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Sometimes I feel like I need to confess to you – The Good People of the Internets. Here is my confession for this post: I want pizza. Not “nice” pizza. Greasy, cheap, order it over the phone while some girl pops her gum after asking if you want a deep dish or thin crust pizza. The Mister is out with some of his friends this evening and I’m thinking about ordering some. That’s right – I want to order some pizza while I sit around the house in my pajamas and likely watch reruns of Keeping Up with the Kardashians…alone. You should now understand my post.

It all started when I saw a Domino’s commercial the other night and I thought “Man, I can’t remember the last time I had some of that.” I blame this all on a lack of quality programming on our DVR. I was so into it that I made this.

dominos pizza looks tasty

We have some great “nice” pizza places around town and we went to Five Points just a few weekends ago. I’m a little “ehh” on Soulshine. I’ve been once, awhile ago, and need to try some other menu items before I pass judgement. We haven’t been to Bella Napoli. Still, none of that matters. I’m looking for something low class. I’m dreaming of a half deep dish and half thin crust greasy beaut.  I’ll let you know if I keep my self-control this evening.

I wish I could eat my tacky pizza on a new dining table. I still haven’t painted our dining table. Instead I keep looking at new (or new to me) ones. Because that’s what being productive looks like sometimes.

brass table basehere

Even after the enticing 30% off banner it’s still $1,155.

On a completely opposite end of the spectrum, I think of Pottery Barn’s Shayne Drop-Leaf Table.

shaynes drop leaf table pottery barnhere

It’s the storage that makes me remember it.

I’d still need to cover that up with a big tablecloth which is what I plan to do with our table.


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You can follow the shop on Insta at begussiedup.

gussie logoHere it is on Instagram. The booth opened on July 2 and it’s done well. It’s not how I want it. I had big plans of stripes on the wall, specialty storage, signage and some other stuff. It’ll get there.  I need to cut myself some slack and remember this. 

I’m doing some shopping for Gussie this week. I’m looking at some lines and items to carry. Follow and give me some feedback!

In other news, this pimento cheese is available at Whole Foods.

whole foods pimento cheeseWorth every penny

I love, love pimento cheese. If you have a recipe, please send it my way. I’ve claimed that this summer will be the summer I master a pimento cheese recipe. I still have more experimenting to do.

Our wise words for the week:

choose to see the good stuffhere

Be good. Be safe. Be lovely.

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Heath Ceramics

We went to San Francisco last month for vacation. You’ll hear more about it in a series of posts next week – too many photos for one.  On our Saturday morning we went to the Ferry Building. We made sure to arrive early so we could experience the farmers market. We ate some food (amazing food), shopped and I found Heath Ceramics. I was quickly smitten.

I probably walked around this display four times.

heath ceramics - front of store

Then, I picked up a lot of these.

heath ceramics display

I opened and closed these pieces by Sara Garner a few times. They were so soft.

Sara Garner heath ceramics

Not only did I admire the tableware, but I admired the tile. I wish I had photos of the register but I thought that was a little weird to take photos of.

heath ceramics - pitchers and tileI didn’t think I was going to rob them or something. I don’t want their money, just their pottery.

Heath Ceramics started in 1948 by Edith Heath in Sausalito, California. They have a crew of 45 craftspeople (many have been there for over 20 years) and they make every product. This is from their webiste:

Edith Heath (1911–2005) founded Heath Ceramics in 1948 after her solo pottery show at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. She was a talented ceramicist with a great respect for craft and material, and a strong point of view on the product that her company would make — simple, good things for good people.

Edith’s passion for ceramics led to advances in clay and glaze development, which secured Heath its unique place in ceramics history. Her pieces were designed to enjoy a single kiln firing, at a lower than normal temperature, thus saving energy, while remarkably producing a durable and non-porous product. This Great Depression mentality motivated her to design and produced long-lasting products with integrity, in a responsible manner.

The pieces are so beautiful and simple. Iconic. While we were in San Fransisco, we met up with a long time friend of mine and her beautiful family. (Seriously, she has the most beautiful little girl to ever face Earth.) They took us to Napa and I gave her a green bud vase in appreciation. It was a good gift, especially because I didn’t get anything for myself. However, I can’t stop thinking about their pieces and my experience with them. I can remember their touch and weight. Seriously, I have it bad. Just look at those handles!

heath ceramics - mug handles

Like any crush, I decided to search for them online. Thier Neutra house numbers are gorgeous. I’d love to have a set but it’d be painful leaving them behind.

Heath-House-Number-Neutra-4-Mid-Century-White-Heath Neutra

They sell some dinnerware sets. I like the Coupe line in the Spring colors.

heath ceramics coupe line

More of the Coupe line here.

I’ll need to wait and buy full sets of the above. However, I ‘d like to start with getting  serving pieces in Onyx.  Here are some of my favorites in case any of you have the Santa Claus hook up.


Deep Serving Bowl


Shallow Salad Bowl


Vegetable Bowl


Large Serving Bowl


9×14 Serving Platter


6×12 Serving Platter


12×12 Serving Platter

Tell Santa that I’ve been real nice.

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Tonight, I have dinner plans for you. Nashville’s Dining Out For Life is this evening.


Dining Out For Life supports Nashville Cares which is an amazing organization. They support those living with HIV and AIDS in our community while providing education, testing, prevention services and awareness. You can learn more about their great work here.

A list of restaurants can be found here.  There are over 70 to choose from. The list even shares the amount  (percentage) they are donating. Help Nashville Cares support 17 counties within northern middle Tennessee, enjoy a local restaurant and take the night off from dishes. It’s a win for everyone!

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I love squash and try to make a pan of it to eat for the week. I makes a great breakfast. I’ll share a couple different versions of my squash casseroles (you gotta mix it up) and today I’m sharing the cheesy version. If you nixed the cheese then this would be Paleo friendly and pretty clean eating. Here it all is sans cheese and before being baked.

cheesy squash casserole pre cheese

Here’s a breakdown of what you’re looking at:

  • 3 smallish squash
  • 3 smallish zucchini (The squash and zucchini almost weighed 3 pounds total at the grocery.)
  • 2 tablespoons of butter (cut into “pats”)
  • 1 whole 6 oz can of black olives (drained and cut into halves)
  • 1/2 of a 14.5 oz can of petite diced tomatoes (drained)
  • 1 pound of ground chicken (Cooked in a nonstick pan with no added fats – just heavily seasoned with garlic powder, black pepper, Onion Onion and Spinach and Herb Mix)

I put it all in the pan (ungreased), add some extra Onion Onion and garlic and mix it all together. I chose to add cheese because it’s delicious and we have a bunch of sliced provolone. (I bought too much.) So, I simply laid sliced across the top.

cheesy squash casserole before bake

Then, I baked it on 350 for about twenty minutes.


This makes about 8 servings. I simply put a serving in a Fiestaware bowl and heat it in the convection oven. I heat it on 350 for around twelve minutes.

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Yesterday, we found out you get a free glazed donut at Krispy Kreme if you buy a milk.


Purity milk is the jam.

My tulips from Valentines are still trying to hold on.


Saturday, we went to Clarksville for my daddy’s birthday. We ran into Miss Lucille’s and I liked this mirror.


The Mister approves.

The Colonel modeled a napkin and the video is pretty funny. I guarantee that it’ll improve your Monday.Watch it here.

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A few days ago, while doing my grocery shopping at Kroger, I saw this.


Insert me stopping mid-aisle and backing up

I was at the Green Hills Kroger so I wasn’t at a Kroger Marketplace. I’ve only been to a Marketplace on the road but know some outlying areas have them. I haven’t seen Kroger sell dishes before and I was real excited about them being Blue Willow. Plus, there sale signs.


Here is the only picture of pricing that is readable.


After scrutinizing photos, here are the prices I’ve confirmed:

  • Dinner plate $5.24
  • Salad plate $3.75
  • Cereal bowl $3.75
  • Soup bowl $3.75
  • Large serving bowl $14.99
  • 14″ Oval Platter $20.24
  • Covered casserole $44.99

I think a grouping of Blue Willow can be really pretty on a wall.

blue willow hanging from michaelpennystyle


blue willow wall hanging plates with yellow chairs via house beautiful


However, I don’t think it looks great on your back.

blue willow back tatoo



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