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Here she is…

I can love a pageant.

20130915-231028.jpgWe still have that dress. It has bells sewn into the crinoline.
I dressed my brother in it once. That’s what he gets for being seven years younger.

Last night, I watched Miss America in our room while The Mister gasped and yelled at Breaking Bad in the living room.


I got a late start on the pageant, but did my best to get caught up without fast forwarding too much. I know that they have to choose from selected outfits but I was struck by Miss Alabama and Miss Iowa’s dress. You remember those two in the same dress, which may be nice seeing as neither went beyond intros. There was also a zebra outfit shared my many. Miss Virgin Islands won 3 points from me for her standing dance moves.


It was a night of firsts. I think we saw our first tattoo on a contestant with Miss Texas. We also had our first knee brace with Miss Florida. First ballywood fusion dance with Miss New York and I dug it. Poor Miss New York has a hearing problem. She didn’t hear her name in finalist calling or talent. I feared this would be an issue when they called her named when she won.


Miss Oklahoma wore a fun outfit.


Miss California will do well in life. Fluent in Mandrian and with a BA and MA from Stanford. Both degrees were obtained within 4 years. Plus, she did actual dancing (not something “interpretive”) with pointe ballet. Miss Connecticut did an Irish step dance which we should have expected with her gorgeous red hair. Miss Texas should never sing “Fever” again. I should say that I’m partial to the song as it use to be my standby song for choir try outs. Miss Maryland sang “For Good” which was ballsy to perform in front of the audience of choir nerds and gays. (I could see you wincing, Lance Bass.) Miss Florida gave us the obligatory baton talent in her bedazzled leg brace.


Miss Oklahoma used “twerking” in a pun. She won 5 points from me for it. Miss California used her Stanford smarts to answer her question regarding Syria. Miss Florida lost the pageant while talking about her father being unemployed. It was a terrible pivot.


I liked the Top 3 outfits.


Miss Oklahoma (the one of the right) was out. Then, it left the two Asian American girls. Then, they called Miss New York. I yelled. I called it from the beginning and she heard it! It made me happy when the two were standing there and they said “We’re going to make history.”

However happy I am for her, I fear for her. I cannot imagine what the crazies are saying on Twitter, Facebook and within their mom’s basement. I am sure there will be stories soon on Buzzfeed showing all the horrible, disgusting, racist tweets. (Update: Before I went to bed, The Mister told me Buzzfeed had posted one.) I can’t read Buzzfeed’s post. It makes me angry. How can be people be so awful?

Let’s lighten the mood…

What would be your first thing to eat after the pageant? What’s your favorite fat food? Fat food….hmmmm….


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I know I’m a little late on this parade. I was busy making cookies during Sunday’s airing. (Seriously) So, I watched last night. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a recap and these things take forever.

The MTV Music Awards had some weird and overall MTV Video Music Award moments. Let’s start with GaGa.

I like a costume change. I didn’t get the smeared make up but she doesn’t care. She probably doesn’t want me to get it. I’m thankful that the clothes were frankly tame. Yes, she looked like Ariel from a porno version of The Little Mermaid but I’ll take it.

Then, we had Taylor mouthing “Shut the F Up” while One Direction presented. Look at her go. I thought I had made it up in my mind to happily see everyone some people on The Internet confirm it.

Miley Cyrus got all hyped up on X and Adderall to fling her tongue around and sexually assault a foam finger. (Thankfully no bread was wasted this time.) She rubbed herself on Robin Thicke while trying to sing along. Robin Thicke is sexy. His wife is sexy. Miley Cyrus was not sexy.

robin thickeWe’re gonna have to send her to Promises aren’t we?

Daft Punk just presented. They were taken from Colbert to stand next to Pharrell? Boo. They were decked out in their “Get Lucky” video garb but they were silent.

daft punk with pharell and taylor swiftShe does NOT forgive and forget.

Justin Timberlake did his thang. The Mister even said he’d go see him live after his VMA show down. However, none of this was performed which was a shame. You can see my girl JBK and I at his concert in 2007 here. Man…2007…We’ve all grown up and gotten married. Bless it.

*NSYNC did come out and I was transported to high school. I liked watching Lance. I always knew I liked that kid. I knew this was a lot to ask but I really wanted them to bust out of the doll boxes like in their video “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Still, I’ll take what I can get. My mother gave me my Britney Spears single of “Baby One More Time” and the Backstreet Boys CD this past weekend. Sadly, no *NSYNC was found in whatever drawer she cleaned out. (I did listen to Britney’s single but Backstreet Boys are still in the case on my floorboard.)

Vampire Weekend didn’t perform but they presented and were perfectly awkward. Then, One Direction won “Song of the Summer.” Vampire Weekend just stood in the back with their arms crossed and whispered to each other a bit.

Immediately following was an intro by Jason Collins and ASAP Rocky (I didn’t know who he was and had to look him up). ASAP Rocky seemed a tad uncomfortable talking about homosexuality.  They introduced Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “I Can’t Change” featuring Mary Lambert. I like this song and am not uncomfortable with homosexuality. I was singing along with Mary and then JHUD came out and was like “Sha-la-la…I have an amazing voice and cute, new short hair.” I stopped singing.

Adam Lambert cut down on his eyeliner and came out with a lady with similar hair to present the “Artist to Watch” award. Some kid that looked 13 beat out Iggy Azalea.

adam lambert hairI need you to know that the original photo came from a website named “Adamtopia.” See it here.

Drake performed and he’s sexy too. I’d have no objections to him twerking on Robin Thicke instead of Miley.

Bruno Mars won a Moon Man and performed “Gorilla.” I like to sing this song as a fake duet in my car. (I have pretty detailed car karaoke sessions sometimes.) I imagine Bruno and I would not take this song seriously in our introduction but he seemed pretty serious at the awards. He’s a great performer and I’ll have to stick with my routine. I can’t sing a song about “making love like gorillas” seriously.

Allison Williams introduced Katy Perry in a dress that would be cute to get married in at the courthouse.  Allison is a cute girl. She’d make courthouse weddings popular. Katy Perry then showed off her jump rope skills and dressed like a wrestler. Not a cheeky, sparkly wrestler – a wrestler with a uniboob sports bra and long shorts.

katy perry vma outfit

She’s still wicked pretty and there were gorgeous shots of her under the Brooklyn Bridge. I was prepared for what I consider the usual Katy Perry. So, her being dressed casually with Zumba-like dance moves took me by surprise.

Do you get GaGa’s makeup? Do you want *NSYNC to have a reunion tour even though you know it’s not gonna happen? Did you wonder where Katy Perry’s whipped cream can brazier was? Are you keeping your daughters away from Miley Cyrus? You should. You better.

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the awning has been ordered
The awning will be ready in about three weeks. The fabric in the background is what we ordered. It’s Gray/Beige Chip Fancy. It had me at “fancy.”


Drinking Lim-A-Rita. I loves it so much that I made this.

i love lime-a-ritaI recognize that this is not a classy drink nor is it near my usual Jack and Diet. However, it’s tasty and it makes me think I’m 22 years old. So, I’ve drank a few this weekend.

The Colonel likes them too. I gave him some of the foam and now he comes running when he hears the can open.  I’m now cutting him off. Silly Pig… Lime-A-Rita is for people.


The Mister and I finished the first season of Orange Is the New Black and you should too.

i threw my pie for you




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I have loved Paule Marrot’s “Tulips” for a long time. It’s available from Brunschwig and Fils as “Guermantes.” I have no idea how much a roll is. I’m too afraid to find out. However, I occasionally check eBay for remnants. I’ve never come across any. I can likely afford just some napkins.

Paule Marrot tulips napkinhere

These chairs are interesting.

Paule Marrot Tulips chairshere

I’ve seen it on couches and upholstered furniture. You may recognize it from Mad Men. It’s on Pete and Trudy Campbell’s couch.

pete cample tulip couchhere

Trust that I would take it on an upholstered couch or chair – just about anywhere. (Remember that I’m looking for a floral couch.) However, I think about it the most…

from the window…

Paule Marrot tulips roman shadesDesign by Hudson Baby Design

…to the wall.

Paule Marrot Tulips peppermint bliss wallpaperDesign by Peppermint Bliss

I can’t help myself from a Ying Yang Twin reference.

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After regular rain these past two weeks, the house is finally painted.

painted househere


Lindsay Lohan is a mess, but she’s still pretty. Last night, Oprah basically tried to tell her “Stop wasting the pretty.”

oprah and lindsay lohanhere

Besides the need for a better bra, I liked the orange dress.


I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with sea salt this weekend. (Recipe here) They were pretty good.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies with sea salthere

I’m cookied out.


rainbow of lined envelopeshere

This rainbow of lined envelopes inspires me to send some cards to people.


pray more worry lesshere

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Weekly Thoughts

Do y’all watch HGTV Star? Spoiler Alert: This photo is from the finale.

20130726-204416.jpgYou don’t want to watch it anyways and I think the finale was on a few weeks ago.

I only watched three episodes this season, so I don’t know their names. Is the boy on the right wearing a t-shirt with the guy of the left’s face on it? And why is the girl wearing long sleeves and a puffy vest in Palm Springs? “Boy Right” is wearing short sleeves? What is going on with the weather?!

This show can drive me nuts. For example, most cannot accessorize. Boy Left put two spatulas and a mask together as a vignette. Boy Right put candle sticks out but without candles. He likes sitting a lamp in the middle of desks or side tables – smack in the middle. He had some big built ins in the finale. He was scared while I wanted to dream sketch. If I was on this show the judges would be like, “This is not an accessorizing competition.” And I’d be like “I’m aware of that. Did you see those boys y’all put in the Finale?!”

The post on Wednesday are some vignettes I fiddled with this weekend. I really slack on showing y’all my spaces which should be a bigger piece of this blog.

There are new things in Gussie.

french bistro set at Gussiehere

The chip and dip is adorable, the three tray server has Greek Key trim and the Mid-Century art set is killer.

I was in Atlanta last week and picked up that bistro set. I wanted to pick up Eames Hang-It-All-Rack. I’d replace our “coat rack” from the sideroom with it. You can see the first version of that space with said coat rack here. I need an updated post on that space too.

Our thought for the week:

do something today that your future self will thank you forhere

This may mean doing blog posts.

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Obviously, Oklahoma. I have no photos or stories to share. If you need additional information about what’s going on – just turn on your TV or go to Facebook. You know that everyone on Facebook is an expert on everything. I’m going to focus on things that cannot compare to the devastation in Oklahoma, but they still upset me.

First, Happy Endings was canceled. It’s probably your fault. It was moved to Friday evenings, ABC had a #savehappyendings campaign and it was cut. I thought about protesting ABC because of it. I had to look at a list of their shows to remember what they aired. First, it was ridiculous stuff like Grey’s Anatomy (Seriously?! That thing is still on?) and Revenge. Then, I saw Nashville (okay…it’s a little ridiculous too) and Modern Family. I may still have to watch these but the whole time I’ll still be sad about Happy Endings.

Here are Buzzfeed’s “36 reasons Happy Endings is the Best Show on TV.” There are rumors on the internets that a cable station (USA or TNT) may pick it up. Until then, I’m gonna have to play with my Jane paper doll.

jane paper doll from happy endings


Then, I saw this piece of Jenny’s art.

through the periscope mfamb


I immediately stopped walking down a sidewalk and “pulled over.” I quickly went to her Etsy site to buy it. I put it in my cart and got an “Oops” window and began to panic because I jumped to the conclusion that someone was doing the exact same thing. I tried again and sure enough I got “Sold Out.” I cursed out loud and threw my phone in my purse. It was not my proudest moment. So, I’m going to commission something. I just can’t take it anymore.

Make me happy and donate to the American Red Cross. You can donate to the disaster fund here or to a local chapter. Additionaly, you can always text “REDCROSS” to 90999 for a $10.00 donation.

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