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We worked outside mostly this weekend.

jessamine on carport

The climbing plant is Carolina Jessamine. We bought it from Bates Nursery for $39.99 two years ago. It’s grown a lot but we never wrapped it around the carport as we waiting to paint it. So, we unraveled the thing and hope it takes over the carport to cover up the ugly supports.


DJ Cavem rhymes about healthy food.



someone else to make you happyhere


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Two weekends ago, I found a large wine rack and a nice wine fridge at a yard sale. My father wanted both. He and my mother came down Saturday afternoon to pick the items up at the yard sale. There were many signs that you entered at the side of the house. The yard sale was not in the yard but inside the house since they were moving. To get the wine fridge out of the kitchen we went out their back door. That’s when my mother noticed that the arbor was for sale. I had only noticed the “Enter at the side” sign and not the price tag. So, I bought it for only $65! Such a steal!

The house was about two miles from our home so my father was adamant that this was a good idea.

daddy in the truck
It wasn’t really a good idea. I voted against it. Nothing nor no one was injured. Still, high potential for issues.

This past weekend, The Mister and I placed it at the end of the sidewalk and finally leveled it. The Mister used two bags of top soil and a bag of compost. Then, I pulled up the grass between the arbor and the sidewalk (a chore that I underestimated) and planted three small pots of ivy on each side.



The Mister tied the ivy along the arbor in hopes of “training” it.

ivy tie up on arbor

Now, I’m looking for plants for the sides. Bates has 33% off of all plants for another week. I’m gonna have to make a run.

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Weekly Thoughts

We had a lot going on last week and this weekend. I keep reminding myself of this:

think good thoughts

The Mister loved this map of Nashville from the 60s and bought it. Now, we’re making wall space.


Bates Nursery has everything at 15% off till June 20. The Colonel was exhausted with the heat. He gave up at one point and crawled under the ground covering display to cool off.


The Mister was given an answering machine. We still have a landline and he decided we should use to “see if anyone calls us.” The answer to that curiosity is “no.” I don’t even know our home phone number. He recorded the greeting and I didn’t like it. You can hear it (and my criticism in the background here.) We’re keeping it.

The video I have been working on goes live tomorrow. Expect a post. I wish I could share the bloopers with you. Here’s a screenshot.


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You should get the new look on Pinterest. It has some great improvements. I still want to be able to search for pins within my own boards, but we’re getting there.

We went to the flea market – mostly on a fern buying frenzy.


Image by me

I only bought four ferns but two are “Big Daddies.” We’re keeping them in the sideroom until it’s a little warmer. They’re currently behind the curtain.

We filled in some holes from a painting that was on the wall and around the hole for the medicine cabinet. Afterwards, we used our original can of paint and it looks awful.

paint in bathroom

So, we’re going to have to fix that. I’m trying to use this a “We should repaint the bathroom anyways” moment. I’ve felt the paint needed to be lighter in there for awhile. So, I’ve bought a couple testers and I’m currently waiting for Tester #3 to dry. It’s a “half tone” of the original paint color. I asked the gentleman at Home Depot for a half tone and he asked for an explanation of the term. He obviously has never watched Sarah Richardson.

Additionally, we realized how bad the air vent looks. So, we bought a replacement and it’ll go up as soon as we decided what to do about the paint.

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I have long liked McCoy Pottery, but I don’t know enough about it. I plan/vow to myself that I’m going to get some books and really study up on it. Right now, I just like what I like and have a few pieces. Here is some of what I like:

Bead and Leaf Planter

Green Bead and Leaf Planter

Trio of bamboo planters

These would be great for a set of herbs or a trio of succulents. This planter would be great too.

Tulip trio


Egg Cookie Jar

Teal Honeycomb Cookie Jar

Tiny planter

McCoy yellow bamboo planters

There are a few other of these pieces available here and here.

Frog planter

I’ll have to go through my pieces as I need some small planters for our kitchen and my vanity. However, I know I would like some bead and leaf pieces. That frog is tempting too.

Are you reading this The Mister?

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I love pea gravel. Always have. I want a pea gravel driveway like I want to be a billionaire. So freakin’ bad. Our paved driveway is in need of some love and I had hoped that pea gravel was the answer, but it’s not sounding that way.

So, I’ve been wondering how I can get my pea gravel love on. The most common sense plan would be to use pea gravel instead of mulch in our landscaping. I’ve seen this done but it’s usually in water restricted areas and I cannot remember specifics on if I liked it or not. I’m fearful of how it’ll look. The Mister is all about it as it will cut down on the need to “remulch,” but I’m a little on the fence.

via Better Homes and Gardens

The other option is recycled tire or rubber mulch. It’s definitly more than regular mulch. Still, it typically has a 15 year color warranty, doesn’t need to be remulched and doesn’t attract bugs or pests. Then, of course, it’s good karma because it’s recycled tires.  



I’m leaning more towards the rubber mulch. What about it with a pea gravel border? Am I trying too hard? Wait. Don’t answer that. Have you seen pea gravel in landscaping done well? If so, bring on the photos. I need your help here.

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Nashville’s Antique and Garden Show is February 10 – 12, 2012. This year’s theme is Collective Color.

To kick off the event, Thursday’s Preview Party is sponsored by 1stdibs and will have Michael Bruno (1stdibs’ founder and CEO) in attendance to host the event. The Preview Party offers guests an opportunity to view and shop at the Show before it opens to the public the next day.  There will be lectures by Nancy Goslee Power and Miles Redd on Friday. Yes, my Miles Redd. The Collectors Party on Friday night will include a tour of the showroom with  Carolyn Englefield, Director of Decoration and Special Projects for VERANDA Magazine, with Barry Dixon as a guest designer. Eddie Ross has a lecture on Saturday and two complimentary lectures will be hosted by Suzanne Rheinstein and David Kleinberg.

It sounds pretty great, right? Last year, I wanted to go but bowed out. However, this year it is happenin’. Does anyone else want to go? They have group discounts. I’ve already taken off of work.

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