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Lewis and Sharon are having a sale, which doesn’t happen that often. I missed the 20% off and I’m kicking myself for it.


I went to Lewis and Sharon last month. Here is a sampling:

20130908-213400.jpgItem ID: 1099955 $21.98 a yard

Item ID: 1112795 $29.98 a yard

Item ID: 1112054 $35.00 a yard

Item ID: 1102003 $35.00 a yard

Item ID: 1104427 $30.00 a yard

20130908-213228.jpgItem ID: 1112283 $35.00 a yard

20130908-213449.jpgItem ID: 1110663 $19.98 a yard

20130908-213654.jpgItem ID: 1111185 $29.98 a yard

20130910-205439.jpgItem ID: 1098292 $45.00 a yard

20130908-213836.jpgItem ID: 1104637 Originally $75.00 a yard and on sale at the time for $56.25 a yard

20130908-213937.jpgItem ID: 1124329 $35.00 a yard
This fabric was felted and quite thick. I really liked it but I’m not sure how to use it.

20130908-214039.jpgItem ID: 1112487 $24.98 a yard
I do love a banana leaf. 

I got more samples than what you see here. However, I only left with one piece of fabric but what a piece it is.

20130910-205513.jpgI got six yards of this silk and I’m scared to use it. I’m scared that it’ll be wasted. It’d make the most beautiful set of curtains.

Free shipping on orders $150 or more. If you’re interested in combining an order, let me know. 


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Creepy or Cute: Pug Pagoda Pillow

While on the search for fun fabric, I found this.


I knew, right away, that y’all needed to see it. So, now it’s time for you to cast your vote.

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I adore perusing Absolutely Beautiful Things. Anna Spiro has beautiful taste and I love her aesthetic. She doesn’t regularly post and I love seeing what she shares like this photo of her shop, Black and Spiro.

Yes, the pillow is this fabric. The fabric on the lampshade is Peter Dunham’s fig leaf and is an instant classic. It’s been shown many places and I always like it.


It inspired me to look for “knock off” or similar fabrics. None of them were close enough for me, espeically since none were fig leaves. Still, here’s what I found.


I found a Tommy Bahama Banana Leaf tablecloth at Tuesday Morning for $30.00.



I don’t care for the dark brown leaves.

Of course, I’m going to keep an eye out on eBay for a remnant. So, if you have any of Peter Dunham’s fig leaf laying around please let me know.

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I have a deep affection for coral reds. This should not surprise you. Last Thursday I took off my acrylics and got a gel manicure. It’s shockingly durable, but the UV machine makes me nervous. Also, it made my skin tingle. So, I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up but I love the color. I went with a girlfriend and it was pretty telling of our styles. I got coral and she got gray.

Then, this weekend I went to the fabric stores and look at what I found at Fabric Gallery.

When I grabbed it to check the price I realized that it matched my nails and was pretty cheap at $8.95 a yard.


I showed my fabric sample to said girlfriend and realized I have a strong attraction to coral red colors.

My bracelet, nails, fabric sample and my shirt were all the same color

I love the color – obviously I’m drawn to it. Now, I just need to figure out how much to buy. I have to figure out how much because I don’t know what I’m doing with it. It’s not a matter on if I’m buying it – just how much. I think I have a fabric issue.

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Both of my grandmothers were awesome and I wouldn’t have traded them for anything. They each had their own “specialties.” One was a great cook and the other was a funny bird. However, neither one of them were fabulous. Those chicks did not have a fabric stash that I could raid and if they did I promise it didn’t contain anything like this.


BAM. It just won first place in “The Best Thing I’ve Seen In Awhile.” I give her all the crowns.

Sidenote: What is all this “Honey Boo Boo” mess I keep reading scrolling through on my Facebook news feed?

I can’t stop looking at the photos and this is where I’m finding them. I found out about it here. Damn/love you forever Jenny. There is only one 49″ x 50″ piece for sale and the price is $295. You’re reading that correctly and it breaks my heart. I love looking through vintage fabric but I never come across anything like this. So, if you or if someone you know has a granny or a ladyfriend that has a fabric stash and she needs someone to love her fabric as much as her – I’m your girl. If they have the fabric above, or anything like it, I’ll throw in a foot massage. I’ll pay for shipping, lunch, a gift card so they can hoard buy more fabric – no judgement here.

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While watching DVRed episodes of Secrets From a Stylist I saw this.

My reaction was yelling “Yeah! Throw that on the couch!”, which I’d like to note that’s what she did. That’s because we’re connected awesome. This is what it looked like.

Yes, all these photos of the episode are from me taking photos of my television. Deal with it and be thankful I have DVR to rewind a million times with.

However, the ladyfriend getting her house did informed viewers that mud cloths could also be used as rugs. I didn’t know what a mud cloth was so I quickly realized I needed to get on it and referred to the internet.

From different sources that are listed throughout, here is what I gather: Mud cloths are made in Mali by artisans of the Bamana Tribe. They take cotton strips and dye them using natural materials like tree bark. This strips are then sewn together. This site has a lot of good information including what the symbols on mud cloths represent. They sell mud cloths but it appears you cannot view them in advance so you cannot be gauranteed one that is only black and white.


I want one in black and white. So, I kept searching with little luck. I found one eBay listing for this 32×46″ mudcloth.


Then, Jamie posted photos of a couch she has for sale.


I couldn’t agree more.

The New York Times shared this chair from the 2008 Kips Bay Decorator Show House.


They say that mud cloth-style fabric is available for $5 a yard at Yara International, 6 East 125th Street (Fifth Avenue), (212) 289-3842. We’ll see about that. By the way, the Sexy Afro Glam episode of Secrets From a Stylist had one of the best reveal reactions I’ve ever seen. Here is a photo I took of it for you.

It makes The Colonel uncomfortable. He usually pulls his ears back when I watched the episode.


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Online Fabric Store knows what is up and they have a bunch of fabric on sale. Here are some of the best finds in the clearance bin.

here for $5.45

here for $12.95 (indoor/outdoor fabric)

You could do things like this with it.


here (indoor/outdoor fabric)


here for $9.395

here for $12.85

 I love me some bright yellow curtains.




here for $11.75

This seafoam is really pretty. Anyone else love yellow curtains?


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