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First, I apologize for originally saying the title was a reference to TLC. I’m embarrassed. Second, we went to Lowe’s to purchase this hardware this past weekend but The Mister was not feeling it. The “pointy” knobs bothered him.

Therefore, we took another look at a Kraft Maid knob and pull set and ended up ordering them. They are $7 something for a knob and $8 something for a pull.

Do you like my phone cover? It’s from J. Crew.

I agree with The Mister that the flat face knob does not have the potential to inquire like the one above. However, I can’t say I’m jazzed about them. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that I just want a kitchen to put the hardware in at this point. What hardware does get me jazzed? 

This hardware is fantastical!

It’s major.

I asked Jessica about the brass and glass pull and the faceted brass knob because they make my heart leap. They are not in production for another month or so and she hopes to get pricing to me within the next few days. All I know thus far is that she’s considering a change from glass to acrylic/lucite and the pull’s hole to hole dimensions is 4.25.” I’m a mixture of excited, nervous and anxious to get her pricing. Also, saying “hole to hole” makes me feel weird.


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This week I received my Wisteria May 2010 catalog.

Immediately, the coffee table caught my eye and I wanted to know what else they may have. I opened the catalog and on page three I found the coffee table and a side table.

Wisteria acrylic table $799

Inspired by a 1930s coffee table design.

Wisteria acrylic side table $699

Classic side or occasional table design. They state it is inspired by 18th century design.

They are beautiful, but more than I’m willing to spend. I say that then I stare a little longer.

These glass risers are purchased in sets of two and made of heavy clear glass.

J: small size $36.00
K: medium size $42.00
L: large size $49.00

Their coral and cream suzani pieces are really lovely and fit the colors I’m going for in our side room.

The overlay shown is $249.00 and found here.

There are many beautiful things inside their catalog and on their site. Enjoy their site, if you do not receive their catalog, and your weekend.

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