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Travel Thursday: Seattle

The Mister and I went to Seattle a little over a month ago. I went to see a client and The Mister hadn’t been before. We stayed in the Hampton Inn and Suites for two nights. It wasn’t close to Pike Place but it was very convenient to the Space Needle, EMP Museum and the monorail.


The first day, we went to Pie and Serious Pie. The next morning we got up early to eat breakfast at Toulouse Petite. We liked it a lot. Then, drove down to Pike Place Market.

I had some macaroons from Le Panier and had to leave to be with my client during the day. The Mister did his own adventures. He love EMP Museum and I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to go. For dinner we ate at 5 Spot. The Mister liked the mashed potatoes and I liked my salad with salmon.

The next day, we went to Vancouver. We didn’t have much time to see and do but we went to Davie Village.  I loved their crosswalks. You better work it when crossing the street in Davie Village.

We spent most of our time at Granville Island, we ate at the market, and Stanley Park. We had dinner at Jules Mae in Seattle. It was so good. It is towards the airport, so you’d do best with a rental car. We rode the Central Link light rail back to the city to stay at our hotel for the night, The Artic. It was quite nice. Look at this bath.


Our last day we walked back down towards Pike Place Market and ate at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (the macaroni!) and Pike Place Chowder.


We got back on the light rail, the Central Link stop is right by The Artic, and headed home. There are more photos of our trip here.


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Classy client

I saw a favorite client of mine last week and went to a new building. It was new to me and had amazing pieces of American Art. I geeked out. These three pieces were in the conference room I was in.

1986, Screenprint
Sam Francis

2001, Oil on Canvas
Stanley Twardowicz

2001, Oil on Canvas
Stanley Twardowicz

This was outside of the conference room.

1966, Acrylic on Canvas
Kenneth Noland

20130923-102501.jpg“Untitled from Imperfect Series”
1988, Woodblock and Screenprint
Roy Lichtenstein

A different conference room.

20130923-102533.jpg“Yellow No. 9”
1977, Tapestry
Fernand Leger

20130923-102550.jpg“Red Transparency”
1973, Lithograph
Herbert Bayer

There were tapestries.


Then, there was my favorite piece when you came onto the second floor.


I met a friend (who I met by working with this client) for dinner and she told me that they give tours. Sadly, I had no idea and no time to do one. If you’re ever in Jefferson City, MO let me know. You gotta see this place. Art everywhere.

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Yesterday, we worked outside quite a bit. Some things were exciting while the other mundane.

The Mister put up our shutters.

20130922-214750.jpgWhat a difference!
These are the shutters we used.

I weeded our newly landscaped yard. We’re preparing to put down mulch this weekend.



I was in St. Louis last week and wish I would have driven. I went to two Goodwill stores and found some great furniture.


Y’all this dresser was $60.00!

Look at these legs!


I wanted it so bad. However, I didn’t have a way to get it home. Blerg.


mothere teresahere

I think this quote is beautiful not only in words but in the presentation.

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I got y’alls emails and I may have over-promised. I was sure that I could work on some posts this week but that didn’t happen. I’m on the road through October 18. You may have to bear with me for a bit.

It’s been awhile since I’ve traveled this much. There’s a familiar hum to being on the road that I like. However, this week was tough. I had a bad schedule of sessions/meetings and have been working at least 7 to 7 everyday. Like on my feet, in heels, being charismatic while speaking to groups then get in my car and drive three hours kind of days. Y’all, I haven’t even looked at Pinterest.

So, I haven’t done any posts like promised. I’m not sure when I will. I’ll do my best to complete the ones we talked about and share some projects and such. Let’s start with what happened last night.

After a long day, I finally got to my hotel room. I had to pee so bad that I wondered if anyone had ever peed the parking lot because they couldn’t wait to get to their room after a long drive or flight. I rush to the room and turn on the tv. I begin to change into my work out clothes. I change in my pants and put on my socks and tennis shoes. I cannot find my shirt and sports bra. I realize I haven’t flipped the lock on my hotel room door. Hotel doors lock behind you but I usually flip the additional one. I turn to walk towards the door and it opens. A lady and two teenagers walk in.

The lady pushes the door open with her back while she drags her bag. I’m standing by the tv in my state of work out clothes on the bottom and work clothes on the top. Her son says “Ummmmm” which makes her flip around. She gasps and we all stare at each other. Finally, after what felt like minutes, I reach over and turn the tv down and say “Are y’all checking in?” I figured it was the polite thing to say.

The lady said “I’m sorry” several times and I told her that I was okay and was just watching some trashy reality tv. She laughed and the daughter finally stop staring with her mouth open to ask what I was watching. I answered the girl’s question. (I was watching Tamar and Vince which I’d never seen before but I liked watching Braxton Family Values when I was on the road in the past. So, I was quickly sucked in.) Then, I said “There’s only a king so I don’t believe we’ll all fit. However, there is a couch. I call dibs on the pillows.” The mother laughed but never said much more than “I’m sorry.” The daughter nodded and smiled while the son never said anything but cocked his head at me when I said the last thing. I called the front desk several times but they never answered. I didn’t care to go down there. Too tired.

I never ended up working out. I’m currently sitting on the bed in my weird outfit and I’m still watching Tamar and Vince. I need to go to bed.

I hope you have a good weekend. I’ll be working on this.


Want to know what it is and why? Stay tuned for my next video for Goodwill! It’ll be available in a couple weeks.

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Recently, I was going through photos on my computer and came across the ones below. The homes are gorgeous but I have no idea where they are. They’re from 2010. That seems like a very long time ago mostly because it kind of was. So, enjoy these pretty homes that I think are from New Hampshire.

Camera 085

Camera 080

Camera 084

Camera 082

I wish I could tell you where it was. It looks beautiful. However, that’s the life I’ve had on the road the past 5+ years. Looking back, I wish I would have kept a journal or been better about documenting my travel on this very blog that you’re reading.

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Heath Ceramics

We went to San Francisco last month for vacation. You’ll hear more about it in a series of posts next week – too many photos for one.  On our Saturday morning we went to the Ferry Building. We made sure to arrive early so we could experience the farmers market. We ate some food (amazing food), shopped and I found Heath Ceramics. I was quickly smitten.

I probably walked around this display four times.

heath ceramics - front of store

Then, I picked up a lot of these.

heath ceramics display

I opened and closed these pieces by Sara Garner a few times. They were so soft.

Sara Garner heath ceramics

Not only did I admire the tableware, but I admired the tile. I wish I had photos of the register but I thought that was a little weird to take photos of.

heath ceramics - pitchers and tileI didn’t think I was going to rob them or something. I don’t want their money, just their pottery.

Heath Ceramics started in 1948 by Edith Heath in Sausalito, California. They have a crew of 45 craftspeople (many have been there for over 20 years) and they make every product. This is from their webiste:

Edith Heath (1911–2005) founded Heath Ceramics in 1948 after her solo pottery show at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. She was a talented ceramicist with a great respect for craft and material, and a strong point of view on the product that her company would make — simple, good things for good people.

Edith’s passion for ceramics led to advances in clay and glaze development, which secured Heath its unique place in ceramics history. Her pieces were designed to enjoy a single kiln firing, at a lower than normal temperature, thus saving energy, while remarkably producing a durable and non-porous product. This Great Depression mentality motivated her to design and produced long-lasting products with integrity, in a responsible manner.

The pieces are so beautiful and simple. Iconic. While we were in San Fransisco, we met up with a long time friend of mine and her beautiful family. (Seriously, she has the most beautiful little girl to ever face Earth.) They took us to Napa and I gave her a green bud vase in appreciation. It was a good gift, especially because I didn’t get anything for myself. However, I can’t stop thinking about their pieces and my experience with them. I can remember their touch and weight. Seriously, I have it bad. Just look at those handles!

heath ceramics - mug handles

Like any crush, I decided to search for them online. Thier Neutra house numbers are gorgeous. I’d love to have a set but it’d be painful leaving them behind.

Heath-House-Number-Neutra-4-Mid-Century-White-Heath Neutra

They sell some dinnerware sets. I like the Coupe line in the Spring colors.

heath ceramics coupe line

More of the Coupe line here.

I’ll need to wait and buy full sets of the above. However, I ‘d like to start with getting  serving pieces in Onyx.  Here are some of my favorites in case any of you have the Santa Claus hook up.


Deep Serving Bowl


Shallow Salad Bowl


Vegetable Bowl


Large Serving Bowl


9×14 Serving Platter


6×12 Serving Platter


12×12 Serving Platter

Tell Santa that I’ve been real nice.

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Two weeks ago I had to go to Louisiana for a client. I spent maybe three hours in New Orleans and then headed to Baton Rouge. I encourage you to spend more than a couple hours in NOLA, but I got to rush in a couple of things. First stop was Central Grocery.

Muffalata goodness

Then, I walked around. It was around 10 in the morning, so the streets were not that crowded. I saw some pretty things.





The last imagine is the entrance to Rouses. I went in to buy some beans.


I’ve never had them but I should have gotten a can for myself. I bring them back for a friend. He loves them beans.

I stayed at the Hilton Baton Rouge, which I had stayed at before. It has Art Deco decor. These are photos from the bathroom – wallpaper and tile.



My client was some distance from Baton Rouge. I stopped at Rayne to get some water and found out they’re “The Frog Capital of the World.”

My first clue was the sign above. Second, I noticed their “mural.”

Third, I went to the restroom and heard some weird tapping above me. I looked up and saw this.


There were also some dead ones on the floor. Rayne is not somewhere to visit again but Baton Rouge and New Orleans are great. Last week, The Mister and I went on vacay and it was great. It may be a few days till I get back to regular scheduled programming.

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