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I have loved Paule Marrot’s “Tulips” for a long time. It’s available from Brunschwig and Fils as “Guermantes.” I have no idea how much a roll is. I’m too afraid to find out. However, I occasionally check eBay for remnants. I’ve never come across any. I can likely afford just some napkins.

Paule Marrot tulips napkinhere

These chairs are interesting.

Paule Marrot Tulips chairshere

I’ve seen it on couches and upholstered furniture. You may recognize it from Mad Men. It’s on Pete and Trudy Campbell’s couch.

pete cample tulip couchhere

Trust that I would take it on an upholstered couch or chair – just about anywhere. (Remember that I’m looking for a floral couch.) However, I think about it the most…

from the window…

Paule Marrot tulips roman shadesDesign by Hudson Baby Design

…to the wall.

Paule Marrot Tulips peppermint bliss wallpaperDesign by Peppermint Bliss

I can’t help myself from a Ying Yang Twin reference.


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Kate Spade issued a limited edition pillow faced with the iconic Martinique Banana Leaf. It’s pretty and it’s $148.

kate spade martinique pillowhere

Martinique’s lush Banana Leaf pattern was made famous by the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Martinique Banana Leaf at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Many chic people have used it since.

Martinique Banana Leaf bathroomhere

Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper walls and doorhere

Martinique Banana Leaf dining roomhere

I love vintage bath tile and need someone with avocado green tile. That shit would be bananas.


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I have a deep want to use Anthropologie’s Blazing Poppies wallpaper.

blazing poppies 1

Detailed photo:

blazing poppies 2

Wham. Bam. Thank you Ma’am.

I’d love it in a bathroom. I considered it for our bath. However, with the blue tile I decided it would be too much. That pains me to say. However,  it would look better above neutral tile, wainscoting or beadboard. I have a vision and if I had Photoshop I may be able to get it across. Instead, I’m going to show you a mood board because that’s something I can do.

Blazing Poppies moodboard

We got a new laptop and feel all fancy. I hope to get Photoshop and go on with my fancy self. Therefore, I’ll look like a fancy blogger lady and more legit with my ideas.

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Last Wednesday, I shared a link that I saw from Emily Henderson. She shared it for some gold, self-adhesive and repositional paper.


I said I would look around and look I did. I looked here.

Me likey for our bath.

I looked there.

Fleur de lis Pitti
It’s self-adhesive (like the gold) and comes in red, brown, green and blue.
I could use it as a cheap and quick backsplash until we do the marble tile.

Of course, they have marble.

here in gray

They even have a tile pattern.


They also have granite.

Double blech.

I’d rather go pattern over faux. Let’s look at another pattern to erase the blech.


That’s more like it.


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I still love Brushstroke Branches from Anthropolgie. Recently, while wasting time shopping I paid more attention to Anthropologie’s Color Flight Wallpaper.

Detail photo:

It could be wonderful. It could be cray-zay. However, I’m pretty sure it would be wonderful. I’d hang picutres with shiny black frames. Large back and white pictures.

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Design*dump had a quick post about a wallpaper site she came across via a client. The post can be found here. Of course, I checked out the site and am now sharing my favorites as I love wallpaper and keep thinking of where to put it. These are my findings:

Floral Sidewall

Wood Grain
This wallpaper was featured on Design*Dump and it was what I first searched for. I was worried it no longer existed as it’s not named what it is, faux bois. However, it does exist and it is in four colors.

Contemporary Sidewall

This wouldn’t work in our hallway as the print is too large. However, I dig the gray on gray.

Floral and Faux Sidewall

Textured Animal Stripes

Another zebra

Kids Animal Print

I was hoping to find a cool chevron print but the findings were not to my liking. However, if you are in the market for wallpaper check out Total Wallcovering as they have good prices and quite a selection.

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Burke Decor is a great new resource I found, via Lonny. I have scoured their goods and have found quite a few beauties. Today’s post will be my favorite wallpapers. They have over 40 pages of wallpaper, so you should definitely look for yourself if you are in the market. They provide one sample complimentary and they are $2.50 after that.

Enchant Sunrise Wallpaper

Chinoise Wallpaper in Fresco There are seven different colorways of this pattern.

Beige Embossed Faux Paper Weave Vinyl

Pucker Up-Buttercup It would be cute in a bathroom.

Scrolls Leaf and Ironwork

Leaf Damask Wallpaper 

Here is their ad from Lonny, which allows you to receive 7% off.

Plus, they have free shipping on order over $50.00!

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