We finally got around to decorating a little for Christmas. It wasn’t much (we still don’t have a tree up) but we hung the greenery bought at Home Depot on Black Friday. I bought two wreaths, two swags and three garlands. They were $5.00 each.

archThe retaining walls need to be painted but that has to wait till it is much warmer.

lightI originally bought the greenery for our church’s Advent wreath making potluck. It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving and we ran late from dinner at The Mister’s grandparents. I’m glad we were finally able to hang them. It took us about 30 minutes.

The Colonel was sick on Thursday night. What began as needy, became lethargic. He vomited four times and began panting. The panting got worse throughout the night and Friday morning he couldn’t get comfortable and still wouldn’t eat. The Mister and I were very worried. So, we got up and took him in for an emergency vet visit. The Mister carried him in and placed him on the table then he had to leave for work. I stood there in disbelief as our dog began to wag his tail and look healthy. They couldn’t find anything wrong as “he doesn’t have the symptoms you’re talking about right now” but he got a shot for nausea. I decided to jump on the dog shaming bandwagon.

pig shamingjpg


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We love our pug, The Colonel Hoof-Hearted, and sometimes we talk about getting another dog. I look through Petfinder occasionally and now with some shelters being on Facebook, dog faces show up in my newsfeed from time to time. This new Facebook trend caused me to fall a little bit for a 5 year old cutie available in the town where my parent’s live. I called my mom about him and she was of no help. Very encouraging. I talked to The Mister about it and he didn’t fight me. However, I gave myself 48 hours. I called and found out he was adopted.

We’ve talked about french bulldogs. Then, I saw the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

baby and bulldog puppieshere

Look at the back fat on that one on the left! Lawd have mercy!

There are 12 adorable photos of these babies here. I think we’ll keep on the watch.

Dog Days

dog days cocktail napkins the lovely lifestyle

Anthropologie’s Dog Days Cocktail Napkins are real cute. They come in the four patterns you see above. Each napkin is a 12 inch square and $8.00 each.

I made four napkins from some vintage fabric last year and I need to work on my technique. We use white napkins for everyday use but I like having patterned napkins for events and dinners. I always look through the linen tables at estate sales for sets. Of course, I’m partial to the pug napkin above.

Throw in a towel

Maybe I got it from my grandmother, Bubbles, or maybe it’s just that tea towels are a great way to add color to your kitchen but cute tea towels are a weakness. Studiopatro’s tea towels are 100% linen and naturally sustainable. They are all printed one-by-one with ecologically sound water-based inks.

today is a good day tea towel“Today is a good day”

easy as pie tea towel“Easy as Pie”

life is delicious tea towel“Life is Delicious”

colander - noir tea towel“Colander”

piece of cake tea towel“Piece of Cake”

All towels are $24 each and can be found here. They sometimes have seconds in here.



vintage white christmas tree
I’m sure many of your are preparing to decorate for the holidays and realizing that you have double of some items or simply need more attic space. The Mister and I are collected gently used (or new) holiday decorations for Renewal House through December 15. We have plenty of lights and are looking for garlands, wreaths, stockings, ornaments, etc.  Feel free to message me (thelovelylifestyle@gmail.com) if you’d like to donate.


I had grand dreams of hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year but it ain’t happening. We’re taking it easy this holiday but I still daydream of tablescapes and beautiful place settings. This gold flatware is on my Christmas list.

gold flatware from West ElmWest Elm


great and small thingshere

The Mister and I went to Seattle a little over a month ago. I went to see a client and The Mister hadn’t been before. We stayed in the Hampton Inn and Suites for two nights. It wasn’t close to Pike Place but it was very convenient to the Space Needle, EMP Museum and the monorail.


The first day, we went to Pie and Serious Pie. The next morning we got up early to eat breakfast at Toulouse Petite. We liked it a lot. Then, drove down to Pike Place Market.

I had some macaroons from Le Panier and had to leave to be with my client during the day. The Mister did his own adventures. He love EMP Museum and I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to go. For dinner we ate at 5 Spot. The Mister liked the mashed potatoes and I liked my salad with salmon.

The next day, we went to Vancouver. We didn’t have much time to see and do but we went to Davie Village.  I loved their crosswalks. You better work it when crossing the street in Davie Village.

We spent most of our time at Granville Island, we ate at the market, and Stanley Park. We had dinner at Jules Mae in Seattle. It was so good. It is towards the airport, so you’d do best with a rental car. We rode the Central Link light rail back to the city to stay at our hotel for the night, The Artic. It was quite nice. Look at this bath.


Our last day we walked back down towards Pike Place Market and ate at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (the macaroni!) and Pike Place Chowder.


We got back on the light rail, the Central Link stop is right by The Artic, and headed home. There are more photos of our trip here.



We took The Colonel Hoof-Hearted to The Blessing of the Animals at our church.

blessing of the animals 2013He’s adorable and completely content being held.


We finally went to LIGHT by Bruce Munro at Cheekwood this past Thursday.

cheekwood light with mansion

cheekwood lights 2

It was really beautiful and ran through yesterday. My favorite thing was the teepee installation. I took a video, to my best ability, here.


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