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I’m feeling Twenty-Two

I know y’all like to save money but you want to be cute. Me too. That’s why Target is so popular. However, there are things that Targeay (if you’re fancy) cannot provide and that’s when you need to go for the good stuff. So, here’s whatcha need to do – get a Club Twenty-Two Card.

club twenty-two card logoClub Twenty-Two Cards are offered by the Junior League of Nashville (which I’m apart of) and all proceeds support the Junior League’s programs, developing and training women to their highest potential, and our work in fighting childhood obesity in Middle Tennessee. 100% of the proceeds are given directly to our partner agencies – Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Book ‘Em and Ronald McDonald House for example. A full list of partner agencies can be found here.

With a Club Twenty-Two card you get 20% off at over 130 retailers on October 24– November 3, 2013 and March 6-17, 2014. We’re talking 20% off at nice places for ten days. It’s a great way to buy holiday presents. It’s a great way to buy stuff for yourself whether it’s clothes, food, homegoods or skin/nail care. For $50.00, it’s a no-brainer. Here are some of the participating retailers. They may, or may not, be places I’m going. All retailers can be found here.

Club 22 stores

Shockingly, some cards are still available so you need to get on it. The first shopping period begins TOMORROW.

You’d save 19.60 on this Camel Sweater.

Camel sweater

You’d save $7.90 on the Plaster Paths Tee.

Plaster paths Tee

You’d save $6.50 on this glitter belt.

Glitter belt

You’d save $45.00 on this Two Tone Tortoise Gramercy Watch.

Two Tone Tortoise Gramercy Mini

You can either tell me you want one and I’ll grab it for you or you can pick it up yourself at Headquarters. The easiest thing may be for you to buy it online. It’ll cost you an extra $2.00 for postage and you’ll need to put my name (Rachael Anne) in the comments box.

Let me know if you have any questions. I figured if some are still available, I want you lovelies to get in on the action.


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Big, hairy animals

I general, I am not a fan of stuffed animals. However, I like big ones. Therefore, when I saw the colorful beasts below at Homegoods I was pretty excited.



They were $399.99 each which stopped some people from petting them. However, in the few moments I was near them they were popular. I imagine they didn’t last the weekend.

Big, stuffed animals are adorable in nurseries. They’re usually giraffes.

large stuffed animals in nursery 1


large stuffed animals in nursery 2


Melissa & Doug have a section of “Giant Stuffed Animals” while Land of Nod has two different sized giraffes on their site. They are more life like than many of the others on the market.


The large one (see above) is $399 which makes me pause and recognize that the TJMaxx ones were a good find. I hope someone takes good care of those animals.

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Yesterday, we found out you get a free glazed donut at Krispy Kreme if you buy a milk.


Purity milk is the jam.

My tulips from Valentines are still trying to hold on.


Saturday, we went to Clarksville for my daddy’s birthday. We ran into Miss Lucille’s and I liked this mirror.


The Mister approves.

The Colonel modeled a napkin and the video is pretty funny. I guarantee that it’ll improve your Monday.Watch it here.

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A few days ago, while doing my grocery shopping at Kroger, I saw this.


Insert me stopping mid-aisle and backing up

I was at the Green Hills Kroger so I wasn’t at a Kroger Marketplace. I’ve only been to a Marketplace on the road but know some outlying areas have them. I haven’t seen Kroger sell dishes before and I was real excited about them being Blue Willow. Plus, there sale signs.


Here is the only picture of pricing that is readable.


After scrutinizing photos, here are the prices I’ve confirmed:

  • Dinner plate $5.24
  • Salad plate $3.75
  • Cereal bowl $3.75
  • Soup bowl $3.75
  • Large serving bowl $14.99
  • 14″ Oval Platter $20.24
  • Covered casserole $44.99

I think a grouping of Blue Willow can be really pretty on a wall.

blue willow hanging from michaelpennystyle


blue willow wall hanging plates with yellow chairs via house beautiful


However, I don’t think it looks great on your back.

blue willow back tatoo



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What I did this weekend

The Mister and I went to a bunch of antique shops/malls this weekend. Now, you may think that The Mister didn’t enjoy himself or that he was drug around. You’d be very wrong.

I told you.

We used to go to shops more often but have stopped as I have the tendency to find great things and I feel this deep need to buy. I’ve been thinking of doing a booth and this trip only encouraged it. Here are some photos of our Saturday.


I liked these bookends for $19.00, but I left them at the store.

20130121-154512.jpgHe’s been talking about learning the banjo for years. I’d really like it if he did it.



We got pretty excited when we saw these desks. We even took a moment and sat in them.


I loved his jorts.

I will post some other finds from this weekend. We bought enough stuff to fill The Mister’s truck. Obviously, the wooden man above came home. I couldn’t leave him behind.


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While on the road last week I purchased a rug at the Crate and Barrel rug outlet in Kittery, Maine. There are only a few outlet locations and that’s a damn shame because there were some great finds.

It would match my CB2 acrylic console. I have figured out how to bring home a good number of things on the road, but I knew this was beyond my abilities to fit in a suitcase.

CB2 acrylic coffee table at outlet

This lampshade was huge and quite on sale.

lampshade at outlet

They had a lot of ornaments.

ornaments at outlet

I especially liked these ornaments.

pulp ball ornament at ornament

A grouping of them together would be a cool baby mobile. There is nothing to read into that except that we have a good number of friends that have babies or have one on the way.

bottom of pulp ball ornament at outlet

I found a 4’x6′ Zola rug and loved the colors. I purchased it and tried it out in the hotel room.

crate and barrel rug 2

I sent the above photo to The Mister and asked him to measure out a space on our leopard rug.

leopard rug 1

We tried it out and it was a disappointment.

zola on leopard rug

Good thing I have till early April to return it and will be back in the area in March.  It’s a great rug but I don’t have a place for it. If they had a smaller one I would use it in the kitchen.

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I recently found out about Mark and Graham and feel it’s only proper to introduce y’all. Here is a sampling of their most tempting items.

They have some great napkins in both cotton and linen.

linen stitch napkin

They are easily personalized.

mark and graham personalization

classic oval signet ring


mark and graham everyday zip pouch


mark and graham Washi Japanese Masking Tape


mark and graham Grosgrain Tissue Box Cover


mark and graham cotton guest towel


You should know that they have free shipping on orders over $49.00 through December 20 with the code FREESHIP.

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