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Maybe I got it from my grandmother, Bubbles, or maybe it’s just that tea towels are a great way to add color to your kitchen but cute tea towels are a weakness. Studiopatro’s tea towels are 100% linen and naturally sustainable. They are all printed one-by-one with ecologically sound water-based inks.

today is a good day tea towel“Today is a good day”

easy as pie tea towel“Easy as Pie”

life is delicious tea towel“Life is Delicious”

colander - noir tea towel“Colander”

piece of cake tea towel“Piece of Cake”

All towels are $24 each and can be found here. They sometimes have seconds in here.


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First, I apologize for originally saying the title was a reference to TLC. I’m embarrassed. Second, we went to Lowe’s to purchase this hardware this past weekend but The Mister was not feeling it. The “pointy” knobs bothered him.

Therefore, we took another look at a Kraft Maid knob and pull set and ended up ordering them. They are $7 something for a knob and $8 something for a pull.

Do you like my phone cover? It’s from J. Crew.

I agree with The Mister that the flat face knob does not have the potential to inquire like the one above. However, I can’t say I’m jazzed about them. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that I just want a kitchen to put the hardware in at this point. What hardware does get me jazzed? 

This hardware is fantastical!

It’s major.

I asked Jessica about the brass and glass pull and the faceted brass knob because they make my heart leap. They are not in production for another month or so and she hopes to get pricing to me within the next few days. All I know thus far is that she’s considering a change from glass to acrylic/lucite and the pull’s hole to hole dimensions is 4.25.” I’m a mixture of excited, nervous and anxious to get her pricing. Also, saying “hole to hole” makes me feel weird.

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Our kitchen cabinets will be installed on Thursday and Friday of this week. We have a lot of posts to write to let you know how we decided on what and what we did. One of the last things for us will be the backsplash. Since Monday was a holiday, I gave you a post on Saturday containing marble backsplash inspiration. We’re still doing a marble backsplash, but we haven’t finalized what size of tile or when we’ll do it. Of course, I’m using this time to try to convince The Mister that we should install tile all round the window of our kitchen. This is after I was already turned down for my idea of tiling all the walls.

Does that sound crazy to you? It sounded odd to me too, in the beginning. Then, I kept finding photos to support my additional tile work. Here are some of them.




Now, the image that is most like what I’m trying to convince The Mister of now.


What do you think?

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Rest in hell

That’s right – hell. We’re telling our kitchen to rest in hell, not in peace. Our new kitchen cabinets are being installed the week of February 20. Unfortunately, I’m on the road every week until then. So, I’ve helped The Mister on the weekends and we prepped it some when I was in the week of January 16. I have mixed feelings about him doing “the demo.” Part of me really wants in on it while another part of me is concerned about getting a splinter. Here is a photo he sent me last night after he took down the crown molding.

He’s having to remove the molding as our new custom cabinets are going to the ceiling. Of course, we’ll share more photos of the kitchen. What it looked like, what the demo looked like, what we did and how we did it. First, I’m telling you why we’re so enthusiastic about killing replacing it.

1. I called it “The Kitchen of Many Colors.” The counters were blue laminate. The cabinets were light oak that I painted – twice. The dishwasher was black, the oven was white and the fridge was stainless (we bought it). The walls were a mix of browns and beige -as seen above. The vinyl was white with a light blue pattern that had multiple stains.

2. It was groddy. There is a reason you haven’t seen many photos of our kitchen. I believe this is it. I was fearful that y’all would call the Humane Society for The Colonel. The counters had mystery stains and cuts/chunks. The paint on the walls was peeling off. We’ve had to scrape the walls for months. They’ve been partially since 2009. Our kitchen has looked like/has been a Work Zone for years. It’s been clean, but it has definitly looked dirty.

3. The Magic Chef oven lost his magic. We were left with two burners and one of the remaining two was temperamental. Plus, with all the different finishes on our appliances it was a little odd-looking.

4.  Cabinets were falling off the wall. Seriously. Two came off the wall. One was the large pantry that was a single floor to ceiling unit. We were prepared for it and basically “put it down.” Every time we walked through the kitchen it would wobble, even after The Mister and my father had worked on it. Finally, we decided it falling down was too much to risk. So, down it came about two years ago. Under the cabinet we found a different patch of vinyl. You’ll see photos the next few weeks of what I’m talking about. Then, one night a few months ago the cabinet containing our dishes came down. The cabinets falling down didn’t surprise us after taking them down.

This photo has been our inspiration:


Mark Challen’s Handsome Bistro Kitchen
Photographer Donna Griffith
House & Home September 2011 issue


The pretty is on its way!

The pretty is on its way!

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During our days off for Thanksgiving, we decided to work on the kitchen a bit. We took down the awful blue laminate backsplash by our sink. Though I know it looks terrible right now, I prefer it. It now looks like we’re doing something instead of just being ugly. Then, we scraped the paint off the walls. Yes, we scraped it off.

The previous owners put oil-based paint over latex. (We muttered some ugly words about the previous owners during this process.) We had a few places where paint had peeled off and I was sure it appeared that we picked at our walls when nervous. Therefore, I think it looks better too.

Yes, I think that looks better than a randomly peeling wall. Additionally, The Mister ripped up the floor molding, we tested the kitchen floor for future removal and chose our new floor. More of that to come.

At the beginning of The Lovely Lifestyle, which was also the beginning of 2010, I blogged about painting our kitchen cabinets. We painted them a dark brown with a slight purple undertone.

The photo is from the blog post and is me celebrating the paint sticking. Yay for oil-based paint!  (RIP blue backsplash) The color was The Mister’s choice. After my shenanigans of testing coral colored paint on the cabinets, it was his turn. Turns out they are too dark for our little, galley kitchen. So, we’ll be repainting and will need new hardware.

Here is the hardware I would like to have.

Clear glass pulls with polished nickel 3 inch for $16.50

I want to use the pulls for our drawers.

Clear glass knob pulls with polished nickel with 1 inch for $6.95

I want to use the knobs on our doors.

We are using beadboard in the kitchen, but I don’t want it to be to “cottagey.” Therefore, I want hardware that is different and a nod to glamour over cottage. What do you think?

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Kitchen: beadboard

The Mister and I are planning a kitchen update/renovation. We plan to put beadboard on the wall and as a backsplash. Here are some inspirational photos:

Image from Better Homes and Gardens via Nest Egg

The Lettered Cottage

Philip Mitchell Design

Thrifty Chick Decor – This link has details of her installation.

 We will get this done before Thanksgiving.

We will get this done before Thanksgiving.

Say it with me. We will get this done before Thanksgiving.

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Kitchen: Open Shelving

 Hello Lovely-

Welcome, you have found one of my most popular posts. I’d love to have you stick around and you tell me how you found me. Let’s hang out – I bet you’re a good egg. Now, please enjoy my words.

Be good. Be safe. Be lovely.


We are have an awkward piece of kitchen cabinetry. We are planning on taking that piece down and replacing it with open shelving. The Mister and I are in the beginning stages of planning the layout for this area of our kitchen. So, I’m  gathering my inspirational photos.

I don’t care for the tracking. If we had a loft or a modern home it would fit better. 

Photo credit: Living etc.

Do we want shelving that has supports underneath, whether they are wood or metal?

Photo credit: Purple Area

Or do we want to use shelving with concealed mounting such as a Lack wall shelf from Ikea? Can they hold as much weight as something with a support? The Lack shelves state their max load is 18-44 pounds, depending on the type of wall and fastening.

We want the shelves to hold our plates, glasses and a few “catch all” baskets. I’m a bit nervous to how much the shelves can hold. Do any of you have open shelving in your kitchen?

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