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I search Craigslist more than usual. The Craigslist Pro app is some of the best money ever spent. I have some standard searches that I always browse. Therefore, I happily look on Craigslist for friends. Currently, beyond my personal searches, I’m searching for:

  • An armoire – There are not many to choose from.
  • Dining set – She super specific and we have very different styles. So, I’m probably not the best person to ask but I do it out of curiosity now.
  • A rumble seat –. Turns out a “rumble seat” is an extra seat you add to a stroller, not a spaceship artifact.

Wednesday night, while looking at rumble seats and strollers I found something that someone cannot look away from.


I sent the graphic that you see to The Mister. He stopped his work and asked to see the listing. Then, he told me to send it to him and he promptly made a screenshot. So, here you go.

jogging stroller

It can be found here. It actually states “Man in white speedo not included. You wouldn’t want him anyway.”

I search for items in 11 cities. So, I found this gem in Birmingham. Poor Birmingham. They don’t deserve this.


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I recently came across this image on Pinterest.

from Shannon’s blog here (You’ll get sucked in)

I’m a fan of that dresser and it’s not as easy as I originally thought to find a dresser with a similar shape/style. However, I found this on my friend Craig’s list.

It’s listed for $300 which is more than $60 and that is what I was thinking. Plus, I’d kinda hate to paint it. I’m going to stay on the hunt for good dresser to paint and someone needs to do it. Will that person be you? It should be.

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You know of my love for the Bond Console by Jonathan Adler.

It’s my dream lover. Now, we’ll say in honor of Skyfall even though I had to Google “new Bond movie”, I have rekindled my love for it. Then, I found this dresser on Craigslist.


It’s not the same, obviously. However, it’s 1/3 the price. It’s tempting. But, it’s not as tempting as sharing this with you.

You’re welcome!

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Yooohoooo bamboo

I’m happy not just about my cute blog post title but for a Craigslist find.

I’m coming to see you tonight.

I have to say the closed cabinet in the middle and on the bottom is likely not going to stay in our home. However, I have plans for the others. First, they’ll need to be painted. Obviously. Still, I understand if you still think it looks bland, outdated, potentially a problem. So, let me help you.



This picture of the dresser below is all over Pinterest.



These make me want to smack my mother even though yesterday was Mother’s Day.

The two colors I’m leaning towards are bright shiny red or dark shiny black. It’ll be shiny. Duh, it’s me we’re talking about.

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Recently, while trolling my friend Craigslist I found an old office credenza for $35.00


I’m sure these pop up on Craigslist fairly often and they can easily be looked over. However, with such simple lines and flat faces it’s a great piece for an O’verlay. O’verlays are  fretwork panels that can be added to furniture to customize the look. Here are some examples from their site:

IKEA Lack Table Overlay Kit

I’d choose this option.


Paint it and add some pull hardware then you could have something that looks like this.



You better work it!

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While searching my friend Craig’s list I found this “Mid-Century Modern Desk Designed by Raymond Loewy.”

I called the man but he hasn’t called me back. I woke up early Sunday morning to call him because it is great and reminds me of this. Additionally, I found this available and became even more excited about my Craigslist find. I’m sure someone has beat me to it.

This “China Cabinet” is available.

It’s the same as Jenny’s cabinets talked about here and here. However, there is only one and I’d need two.

Then, I found these two by the same seller. First, was “vintage retro futon.”

Second, “Danish mid century modern sofa bed.”

I like the first one better. The Mister and I don’t have anywhere for someone to crash. This need hasn’t presented itself but we may have guests. Someday. When I have a better kitchen and am not ashamed.

Now, please cross your fingers the man with the desk calls me back. Send the good ju-ju.

Call me…it is still available…call me…it is still available…

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Here is a round up of eye candy and potential awesomeness from Nashville’s Craigslist.

I want these. Lucite. Black. Swivel.
Sit your butt in style. 

Pair of corner cabinets
Paint. Hardware. Some molding. Done.

Chair is $75
Candice Olson fabric + mid century = more than $75.00

Rattan furniture set: Couch, tables and chairs
Put some awesome flowered or patterned fabric on the couch and chairs. Something like this:

Or you could paint it the same color you upholster it.


Go fourth and buy things. Then, send me pictures and tell me about.

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