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Yesterday, we worked outside quite a bit. Some things were exciting while the other mundane.

The Mister put up our shutters.

20130922-214750.jpgWhat a difference!
These are the shutters we used.

I weeded our newly landscaped yard. We’re preparing to put down mulch this weekend.



I was in St. Louis last week and wish I would have driven. I went to two Goodwill stores and found some great furniture.


Y’all this dresser was $60.00!

Look at these legs!


I wanted it so bad. However, I didn’t have a way to get it home. Blerg.


mothere teresahere

I think this quote is beautiful not only in words but in the presentation.


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After having the back porch painted we discussed outdoor rugs. It’s probably closer to the truth to say that I discussed outdoor rugs and The Mister simply responded, “Let’s throw away what we have.” What we were using was a too large jute rug from Nate Berkus’ line on QVC. It was on super clearance and I grabbed it for our bedroom. We hated it in there, but return shipping was stupid. So, I folded up the sides and threw it on the back porch. It sat there for a few years. I planned on finding a true “outdoor” rug. However, that didn’t happen. This is what is happening.


During our last tax free weekend, I went to Kohls. I very rarely shop there but found a few things – a dress and some work out pants. The rest I returned this past weekend. I handed the lady at Customer Service everything inside the bag – including some “Kohl’s Cash.” Frankly, I hadn’t noticed the Kohl’s Cash and didn’t realize it was expired or really what it was. The nice lady asked me if I was planning on doing any additional shopping. My response was, “Maybe. Why?” and she validated my Kohl’s Cash for me. (She also had to explain it to me.) So, I had $20.00 to spend. I walked around for awhile and finally found an end-cap with rag rugs for $11.94 each. So, I only paid $4.34 for two rugs!


I wish I would have grabbed three, but I’ll live. I may even go back to Kohl’s and see if they still have them. The Colonel is especially happy that we have a rug out there. He loves a rug. Seriously. He spent all last weekend going from sun spot to sun spot on those rugs.

I’d like for us to make some outdoor storage boxes for storage and seating out there. The more our porches can look like this the better.

sunset outdoor porchPhoto originally from Sunset

Hopefully, the sun will come out this weekend and we’ll be able to do some much needed mulching and tidying up now that the painting is done. The awning should be up next week. I’m anxious about it. I’m on the road quite a bunch till mid-October. So, you may see the same photo as me once it’s installed.

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I’m so excited

God bless The Pointer Sisters and their hit anthem. However, this is typically what I think of first when I hear “I’m so excited.”

The house should be finished up Monday. They had to quit early Tuesday to rain then we lost Wednesday and Thursday. So, they’re back at it. Here’s what we got so far. A little sneaky peak.




Don’t forget: Caffeine pills are not approved by Zack and he’s now on cop shows. So, watch yo’self.

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Last weekend, we tore down the front porch. Let me be more clear. The Mister and his father tore the front porch down.


Front porch before with supportsjpg


front of house after porchBOOM.

If you follow me on Vine or Insta (Rachael__Anne) you saw the carnage and it was beautiful. Over the next few weeks we got big things happening.  Here’s a photo with the project lists’ corresponding letters.

front of house project list

A: Trim the two plants on the left of the house.

B: Seed this area. It’s dirt right now from the massive pile we had earlier this summer.

C: Remove this gutter. This is not needed anymore as it was the downspout from the gutter around the porch.

D: Replace the storm door. If you want it, email me.

E: The fascia is being replaced and new 6″ gutters are being put across the front of the house. Then, an awning will be installed.

F: Replace tiles and fix some of the chips. Then, paint it.

G: We’ve been told by more than one person that the top of the window is weatherproof. However, we want to be super sure. So, we have a tarp over it and will be brainstorming a way to cap it.

H: Paint! This is happening in the next two weeks.

I: Plant something here. We’re thinking “monkey grass.”

J: These are some of the boxwoods that we planted. I’ll share the rest of the landscape later.

K: Window boxes need to be made and installed

L: Shutters need to be made and installed

Many thanks to The Mister and his father. They worked hard.

front porch tear down


If anyone is interested in the porch supports, email me.

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We have chain link fencing around our backyard. Our backyard is big folks, so we don’t want to replace the entire thing. I’m not made of money. Additionally, four of our neighbors back up to our fence and I don’t want to let the dogs out. (Get that song out of your head.) Replacing the front of the fence or the section that faces the road would be a huge improvement. So, that’s what we plan to do.

We considered strapping bamboo fencing to the existing chain link. However, the look doesn’t fit our house.


We’ve looked at the sections of wood fencing at Home Depot and Lowes.

lowes fence

Original photo here

Then, The Mister decided it was cheaper for him and his dad to make a fence. His dad has done such a thing (they have a farm) so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. Of course, this caused me to step back and ponder if we could do something interesting.

A home within our neighborhood had a horizontal fence for well over seven years (since I remember first seeing it while dating The Mister). However, they took it down last year and replaced it with the basic wood fence you’re used to seeing. See the Lowes example above. I miss the horizontal fence. This is when I started looking for inspirational photos of horizontal fences. Here is my horizontal fence moodboard.

horizontal fence moodboard

All photos can be found here

I have a few other ideas for the fence that we’re talking out. I’ll share those moodboards later. Moodboards 4ever!

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You should get the new look on Pinterest. It has some great improvements. I still want to be able to search for pins within my own boards, but we’re getting there.

We went to the flea market – mostly on a fern buying frenzy.


Image by me

I only bought four ferns but two are “Big Daddies.” We’re keeping them in the sideroom until it’s a little warmer. They’re currently behind the curtain.

We filled in some holes from a painting that was on the wall and around the hole for the medicine cabinet. Afterwards, we used our original can of paint and it looks awful.

paint in bathroom

So, we’re going to have to fix that. I’m trying to use this a “We should repaint the bathroom anyways” moment. I’ve felt the paint needed to be lighter in there for awhile. So, I’ve bought a couple testers and I’m currently waiting for Tester #3 to dry. It’s a “half tone” of the original paint color. I asked the gentleman at Home Depot for a half tone and he asked for an explanation of the term. He obviously has never watched Sarah Richardson.

Additionally, we realized how bad the air vent looks. So, we bought a replacement and it’ll go up as soon as we decided what to do about the paint.

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Over your head

As you may remember, we’ve considered a pergola to replace our front porch. However, it wouldn’t provide any protection for someone if they were standing at our front door for some reason. (I don’t know who this person is but I feel for them if it’s raining.) I still love pergolas and I will gladly put one somewhere, but one wasn’t right for the front porch. It didn’t fit our style of house or the traditional look we’re aiming for. So, I’ve decided an awning is the answer. I will now present to you my inspirational photos:

Sadly, The Metal Shoppe is nowhere near here and I stumbled across these on their site during a late Google dig. Here is another angle with my notes.

I’m very technical with my notes.

We currently have metal awnings on the side and across the back of our house. However, I’m not trying to match that style. I’ll keep the ones on the back of the house and hopefully, if budget allows, replace the ones on the side with the style matching the front porch. Currently, I’m waiting on two quotes from metal roofing companies on getting this big (8 feet wide and 2.5 feet deep) awning made and installed. So far I’ve received one quote for it to be in copper and I was pleasantly surprised.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m in a 5K tomorrow. Notice I didn’t say “running” a 5K. It’ll be a walk and run for this gal. I’m practicing for one in October that I have every intention of running. Then, after the 5K, I’m rushing home to clean up as I have the Wing Fling. You should come. I’ll take photos.

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