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We didn’t get much done at the house this weekend. I landed sometime past midnight on Friday and had to be at the airport yesterday at 6:00 a.m. So, yeah. I didn’t do anything fun or pretty. I did vacuum our bedroom. The Colonel Hoof-Hearted is a shedding king.


The Mister and I went to the flea market this weekend. The September and October “shows” are the largest of the year. There was some great stuff and I was bummed I missed it on Friday. I shared some photos of finds on Insta including this reproduction Saarinean table set.


It needed love, and was almost $1,000, so I decided this wasn’t my Huckleberry.


mind bully your bodyhere


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After having the back porch painted we discussed outdoor rugs. It’s probably closer to the truth to say that I discussed outdoor rugs and The Mister simply responded, “Let’s throw away what we have.” What we were using was a too large jute rug from Nate Berkus’ line on QVC. It was on super clearance and I grabbed it for our bedroom. We hated it in there, but return shipping was stupid. So, I folded up the sides and threw it on the back porch. It sat there for a few years. I planned on finding a true “outdoor” rug. However, that didn’t happen. This is what is happening.


During our last tax free weekend, I went to Kohls. I very rarely shop there but found a few things – a dress and some work out pants. The rest I returned this past weekend. I handed the lady at Customer Service everything inside the bag – including some “Kohl’s Cash.” Frankly, I hadn’t noticed the Kohl’s Cash and didn’t realize it was expired or really what it was. The nice lady asked me if I was planning on doing any additional shopping. My response was, “Maybe. Why?” and she validated my Kohl’s Cash for me. (She also had to explain it to me.) So, I had $20.00 to spend. I walked around for awhile and finally found an end-cap with rag rugs for $11.94 each. So, I only paid $4.34 for two rugs!


I wish I would have grabbed three, but I’ll live. I may even go back to Kohl’s and see if they still have them. The Colonel is especially happy that we have a rug out there. He loves a rug. Seriously. He spent all last weekend going from sun spot to sun spot on those rugs.

I’d like for us to make some outdoor storage boxes for storage and seating out there. The more our porches can look like this the better.

sunset outdoor porchPhoto originally from Sunset

Hopefully, the sun will come out this weekend and we’ll be able to do some much needed mulching and tidying up now that the painting is done. The awning should be up next week. I’m anxious about it. I’m on the road quite a bunch till mid-October. So, you may see the same photo as me once it’s installed.

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Weekly Thoughts

We had a lot going on last week and this weekend. I keep reminding myself of this:

think good thoughts

The Mister loved this map of Nashville from the 60s and bought it. Now, we’re making wall space.


Bates Nursery has everything at 15% off till June 20. The Colonel was exhausted with the heat. He gave up at one point and crawled under the ground covering display to cool off.


The Mister was given an answering machine. We still have a landline and he decided we should use to “see if anyone calls us.” The answer to that curiosity is “no.” I don’t even know our home phone number. He recorded the greeting and I didn’t like it. You can hear it (and my criticism in the background here.) We’re keeping it.

The video I have been working on goes live tomorrow. Expect a post. I wish I could share the bloopers with you. Here’s a screenshot.


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The weather seems to be Springesque for most. This does not apply to Wisconsin as my aunt told me it is still cold. That makes me frown.

So, lets look at Pantone’s Spring Collection of pretty colors that make us smile.


By the way, when I typed “Pantone”the WordPress app changed it to “panties.” I don’t know who is blogging about undergarments but I’d like to speak to them about finding some pantyhose that are run resistant.

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We worked outside quite a bit this weekend. Planted some creeping myrtle, sowed some seeds (Salvia, Zinnia, Egyptian pea vine and Thunbergia, Nasturtium) and removed some stumps.


He said he was trying to get to 88 mph.

I worked on piecing the fabric for our headboard. It’s Wonderland Pearl. I used the fabric from three of the panels to make the bedskirt. I still ordered a yard of it and then used a few pieces to have piece of fabric large enough for the headboard.


It’ll look good with our drapes. You can just see them peeking above in the corners.

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We’re I’m playing a game called “Table Switcheroo.” It involves me changing the tables around our living room/main room of the house’s couch. There have been a few options, but I think I’m sticking with the small round campaign ones.

First, I cleaned off the lucite console and lugged it over.


Too big.

Then, I went decidedly smaller.


We will discuss the awesome lamps later.


We’re sticking with these for awhile.

I like their smaller scale. The room feels lighter. However, they’re half the size of what we used to have there. I’m sticking with them as I believe their scale is fine. Here are some pretty photos that show I’m right – little tables by sofas work.

acrylic side table via bryn alexandra


jeffrey bilhuber


pink felt couch


pink room


Then, one of my favorite rooms of all time.

katie ridder


Katie Ridder is like whoa.

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I walk (ran more than planned) The Color Run. It was fun but three days later, I’m still trying to scrub color off my body. The back of my heels, my cuticles and other “dry spots” seem to the hardest to clean. This is me, Jenny K and Jenn afterwards.


The Mister took this photo of me and I changed it to my Facebook profile photo. My father asked me why I was dressed like a zombie.


We painted the ceiling in the kitchen. The Mister used the wrong paint (semi gloss and plain white) to do touch up awhile back. Not using flat made the biggest difference and left our ceiling spotted.


He was fearful that we’d have to cut in the whole thing but it was much easier than that. We were still glad he taped the molding so he could roll as close to it as possible. He lightly sanded the spots, which made a vast improvement, and rolled the whole ceiling. I did some cutting in, where some stain got on the ceiling when they were sprayed, and we’re pretty pumped with the results.


So much better.

Sunday night, I did my first coat of touch up paint around the room. Monday night, I did my second coat. It was to cover up the residual spray. Unfortunately, we had to have the cabinets sprayed after they were installed to get the doors and moldings (made by our final cabinet maker) to match the boxes (made by our first cabinet maker). So, we’re glad to have it looking better and I’ll share photos and details of that later. Right now, I got a cute baby to show you.


This fresh baby was born Friday morning. Congrats and love to Kia!

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