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Two toning it

I plan on painting some of the dresser I shared on Monday. I don’t want to paint the whole thing, but the sides are scratched up and it needs some love.

side of dresser

Mid-Century dressers, due to their clean lines, seem to take two-tone paint jobs pretty well. More traditional dressers don’t look as good.

two tone traditional dresserhere

One of my favorite examples of a two-tone dresser is this one from Amber Interiors.

two tone dresserhere

I’m not a big fan of this dresser, but it’s going in the right direction.

painted double dresserhere

Young House Love has a detailed post about how they refinished a dresser and painted the top of it here. refinishing-dresser-after1

I plan on painting our dresser black around the edge. I looked for a piece like it, but this was the closest I got to it.

black and wood dresser with brass pullshere

Obviously, we’ll skip the peeling paint portion of this DIY.


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I got a dresser at the flea market for only $40. I loved its hardware.


The original plan was to put it in Gussie but we’re going to try it at as a tv console. I have some plans for it, which I’m sharing on Wednesday, but right now it looks like this.


Crazy town


Y’all know about my Halloween costume video. for Goodwill.  I’m also pinning on their Kids’ Costumes for Halloween board.

kids costumes
Follow it here.


My birthday was Friday and I got many nice things. The Mister got my wishlist items from Kate Spade’s Saturday line.

saturday bday presents

The key ring is a game changer. For only $15.00 you better go gets you one. Mine is in “Safety Orange.”


I got my eye on a dining table, but it’s a little large for our dining room because it’s rectangular. I’m trying to figure out how to fit it in. I’m considering putting it up against the wall. This photo of Jenna Lyon’s office is an example.

jenny lyons officehere

jenna lyonshere


pushed by problemshere

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IKEA has added a bunch of great new items to their Stockholm line.

TV Console:

stockholm walnuthere

Walnut (seen above) for $349.00 and beige available for $299.00


stockholm begie sideboardhere
Beige (seen above) for $379.99 and walnut available for $429.00.

stockholm green cabinethere

Green (seen above) for 329.00 and walnut available for $349.00

Swivel chair:

stockholm swivel chairhere

$399 each and comes in yellow, green and beige

Chair with high back:

stockholm chair with high backhere

$499.00 each and comes in gray and black (the black is real good) and two leaf patterns (one in gray and the other in green).

Everything can be purchased online, except the cabinet.

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Target is on the ball, y’all. They recently introduced a brass and wood bar cart to their Threshold line for $159.00.

threshold wood and brass bar cartRUN! DON’T WALK! Get it here!

I don’t have a need for it as our bar is on our CB2 acrylic console. However, I do like a bar cart. They’ve been popular for years but they’re still going strong. This brass and wood, modern style is classy. Let’s look at what you could do with it.

This brassy bar cart is hanging out with some malachite printed drapes. Yes, please.

malachite drapes and brass bar carthere

Because, sometimes,  I need to drink while I work.

bar cart by deskhere

You wouldn’t have to get up to get a drink if you used it as a side table.

bar cart by couchhere

Or you could just enjoy a lazy, hazy weekend in bed.

car cart as bedroom side tablehere

I feel like I need to find a place for it. Where oh where?

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I have loved Paule Marrot’s “Tulips” for a long time. It’s available from Brunschwig and Fils as “Guermantes.” I have no idea how much a roll is. I’m too afraid to find out. However, I occasionally check eBay for remnants. I’ve never come across any. I can likely afford just some napkins.

Paule Marrot tulips napkinhere

These chairs are interesting.

Paule Marrot Tulips chairshere

I’ve seen it on couches and upholstered furniture. You may recognize it from Mad Men. It’s on Pete and Trudy Campbell’s couch.

pete cample tulip couchhere

Trust that I would take it on an upholstered couch or chair – just about anywhere. (Remember that I’m looking for a floral couch.) However, I think about it the most…

from the window…

Paule Marrot tulips roman shadesDesign by Hudson Baby Design

…to the wall.

Paule Marrot Tulips peppermint bliss wallpaperDesign by Peppermint Bliss

I can’t help myself from a Ying Yang Twin reference.

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Granny Chic

I’d like to speak to your grandma, or anyone else that you know, that has a floral couch. I want one. I know what I’m looking for but not finding it. I know it exists. I just know someone thinks “Nobody wants this” but I do. I want it bad. So, let me give you some examples of what I’m looking for in case you see it in someone’s basement, garage sale or the thrift shop.

floral couch via lonny

I love this black couch.

black floral couch with red lacquer wallshere

Dorothy Draper 4ever!

Dorothy Draper

This is most like what I’m after.

floral couch in library


I’d be okay with something more subdue.

red floral two tone couchhere

Then, of course, ya’ll know I love me some Blazing Poppies.

anthro's blazing poppies couchhere

In conclusion, if you see a bright floral couch or even chairs, let me know. Please and thank you.

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Weekly Thoughts

Last week’s shooting went okay. This week I have some more to do. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more and become more comfortable.

allow yourself to be a beginnerhere

They sent me a blooper reel and it’s pretty funny. It’s a great summary of my akwardness. However, I can’t help but think I really should have lost fifty pounds. The Mister doesn’t like me saying this. He’s right –  I’m absolutely my worst critic. Plus, I was critical on some other small things on the reel. I have to remember the image above.

We had a fairly chill weekend. Saturday, we went to The Porter Flea and there were some great booths. It was easier to navigate at Cornelia Fort Airpark and there were more vendors. Sunday, we worked on painting a console. It took many coats but it’s turning out great.

dynamic magenta console

Dynamic Magenta by Behr’s Home Decorators Collection

I considered a more neutral color – cream or taupe. I showed some of these colors to The Mister and he made a face. Then, he had some wise words, “I figured you would do something else.” He meant something brighter and more colorful. He continued, “You should do something more adventurous and that you’d enjoy. It should be more you.” He’s a smart boy and I went with one of my first thoughts of color. I’m really happy with it.

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