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Anthropologie is celebrating their 20th anniversary with 20 pieces they’ve named their “Archival Collection.” They’ll go live tomorrow. However, Anthro members had a sneak peek and advance shopping privileges. Here’s a sampling:

Archival Collection Peplum CardiArchival Collection: Peplum Cardi

Archival Collection No 2. Pencil Skirt

Archival Collection: No. 2 Pencil Skirt

Archival Collection Peacock Cardi

Archival Collection: Peacock Cardi

Archival Collection Striped Dress

Archival Collection: Striped Dress

I believe they’re only found as a whole collection on their site. So, you better get to gettin’ if you like it.


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Scarf it up

It’s not really the season for scarves, but that’s the reason they are on sale. You need to get while the gettin’ is good. I haven’t worn many scarves lately, but I recently found some beautiful ones from ASOS. Some are oversized. So, you could get crafty and use them as a throw.

ASOS Premium Oversized Stripe Scarf With Embroidery And Pom Detail

ASOS Premium Oversized Stripe Scarf With Embroidery And Pom Detail

ASOS Pom Pom Embellished Digital Print Scarf

ASOS Pom Pom Embellished Digital Print Scarf

ASOS Premium Oversized Woven Aztec Scarf With Poms

ASOS Premium Oversized Woven Aztec Scarf With Poms


ASOS Aztec Print on Oversized Scarf

ASOS Aztec Print on Oversized Scarf

ASOS Tie Dye Pom Scarf

ASOS Tie Dye Pom Scarf

ASOS Multi Geometric Print Scarf

ASOS Multi Geometric Print Scarf

There are more scarves from ASOS for your consumption. All of the one’s listed above have free shipping – worldwide. It’s always interesting to see where my readers come from. Though most come the United States, I continue to be surprised by my view list. Yesterday, I had people visit from the following countries:

  • Japan
  • Canada
  • India
  • Australia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Ireland
  • Tunisia
  • Germany
  • Thailand
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Korea
  • South Africa
  • Belgium 
  • Chile

To channel my inner Oprah: You can get a scarf! And you can get a scarf!

To the people of Australia, I need to you to do me a favor. Go to Black and Spiro and take a detailed video of your browsing. I’d like it if the video was as if I was hanging out on your shoulder. Then, tell Anna Spiro that she’s the jam and give her a million high fives.

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I like Target shoes. I’ll even enhance a pair (seen here). However, it’s rare that I see them on sale. Right now, heels and flats are buy one, get one 50% off.  Here are some pairs I thought I’d share with you and some that I may have (totally did) purchased.

I saw these in store and really liked the color.

target merona mabli moccasin in orange


target merona maren kitten heel


target mossimo vivian pointy heel


These don’t look like much, but they’re the same style of my leopard shoes. They’re pretty comfortable and make great knock-around shoes.

target mossimo brown scruntch flat


All of these are included in the sale.

While browsing I got a mild case of heart palpitations because I thought they brought back their Mossimo Payton striped wedge. I love that shoe. I have one pair that I found while on the road and was never able to procure another pair in my size.

target shoe lies

If you ever see a pair or happen to have a pair that are size 9.5 let me know right away. I’ll take them if they’re a size 9. This is not a joke. I’ll pay for shipping. Email me. Stat.

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Marky Mark

I find a lot of “knock around” shoes at Target. They’re a good place to find flats. Currently, they have some Mossimo brand flats for $14.99 in black and leopard print that are great. I bought both, and I’ll probably buy additional pairs to hoard in preparation for when they stop selling them, but wear the leopard most often.

Though I liked them, I wanted them have a hint of black. I realize that few people nobody noticed that I was wearing a black shirt and brown shoes but it bugged the hell out of me. So, I decided to take a Sharpie to them. I began on the inside, just in case it looked awful. Here is a comparison between Sharpie drawn inside (top shoe) and non colored on shoes.


I decided to follow the pattern where the dark brown meet the yellow. Here is a photo of me trying to point to said spot.


Here’s the same spot after I drew on it.


I like it. The spots look a bit sharper and clearer and I’m okay with that. So, I did the pair of shoes in about 5 minutes. Here they are done.


What do you think?

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3 years = leather

The Mister informed me that the traditional third wedding anniversary gift is leather. I wish I would have known it earlier (I was told last night) or I would have focused my attention as he obviously had. I didn’t realize it was a thing we were gonna do. I panicked. I had one gift for him already that just happened to be leather. However, I needed more.

He doesn’t need a new wallet – I gave him a Cole Haan one about a year ago. He doesn’t need a business card case – I gave him a Cole Haan one of those too. He doesn’t need a briefcase – I gave him  a Samsonite Black Label Collection one. (Damn me for giving him nice things that don’t have to be replaced.) He needs to pick out his own shoes and he’s certain about belts. I rushed to The Internets and found little that would be good for him. He doesn’t need a leather jacket either. Still, here’s what I found (whether for husband or wife) while digging around.

Pouch M by BAGGU for $40.00
Made of Argentinean leather in NYC and comes in lots of colors
I like these a lot. The Mister and I could both use one.

Howe “Hellz Bellz” Leather Jacket

Topshop “Winston” Leather Biker Jacket

I’m going to walk around the mall during my lunch and hope I can find what I have in mind. The Mister is so incredibly hard to buy for. Then, I’m pressured to limit gifts to leather. Someone help me. 

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I love polka dots on just about anything – just look at the background here.  Of course, I’m a fan of polka dots on clothes but there are not enough pieces out there. However, here are two pairs on pants featured in today’s  “Look for Less.”

Paige Denim’s Polka Dot Verdugo Skinny Jeans for $199.00

available at Shop Bop here

Worthington Pintuck Ankle-Length Pants for $25.00

available at JCPenney here

I tried them on. I told you I was going. They fit a lot lower than I expected and were super tight on my calves. I didn’t buy them and I was pretty let down about it. Go try them out for yourself.

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JCPenney has really stepped up their game. (I hear you Rhet and The Fat Lady.) I’ve never been a fan of “JCP” and have, in fact, made fun of the store. However, with the CEO that first revamped their style and hired Ellen as a spokesperson I noticed that I would shop there. Like I’d make a trip to go and not just to look at curtains.

I recently found out that along with the new CEO they’ve gone back to weekly sales. I didn’t realize that and held onto last week’s sales ad, but here are some cute examples I’m not loosing it pieces from inside.




I’m buying these shoes from this week’s ad. $37?! Done if they’re as cute as I hope. They could be great travel shoes.


Little Maven by Tori Spelling is introduced and these clothes are adorable.


Then, I got a catalog in the mail with prices effective till September 16.



20120910-204357.jpgOverall, I’m intrigued enough to make sure to go by this week. I’ll keep you posted on my finds or keepers – if any. Now, can we all agree that the top of our dining table needs to be painted? I don’t care for the honey color. Please help me convince The Mister that paint needs to happen. 

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