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This set of six mid-century chairs are ah-maz-ing. The set of six are $500.00 and seem to be in great condition.

They would look great around a skirted round table.

via Elle Decor

photo via The Decorista

You could use four chairs around the table. Then, use the other two as occasional chairs. This is currently what The Mister and I do. Then, if we ever have six people over (doesn’t look promising) we have six chairs.

 These chairs are completely different than what we have but have a great art deco look.


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Lovelies, I have a gem for you – weirdies from Craiglist listed under vintage and retro.

The ad states that this is a “Rare find!” Where did they find it? It appears they stumbled upon it in a cave or a poorly lit and probably damp basement.

This chair is not “overstuffed.” It is freakishly large and hidioso. (Welcome to Rachael Anne’s special vocabulary.) The crushed velvet, bad tufting and overwhelming arms make this one of the worst chairs I’ve seen. Additionally, are those ties hanging behind it?

Another velvet “vintage mohair” piece. Get excited and rub some more off.

There are no words for this “beautiful, classy, retro lamp” that is $75.00.

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I went to Cincinnati for work last week. One evening I needed to unwind. Commonly, while on the road, I unwind at Walgreens, Target and TJMaxx. The Homegoods I visited there was an abundance of chinoiserie. Chinoiserie is a french term that means “Chinese-like” or Chinese-eque.”

The Mister needed to wind down too.

The lion was a wall hanging. If you are interested in purchasing it, please do not tell me.

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If you are in the market for knobs and/or handles you should try Hobby Lobby.

They are very Anthropolgiesque without the price tag. Check weekly specials and purchase them when they are 50% off for an even better value. However, they quickly become picked through so make sure you get there first thing Monday morning. Here are some of my favorite findings:

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Garden seats or stools usually look like this:

Image and stool from Ballard Designs

I purchased a garden stool from TJMaxx Homegoods. I am trying to decide if it was a good find or an impulsive purchase. There were two. I grabbed the one and went back a few days later to find the other gone. They were $60 each.

What do you think?

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This past week I have been in Colorado. I have been in Broomfield (the Flatirons area), Greely and Ft. Collins. While in Broomfield I went to Homegoods. I left without anything and didn’t make it far – the knee was sore. However, here are some findings.

They had a set of these. They were pretty but I wondered if they’d be a pain to dust. The shade was a good match for the lamp.

They had a set of these too. The coloring was pretty. They in the $40.00 range. I would change the shade on this lamp. Here it is up close:

Keep Calm and Carry On prints are everywhere.

They had these collage prints in bulldog, golden retriever and this pug. They were $25.00 each. I use to love doing collages, my poor bedroom door at my parent’s house can attest to this. I would spend hours putting a collage on it fairly frequently. Then, I started making them on poster board, I cover the front and back with mixed media. I may try to make one of The Colonel.


I liked the mirror, which may not surprise you. Mirror upon mirror, art deco styling, yes please. It was $85.00 and I thought about purchasing it. However, I knew it wouldn’t fit inside my suitcase. Sad day.

Now, let’s reflect (pun intended) on my lily white legs. Jealous of my lack of pigment? You may notice my super sexy knee brace. It’s not for sale.  Mine all mine.

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This week I received my Wisteria May 2010 catalog.

Immediately, the coffee table caught my eye and I wanted to know what else they may have. I opened the catalog and on page three I found the coffee table and a side table.

Wisteria acrylic table $799

Inspired by a 1930s coffee table design.

Wisteria acrylic side table $699

Classic side or occasional table design. They state it is inspired by 18th century design.

They are beautiful, but more than I’m willing to spend. I say that then I stare a little longer.

These glass risers are purchased in sets of two and made of heavy clear glass.

J: small size $36.00
K: medium size $42.00
L: large size $49.00

Their coral and cream suzani pieces are really lovely and fit the colors I’m going for in our side room.

The overlay shown is $249.00 and found here.

There are many beautiful things inside their catalog and on their site. Enjoy their site, if you do not receive their catalog, and your weekend.

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