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Classy client

I saw a favorite client of mine last week and went to a new building. It was new to me and had amazing pieces of American Art. I geeked out. These three pieces were in the conference room I was in.

1986, Screenprint
Sam Francis

2001, Oil on Canvas
Stanley Twardowicz

2001, Oil on Canvas
Stanley Twardowicz

This was outside of the conference room.

1966, Acrylic on Canvas
Kenneth Noland

20130923-102501.jpg“Untitled from Imperfect Series”
1988, Woodblock and Screenprint
Roy Lichtenstein

A different conference room.

20130923-102533.jpg“Yellow No. 9”
1977, Tapestry
Fernand Leger

20130923-102550.jpg“Red Transparency”
1973, Lithograph
Herbert Bayer

There were tapestries.


Then, there was my favorite piece when you came onto the second floor.


I met a friend (who I met by working with this client) for dinner and she told me that they give tours. Sadly, I had no idea and no time to do one. If you’re ever in Jefferson City, MO let me know. You gotta see this place. Art everywhere.


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I knew it wouldn’t be long before Jenny Andrews Anderson of My Favorite and My Best and Jamie from iSuwanee and Furbish would partner together. Jamie has used Jenny’s art in a couple installs and now offers prints as a pop up shop.

Jenny Andrews Anderson Pop Up Shop - Furbishhere

You may recognize the print of a piece of art that I missed out on in May. It’s titled “Through the Telescope” (the original was titled “Through the Periscope”) and is $75.00 and I believe the original was double that. All prints are on 11×14″ paper and there are six available and all are signed. Find them here. It’s tempting. This is my work computer.

work computer

Obviously, I’m a fan.

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Obviously, Oklahoma. I have no photos or stories to share. If you need additional information about what’s going on – just turn on your TV or go to Facebook. You know that everyone on Facebook is an expert on everything. I’m going to focus on things that cannot compare to the devastation in Oklahoma, but they still upset me.

First, Happy Endings was canceled. It’s probably your fault. It was moved to Friday evenings, ABC had a #savehappyendings campaign and it was cut. I thought about protesting ABC because of it. I had to look at a list of their shows to remember what they aired. First, it was ridiculous stuff like Grey’s Anatomy (Seriously?! That thing is still on?) and Revenge. Then, I saw Nashville (okay…it’s a little ridiculous too) and Modern Family. I may still have to watch these but the whole time I’ll still be sad about Happy Endings.

Here are Buzzfeed’s “36 reasons Happy Endings is the Best Show on TV.” There are rumors on the internets that a cable station (USA or TNT) may pick it up. Until then, I’m gonna have to play with my Jane paper doll.

jane paper doll from happy endings


Then, I saw this piece of Jenny’s art.

through the periscope mfamb


I immediately stopped walking down a sidewalk and “pulled over.” I quickly went to her Etsy site to buy it. I put it in my cart and got an “Oops” window and began to panic because I jumped to the conclusion that someone was doing the exact same thing. I tried again and sure enough I got “Sold Out.” I cursed out loud and threw my phone in my purse. It was not my proudest moment. So, I’m going to commission something. I just can’t take it anymore.

Make me happy and donate to the American Red Cross. You can donate to the disaster fund here or to a local chapter. Additionaly, you can always text “REDCROSS” to 90999 for a $10.00 donation.

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The bathroom is cray right now.

bathroom progress with comments

It’s impressive that The Mister and I haven’t committed double suicide. The main thing getting me through is the thought of how much better it will be. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Filling in the walls and fixing poorly done jobs in the past (jobs done by previous owner)
  • Removing everything from walls
  • Sanding the walls
  • Repainting the walls and the wall cabinet
  • Replacing the medicine cabinet, air vent and shower shelf
  • Replacing doors and hardware on wall cabinet
  • Glazing the tub (we’re hiring this out)

The main thing that has my attention is painting. I have purchased an unreasonable amount of paint samples (you can see some of them on the top shelf above the toilet) trying desperately to match our vintage blue tile and it ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t like the solid blue “treatment” that we’ve had and I feel like doing plain white is…boring. So, much to The Mister’s side-eye glances, I want to hand paint a wall treatment. I’d love to do something like this.

china seas hand paint wall


But I’m being realistic. So, I have a few other ideas. It’s either I go with something more formal (potentially stenciled) or I go with something more free form.

Option 1:  Something more formal or stenciled
First, we have Higgledy Piggledy Stripe. This wallpaper is by the amazing Anna Spiro for Porter’s Paint. I would do a “knock off” of this pattern. I think it’s the middle ground of free form and formal.


Second, we have Albert Hadley’s iconic Fireworks.

albert hadley fireworks in bath


Albert Hadley makes my heart swell. However, I don’t know if I trust myself with a stencil. They seem hard. I know there are DIY pins of them everywhere, but I’m not talking about a trellis pattern or some gloss paint over flat paint. I’m talking about a knock off of an iconic designer and print. I don’t think I can do it.

Option 2: Something more loose or free form

First, we have David Hockney painting his pool.

david hockney painting his pool


Then, we have samples of free form thin stripes.

hand stripe tshirt


Alexander hand painted stripes for Kate Spade

alexander henry painted stripes for Kate Spade


In either option, I  would likely do a white background with the darker blue stripes to match the top (gray blue) tile in our bath. Though this last photo of many different colors is quite pretty, it could easy become too much for all the walls.

So, what do you think? Free form or stenciled?

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The weather seems to be Springesque for most. This does not apply to Wisconsin as my aunt told me it is still cold. That makes me frown.

So, lets look at Pantone’s Spring Collection of pretty colors that make us smile.


By the way, when I typed “Pantone”the WordPress app changed it to “panties.” I don’t know who is blogging about undergarments but I’d like to speak to them about finding some pantyhose that are run resistant.

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This week I made a new cover photo for Facebook. I took this quote and this beautiful piece of art.

fly by by michelle armas

 “Fly By” by Michelle Armas

Then, I ended up with this.

life moto

You should be able to click on it and save it as the full size image which is 851 pixels by 315 pixels.

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The weather was great this weekend. It really felt like Spring. The flea market is next weekend and the March market is the kick off to the Spring and Summer flea markets and yard sales. We went to Lowes and was excited to see this by the front door.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We went to Lowes to buy a medicine cabinet for our bathroom. We haven’t installed it yet as we’re doing some patching to smooth out the edges where the old cabinet was. You can see what I’m talking about in the photo below.


It obviously makes The Mister feel very glamorous.

We hung a bunch of art in the office.


All of this plus two other pieces.

The walls in our home office are gallery style. I’ll have a post on it soon. The wall when you walk in hasn’t had anything on it, so it looks much more finished.

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