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First, I apologize for originally saying the title was a reference to TLC. I’m embarrassed. Second, we went to Lowe’s to purchase this hardware this past weekend but The Mister was not feeling it. The “pointy” knobs bothered him.

Therefore, we took another look at a Kraft Maid knob and pull set and ended up ordering them. They are $7 something for a knob and $8 something for a pull.

Do you like my phone cover? It’s from J. Crew.

I agree with The Mister that the flat face knob does not have the potential to inquire like the one above. However, I can’t say I’m jazzed about them. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that I just want a kitchen to put the hardware in at this point. What hardware does get me jazzed? 

This hardware is fantastical!

It’s major.

I asked Jessica about the brass and glass pull and the faceted brass knob because they make my heart leap. They are not in production for another month or so and she hopes to get pricing to me within the next few days. All I know thus far is that she’s considering a change from glass to acrylic/lucite and the pull’s hole to hole dimensions is 4.25.” I’m a mixture of excited, nervous and anxious to get her pricing. Also, saying “hole to hole” makes me feel weird.


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Last week, while in Chicago, I stopped by Jonathan Adler’s store on the way back to my hotel. It was my last night in Chicago, which is probably good as I asked the salesman (from Louisville, KY by the way) to hold all my bags so I could touch things. They were having an upholstery floor sale. The sale called for 30-40% off of some couches.

However, the highlight of my entire trip, was seeing the Bond collection. I audidly “OOoooo-ed” when I saw the Bond Desk. Then, I turned the corner and practically ran to the Bond Console. Burl wood and lucite? Jonathan…Jonathan… I opened all drawers and doors. Rubbed my hands all over it. Pretended the store was my home.

Bond Console

Bond Desk 



Willing to give up new car dreams

Would consider putting off kitchen for furniture

Then, the March/April issue of Lonny had this image.

Me likey.

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Everything is clear now

Here are some photos of lucite/acrylic furniture. I accidently published some of them earlier.

Image via The Decorista

Molly Luetkemeyer

Molly Luetkemeyer

Molly Luetkemeyer

Image via The Decorista

Image via Domino

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Tranny Pug


Hello Lovely-

Welcome, you have found one of my most popular posts. I’d love to have you stick around and you tell me how you found me. Let’s hang out – I bet you’re a good egg. Now, please enjoy my words.

Be good. Be safe. Be lovely.


One of The Colonel Hoof Hearted’s many nicknames is “Tranny Pug.” This nickname came to fruition when he was a baby. When I would sit at my vanity, particularly in the morning, The Colonel would whine and claw at me to get in my lap. Then, he would sit in my lap and calmly watch me put on my makeup. Sometimes he would sit and admire himself and my actions in the mirror.

I haven’t sat at my vanity much since we’ve moved in our home and I miss it. The other day I moved some things around and sat at it to get ready. Sure enough, The Colonel came running into the room and put a solitary paw on my leg and looked at me. I smiled at him and he jumped right up. My sweet lil’ Tranny Pug.

He looks at me so lovingly.

Dad, leave us alone. Mommy and me time.

After looking at these photos I have realized I need to work on my vanity space.  I enjoy the glamorous and luxiourous feeling it provides. My current vanity is a mirrored writing desk I purchased from Target about two years ago. I love mirrored furniture.  Here was my mirrored inspiration.

This vanity is from Graham and Green. Sadly, it is considered fragile and they do not ship fragile items to the United States.

This lovely vanity is from Katy Sullivan Designs. Oh to have all those drawers.

Oh yeah,  I love leucite furniture as well. This photo was found on the blog Alkemie. 

Maybe I should get a leucite vanity. I understand this completely goes against my earlier statement about drawers. However, I love this photo and I’ve tried to come up with a reason for needing CB2’s peekaboo clear console.


Sadly, I think this console is not coming to live with me. Right now I need to focus on organizing my vanity. I definitely have more than it’s two little drawers can hold. I’m sure there will be an upcoming post on it updated.

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