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So, the shoot didn’t happen yesterday. It happens this morning. I showed up in full hair and make up, called my contact and her horrified response was  “No, it’s tomorrow.” My response was, “You mean I’m standing here in fake eyelashes for no reason?” It’s my fault. It was originally yesterday but it changed. I consider yesterday a dress rehearsal and it gave me some time for additional maintenance. While getting ready Tuesday morning I realized I should have done the following:

  • Got a manicure
  • Waxed my eyebrows
  • Had my teeth bleached
  • Lost 50 pounds

My fingernails commonly look bad. My nails have always been weak. They easily break and even peel. Plus, I don’t rub Vitamin E into my nail bed every night, so I’m not a stranger to busted looking cuticles. I’ve had acrylics in the past and have done gel manicures. I don’t like the drills for acrylics and I don’t like the UV light for gel. However, I got a gel manicure yesterday. It looks great and reinforces that I paint my finger nails like a four-year old.

Luckily, I was able to get in and have my brows waxed too. I cannot do my own brows. I physically cannot pluck them. It makes me sick to my stomach. Occasionally, I even feel sickly when a professional does it. Luckily, I keep my brows thick, and I’m told that I have a “perfect brow line,” so I don’t have to go too often.

I go to Therapy Systems in Green Hills and highly suggest them. I have their Wax Six card and you should buy it. Basically, you pay $60.00 for this card.

Wax 6 card

Then, they punch the card for each visit. This means I get my eyebrows done for $10. In fact, they’ll wax anything on yo’ face in that visit. You can get your brows, lip and whatever else done for $10.00. It’s a no-brainer.

I did not do anything to loose 50 pounds. In fact, I ate pretty terribly. My teeth will have to be okay. Nobody look at them.


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Today’s post is a twofer. You get a War Paint Wednesday (Clarisonic idea) and a before and after. Don’t get use to the over achievement.  

We took down the towel holder in the bath awhile back. It was not centered over the toilet (see the photo here) and was looking shabby. However, we didn’t expect to see this under it.

spot from towel holder in bath

We put a fake plant in front of it for well over a year (you can see that here) and have wondered what to do. We considered “stealing” a tile from behind the toilet but the tiles are set in such strong mortar we were fearful of it. Finally, I realized a hook would cover it well and was actually needed.

I looked at many hooks online and at the usual suspects – Lowes and Home Depot. I purchased a few and returned them. As most of them were brushed nickel and we needed chrome. Additionally, most of the backs/plates were too big or too small. A few weeks went by and I happened down the bath aisle at Home Depot, the one with the towel rack collections and such, and found this.

futura hooks from home depot

Seriously, I thought I heard trumpets.

The screw for it was on the underneath. So, we could still insert it but it wouldn’t require the same amount of work to look drilled in. (We have no desire to drill into the tile.) It was chrome and the styling fits the style of the bath. It was simple and a rectangle. I was sure it was the same size as the spot. I grabbed two and practically ran to find The Mister.

The Mister grabbed some mounting tape before we left. We chose Scotch’s Extreme Mounting Tape. We probably could have used something less “extreme” as it doesn’t need to hold 20 pounds. However, we decided it was better to be safe with too much than risk them falling off or being shabby. We would suggest using it if you’re doing a similar project.

Luckily, I was right and the hook was almost the exact same size as the spot in the tile. So, we quickly tackled this project. The screw in the bottom of the hook kept the flat mounting plate in place.

back of futura hook

Then, we added a small strip of mounting tape to the mounting plate.

back of hook with mounting tape

The Mister was a little nervous with putting them on the tile. It’d be reversible if not put on correctly, but I was being pretty specific on their placement. Finally, he agreed that I should just do it. I removed the red protective lining from the tape and lined the top of the hook to the top of the spot on the tile. Then, I pressed it on. I used a good amount of pressure.

hook up over spot from towel holder in bath

I was super jazzed and put the other one up. Though the left side of our tile did not have a spot, I felt another hook was needed for balance and to look purposeful.

bath hooks

Here’s how I use the hooks in “real life.” (This is not totally true as the right hook usually has a face towel on it. I was washing them when I took the photo.)

clarisonic hook

Using it as a holder for The Clarisonic has been awesome for letting it dry. It was a happy surprise. I have found that when I try to dry my Clarisonic, usually the bristles get smushed on one side and heads are not cheap. So, I’m hoping this will extend the life of them. Full disclosure: you have to hit it at the right angle for it to stay. I haven’t gotten it to stay every time. It usually take a few tries. I gotta find the sweet spot.

We’ve had the hooks up for about a month and have had no issues. I’m so glad we found the hooks and it was a simple project. It looks tremendously better. Young House Love tackled the same kind of towel bar spots in their tile here (a good fix if it’s under the window) and here (I like our fix better for by the sink. However, it’s a good idea for above the toilet.)

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While reading the most recent issue of InStyle (April 2013), I was shocked to read that lead is in many of the lipsticks in the marketplace. In 2012, the FDA reported levels of lead as high as 7 parts per million in some. The legal limit for candy is is .1 parts per million. The FDA states it allowable because you don’t eat lipstick. However, I think we can all agree that we ingest small amounts and lead is nothing to take lightly. You won’t find “lead” listing on ingredients, so you need to check your favorite shade out.  You can see your shade’s score at http://www.fda.gov or www.safecosmetics.org. You will get sucked into safecosmetics.org. Here is their section on lipstick which states that 5 of the 10 most lead-contaminated brands in the FDA study are made by L’Oreal USA.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a safe bet as they only make lead-free versions and their Lip Tar comes in a large amount of colors.

obsessive compulsive lip tar

The whole line is 100% vegan, PETA-certified and cruelty-free!

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I have a deep affection for coral reds. This should not surprise you. Last Thursday I took off my acrylics and got a gel manicure. It’s shockingly durable, but the UV machine makes me nervous. Also, it made my skin tingle. So, I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up but I love the color. I went with a girlfriend and it was pretty telling of our styles. I got coral and she got gray.

Then, this weekend I went to the fabric stores and look at what I found at Fabric Gallery.

When I grabbed it to check the price I realized that it matched my nails and was pretty cheap at $8.95 a yard.


I showed my fabric sample to said girlfriend and realized I have a strong attraction to coral red colors.

My bracelet, nails, fabric sample and my shirt were all the same color

I love the color – obviously I’m drawn to it. Now, I just need to figure out how much to buy. I have to figure out how much because I don’t know what I’m doing with it. It’s not a matter on if I’m buying it – just how much. I think I have a fabric issue.

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I didn’t cut my hair. Calm down. But, I’d like to. That’s just how I am. I use to cut it and mess with it a lot more than I do now. However, my hair is not as thick nor does it recover like it used to. So, I have to plan my hair moves carefully. I have an appointment Saturday and I know I’m going back to more layers and using this post for my inspirational photos. I’ve told Mary (my hair stylist) that this is the hair I am aiming for when it is long enough.


Still, I find myself pausing at shorter do’s longer than I used to. Here are some of the photos I admire. I don’t know the source for them.

Ignore the baby, just look at the hair.

No, I don’t know this girl. No, I don’t know where the photo came from – it was just saved in my “hair” folder. Yes, that is all odd. Tell her I like her hair and would like some more photos. I like the slight asymmetrical look with the bangs.

 I still like the shorty hair here, but I probably like the hair above more.

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Attention Ladyfriends: If you have a Dillard’s you need to go there and buy this.

Read this and go!
This is not a drill.
It’s a crazy good deal.

For $29.50 you get a full-size mascara, full-size Le Crayon Khol, travel-size Cils Booster XL and Bi-Facial Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. That’s out of control and here is why you need this:

1. Their eye makeup remover is the best. It’s not oily and doesn’t require lots of or extra rubbing. Of course, you want to rub your eyes as little as possible. If I wear waterproof makeup I simply lay the cotton pad with the remover on my eye and gently press for a few seconds. It breaks it down and doesn’t require me to feel like I’m exfoliating my eyelid.

2. I love their masca. It appears most women are always on a search for the best lip color and mascara available to them. I always return to Lancome’s Hypnose for mascara. I used Dior’s Diorshow, but I converted to Hypnose once I tried it. I have since tried Diorshow one more time but never again will I be seduced by Charlize Theron.  (She will not seduce me into another mascara. She’s awful pretty and seems terribly chill so I she could convince me to buy other stuff.)

With the Dillard’s Lancome deal you can get a full-size Definicils, Hypnose Drama, Hypnose or Hypnose Doll Lashes. Here is the difference between the mascaras:

It’s “cover girl” is Julia Roberts and claims to be the “ultimate in shaping and separation.” I have not tried it. It won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award and is a top seller for Lancome.

Hypnose Drama:
It creates volume with help from it’s S-shaped brush.

This provides buildable volume and is what I usually purchase. Hypnose Drama is supposed to be drama in one stroke, which I like to built it for myself. Additionally, the brush does well with fake lashes.

Hypnose Doll Lashes:
This is the newest line of Hypnose mascara and has had a surge in popularity. The cone shape brush is new and it’s focus to help define the lower lashes. I don’t use mascara on my lower lashes often, so I cannot attest to this.   However, I liked it as the cone brush helps fan out the outside lashes. It’s buildable coverage, but not as much as the “basic” Hypnose.

Personally, I’m trying to snach up as many sets I can with Hypnose. The mascara is usually $25.00. So, for only $4.50 more you’re getting the full-size Kohl (usually $24.50) plus the other two travel-sizes.

Go. Now. Right now. It was in this Sunday’s paper.

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I know that it is fall but I had to wear Clam Bake one more time.


I happened upon this color while browsing Target’s collection of Essie polishes. It’s the perfect shade of orange-red. Orange-red polishes can be tricky and look harsh. However, this is the perfect summer color. It’s a staple item. It’s thin and I use three coats. I prefer it without a top coat as it as it seems to matte it. The polish has a good jelly, shiny appearance once it dries. I’m not very good at doing my own nails but the polish isn’t streaky and glides on smoothly – which I assume is due to its thinness. Due to the orange, this would likely look best on darker, tan skin. However, I like it on my paleness.

My thumb is on the desk of my hotel room.

I decided to wear it one last time and rushed through painting them (hence while watching the CMAs. Now, I’m searching for my fall color. I’ll keep you posted.

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