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I’ve used Paperless Post for a couple events and really like it. Tracking is incredibly easy on their site and on their app. There are lots of great designs and they commonly have partnerships with designers. Currently, Kelly Wearstler has line of beautiful invitations and cards. They can be sent digitally and purchased as paper (legit) stationary.

The “Marbleized” card may be my favorite.

marbleizedmarbleized horizontal

Marbleized – Horizontal

The envelope details are great.marbleized envelope

The Graffito card is based on her famous foyer.

graffito paperless cardGraffito card

graffito stationaryGraffito – Horizontal

kelly wearstler foyer
Send a chic Hanukkah card to your family and friends.


See the entire collection here.

Register for Paperless Post here.

This post was not sponsored, but if you register using my link I’ll get coins. Make it rain with digital coins y’all.


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I have loved Paule Marrot’s “Tulips” for a long time. It’s available from Brunschwig and Fils as “Guermantes.” I have no idea how much a roll is. I’m too afraid to find out. However, I occasionally check eBay for remnants. I’ve never come across any. I can likely afford just some napkins.

Paule Marrot tulips napkinhere

These chairs are interesting.

Paule Marrot Tulips chairshere

I’ve seen it on couches and upholstered furniture. You may recognize it from Mad Men. It’s on Pete and Trudy Campbell’s couch.

pete cample tulip couchhere

Trust that I would take it on an upholstered couch or chair – just about anywhere. (Remember that I’m looking for a floral couch.) However, I think about it the most…

from the window…

Paule Marrot tulips roman shadesDesign by Hudson Baby Design

…to the wall.

Paule Marrot Tulips peppermint bliss wallpaperDesign by Peppermint Bliss

I can’t help myself from a Ying Yang Twin reference.

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Joe Nye

It’s sad to hear about the passing of designer Joe Nye. His style of “crowded and cozy” is something I can identify with. House Beautiful’s spread of his apartment is one of my favorites. Here are some of my favorite rooms.

joe nye's living room - house beautifulhere

joe nye's living room 2 - house beautifulhere

joe nye's dining room - house beautifulhere

joe nye kitchen - house beautifuljpghere

joe nye striped wallhere

joe nye bedroomhere

joe nye bedroom 2here

Chinoiserie Chic has some great photos from his portfolio and reposted an interview with him from 2011. It’s a great read.

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Coastal Living featured their 2013 Coastal Design Trendsetters in their June issue. Some great designers were listed, including Anthony Baratta. He was half of the design duo Diamond-Baratta for three decades and he’s now solo. I encourage you to check out his site.

Those chairs and that ceiling.

anthony baratta sunroom - the lovely lifestyle

Of course, an airplane with tartan carpet and the most buttery looking chairs imaginable.

anthony baratta airplane - the lovely lifestyle

A bedroom with a tufted headboard and footboard with the most amazing art. I love the scale of it.

anthony baratta bedroom - the lovely lifestyle

These curtains are gorg.

anthony baratta dining room - the lovely lifestyle

This foyer is the most traditional of rooms from his portfolio. The floors are a showstopper, especially with the Greek Key border.  

anthony baratta foyer - the lovely lifestyle

Once again, the art is great. The colors and the scale are perfect.

anthony baratta living room - the lovely lifestyle

All photos from here

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We left our favorite Mexican restaurant Sunday afternoon and The Mister gently told me that Lilly Pulitzer died. I wasn’t happy. I like a colorful and resourceful lady. (The link is from the New York Times article on her life. I suggest it.)

She became a fashion icon for her tropical, wildly colored shift dresses and the brand was revived in 1993. A home line followed. There as a partnership with Lee Jofa and I kept a couple of the ads because I loved them so.

lilly pulitzer lee jofa


lilly pulitzer lee jofa room

lilly pulitzer lee jofa dining show room


I love gingham. I like it on the walls in both the photo above and below. However, I probably prefer it on a larger scale.

lilly pultizer gingham awalls


I will have gingham walls – someday. I’m gonna have to do them myself or hire someone because The Mister says they look complicated.  They do look complicated and that’s the reason they’ve not happened already. But they will.

I’ve had four posts that have featured Lilly Pulitzer’s style and brand: the home collectionLonny’s article and inspirational photos, gingham walls and the color pink. I encourage you to look at photos of her creations, if you need a little pep in your style.

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In the February 2012 issue of Southern Living they featured Lake Flato Architects prefab dogtrot houses.

modern-dogtrot-southern living

Movable louvered doors in the dogtot or breezeway that connect the living and master bedroom units

living-room-and-kitchen-southern living

The main building includes the kitchen, sitting and dining area on one side with the master bedroom and bath on the other side. The dogtrot or breezeway connects the two units, as seen below.

porch-house-exterior- southern living

The guest unit has two bedrooms and a bath.

guest-bedroom-southern living

All photos from here

Photos: Laurey W. Glenn

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I attended the 2013 Antiques and Garden Show last Friday. Not only did I attend the show, but I attended a lecture by Bunny Williams. Whenever I find my notebook that I took with me, I’ll share some quote from it. The show was in honor of Albert Hadley and rightfully so.


The entry (seen above and Vine video  here) was designed by Jonathan Savage.

I met Jonathan last year at the show. He sat next to me during the Eddie Ross lecture and I started conversation by asking if he wore an orange scarf the day before during the Miles Redd lecture. He asked me if I asked about folding screens during the Q&A and I had. He gave me his card, which I misplaced. I’m terrible with names and finally found it months later. I deemed too late to reach out and that I’d look straight up stalky. This year, I stopped to take a photo of the entrance and he recognized me. I recognized him too, but since he’s cooler than me, I didn’t think he’d remember me. I didn’t realize he did the entrance and it looked great. He called me out for never calling him. I deserved that. I’m obviously a fool. 

There were some great gardens. Below are links to the Vine videos I took of each and it appears I missed Garden 1.

There were some amazing things for sale. The photos are not nearly inclusive of all the goods.

These WWI leg splint were gorgeous as art.


There was gorgeous lighting.



Alabaster lamps



There was a set of these industrial sconces. They had a great green color and great for a kitchen.


This chandelier was sold and located in the Artifacts booth. Artifacts is located in Nashville and you can look at a small sampling of their offerings on 1stdibs here.


This piece was not sold and was $1,200.


I had a thing for dressers – full sized and children’s dresser or salesmen samples. (Vine videos of children’s dressers and salesmen samples here and here.)



I liked the vignette below very much. Chinoiserie, leopard print, gold and kelly green furniture? Obviously.


Then, I fell in love with this painting below. It’s by William Engle and was found in C. M. Leonard Antiques. The owner there (we’ll say C. M. Leonard) was very nice. I immediately told him that I loved the painting but couldn’t pay $10,500 for it. I was pretty sure he’d be uninterested in me being in his booth, but was very kind and still shared information about the painting with me.


I left the booth to sat on a bench and stared at it from afar. I was stalking it like a super creepster.

The only thing I bought were the butterfly taxidermy pieces. The rumor was that next year’s show will be smaller. This year’s show was smaller than last, so I’m curious to what next year will look like.  Hopefully, they’ll still have some fountains in the supposedly shrinking garden area. I love fountains. I could watch/listen to this all day long.

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