UN Women.

People still think lady brains are not fully functioning or worthwhile. The Google results are from September 3, 2013.



Needlepoint Leopard Clutch from C. Wonder

You can monogram it for $10.00 more.
I’m little worried about how well you can see it even if it’s in Neon Orange. Of course, it would be in Neon Orange.


beginning to middlehere

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We worked outside mostly this weekend.

jessamine on carport

The climbing plant is Carolina Jessamine. We bought it from Bates Nursery for $39.99 two years ago. It’s grown a lot but we never wrapped it around the carport as we waiting to paint it. So, we unraveled the thing and hope it takes over the carport to cover up the ugly supports.


DJ Cavem rhymes about healthy food.



someone else to make you happyhere

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I got a dresser at the flea market for only $40. I loved its hardware.


The original plan was to put it in Gussie but we’re going to try it at as a tv console. I have some plans for it, which I’m sharing on Wednesday, but right now it looks like this.


Crazy town


Y’all know about my Halloween costume video. for Goodwill.  I’m also pinning on their Kids’ Costumes for Halloween board.

kids costumes
Follow it here.


My birthday was Friday and I got many nice things. The Mister got my wishlist items from Kate Spade’s Saturday line.

saturday bday presents

The key ring is a game changer. For only $15.00 you better go gets you one. Mine is in “Safety Orange.”


I got my eye on a dining table, but it’s a little large for our dining room because it’s rectangular. I’m trying to figure out how to fit it in. I’m considering putting it up against the wall. This photo of Jenna Lyon’s office is an example.

jenny lyons officehere

jenna lyonshere


pushed by problemshere

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Yesterday, we worked outside quite a bit. Some things were exciting while the other mundane.

The Mister put up our shutters.

20130922-214750.jpgWhat a difference!
These are the shutters we used.

I weeded our newly landscaped yard. We’re preparing to put down mulch this weekend.



I was in St. Louis last week and wish I would have driven. I went to two Goodwill stores and found some great furniture.


Y’all this dresser was $60.00!

Look at these legs!


I wanted it so bad. However, I didn’t have a way to get it home. Blerg.


mothere teresahere

I think this quote is beautiful not only in words but in the presentation.

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After having the back porch painted we discussed outdoor rugs. It’s probably closer to the truth to say that I discussed outdoor rugs and The Mister simply responded, “Let’s throw away what we have.” What we were using was a too large jute rug from Nate Berkus’ line on QVC. It was on super clearance and I grabbed it for our bedroom. We hated it in there, but return shipping was stupid. So, I folded up the sides and threw it on the back porch. It sat there for a few years. I planned on finding a true “outdoor” rug. However, that didn’t happen. This is what is happening.


During our last tax free weekend, I went to Kohls. I very rarely shop there but found a few things – a dress and some work out pants. The rest I returned this past weekend. I handed the lady at Customer Service everything inside the bag – including some “Kohl’s Cash.” Frankly, I hadn’t noticed the Kohl’s Cash and didn’t realize it was expired or really what it was. The nice lady asked me if I was planning on doing any additional shopping. My response was, “Maybe. Why?” and she validated my Kohl’s Cash for me. (She also had to explain it to me.) So, I had $20.00 to spend. I walked around for awhile and finally found an end-cap with rag rugs for $11.94 each. So, I only paid $4.34 for two rugs!


I wish I would have grabbed three, but I’ll live. I may even go back to Kohl’s and see if they still have them. The Colonel is especially happy that we have a rug out there. He loves a rug. Seriously. He spent all last weekend going from sun spot to sun spot on those rugs.

I’d like for us to make some outdoor storage boxes for storage and seating out there. The more our porches can look like this the better.

sunset outdoor porchPhoto originally from Sunset

Hopefully, the sun will come out this weekend and we’ll be able to do some much needed mulching and tidying up now that the painting is done. The awning should be up next week. I’m anxious about it. I’m on the road quite a bunch till mid-October. So, you may see the same photo as me once it’s installed.

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We didn’t work on the house as much as planned. We’ve been doing everything but working on the house. I did hem our outdoor curtains and put weights in them. (Post coming) The side porch was looking like the set of a Shania Twain video.



Domino is coming! Domino is coming! It recently republished bi-yearly (3 have been published bi-yearly) and now it’s going to be quarterly. Plus, Michelle Adams and Deborah Needleman are back. Read about it here and here. I have always wished for a collection of back issues. I was fresh out of college, focused on teaching, meeting The Mister, moving to Nashville, my new career and getting married 2005-2009. I purchased a few issues in 2008 and 2009 but I never had a subscription. I’m watching some lots on eBay.


time to whine and complainhere

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