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We took The Colonel Hoof-Hearted to The Blessing of the Animals at our church.

blessing of the animals 2013He’s adorable and completely content being held.


We finally went to LIGHT by Bruce Munro at Cheekwood this past Thursday.

cheekwood light with mansion

cheekwood lights 2

It was really beautiful and ran through yesterday. My favorite thing was the teepee installation. I took a video, to my best ability, here.


confined only by the walls quotehere


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After having the back porch painted we discussed outdoor rugs. It’s probably closer to the truth to say that I discussed outdoor rugs and The Mister simply responded, “Let’s throw away what we have.” What we were using was a too large jute rug from Nate Berkus’ line on QVC. It was on super clearance and I grabbed it for our bedroom. We hated it in there, but return shipping was stupid. So, I folded up the sides and threw it on the back porch. It sat there for a few years. I planned on finding a true “outdoor” rug. However, that didn’t happen. This is what is happening.


During our last tax free weekend, I went to Kohls. I very rarely shop there but found a few things – a dress and some work out pants. The rest I returned this past weekend. I handed the lady at Customer Service everything inside the bag – including some “Kohl’s Cash.” Frankly, I hadn’t noticed the Kohl’s Cash and didn’t realize it was expired or really what it was. The nice lady asked me if I was planning on doing any additional shopping. My response was, “Maybe. Why?” and she validated my Kohl’s Cash for me. (She also had to explain it to me.) So, I had $20.00 to spend. I walked around for awhile and finally found an end-cap with rag rugs for $11.94 each. So, I only paid $4.34 for two rugs!


I wish I would have grabbed three, but I’ll live. I may even go back to Kohl’s and see if they still have them. The Colonel is especially happy that we have a rug out there. He loves a rug. Seriously. He spent all last weekend going from sun spot to sun spot on those rugs.

I’d like for us to make some outdoor storage boxes for storage and seating out there. The more our porches can look like this the better.

sunset outdoor porchPhoto originally from Sunset

Hopefully, the sun will come out this weekend and we’ll be able to do some much needed mulching and tidying up now that the painting is done. The awning should be up next week. I’m anxious about it. I’m on the road quite a bunch till mid-October. So, you may see the same photo as me once it’s installed.

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We had dinner with my parents for Momma’s birthday. She went out with some clients and friends on her actual day.


We should all hope for her skin.

Speaking of pretty ladies, I saw Carrie Underwood last night at CMA Fan Fair. She had a cute headband that was very much on the festival style trend. I tried to take a photo.


Use your imagination and tune in when it airs on ABC.

This lady isn’t lovely, but you need to watch her. Seriously, watch her.

Always remember, “It’s better to be punching into space than in your face.”

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This weekend we went to another concert. This time it was for the Avett Brothers and we had awesome seats. Allow me to make you a tad jealous.


We had pit tickets and it was the jam. I could have been spit on and I would have found that acceptable – if by the band not by any of the surrounding hipsters. The Mister took a hundred pictures and we both have videos on Vine.

I decided to take out a 20-year-old purse.


I believe I got it when I was 10, maybe 9. It was my first Coach bag. I got a Dooney and Bourke bag before it which I still have too. If we ever have a daughter, I’ll let her have it. It’s lines are not as classic, so I don’t think I can get away with carrying it. They’re both in great shape. Here I am being weird with it.


I was introduced to Nudify. Get that app right now. I can’t stop. Here’s an example photo of me with my girl JBKH.


This is how rumors get started.

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Friday, The Mister and I went to The Black Keys concert with one of our friends. We had General Admission tickets and it was awesome.


I was quite hungover the next day. Here’s some evidence of my good time.

Black Keys concert

I adore my friend and have known him since my Freshman year of college. We reconnected a few years ago after finding out we were both in Nashville. (Thanks to Mr. Zuckerberg.) I love him and would never show what’s under that circle. I wasn’t the only one that had drank too much.  These were just the pre-show drinks at Bridgestone between the three of us.

Black Keys pre show drinks

We had been drinking before this and we didn’t stop either.

We went to the headless friend’s birthday party Saturday night. I drank only Sprite. Beyond going out we played it fairly lazy. Sunday, we walked around the yard and worked on a plan for planting some boxwoods we purchased two weeks ago and the back yard.

I’ve kept the back yard from you because it’s embarrassing. We have a potentially awesome area of the yard that looks awful. Really awful. The previous owners put in a retaining wall poorly. It appears to a great example of a DIY gone wrong. The brick walls have mostly fallen down. We started cleaning it up and quickly became overwhelmed at the scope of the project. We think we finally know what to do and how to fix it. We loved this patio space when we bought the house. We had big plans for a fire pit, big chairs and parties. We want to make it right. This is what it looks like now.

back yard pit

The Mister is working on the space this week. It will not be anywhere near done but we are setting a lofty goal of having the major work done by July. There are some other major projects that are being done at the same time. It’s going to be hectic summer. However, it’s gonna be great and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Be good. Be safe. Be lovely.

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I have no idea why the “Random Thoughts with RA” didn’t update. It’s very aggravating and something I will fix this week.

We were pretty busy this week. Saturday, The Mister umpired a bunch of games while I attended a Red Cross training, acupuncture and got my hair did.


Yesterday, we went to Sams. I bought a Living Social for us to become members. We had our cards made.


They’re pretty grainy so you can’t fully see the ridiculousness that is The Mister. He photo bombed my card photo then chose to dangle his sunglasses from his mouth in his. We roamed around and bought a few things. We miss Costco. We haven’t been members in awhile because we felt like we didn’t use enough. Sams may have made us miss it more.

Then, we did some work around the house. Mostly, The Mister mowed the lawn and I cleaned inside. However, the best thing we did was get The Colonel to wear sunglasses.


I love that pig.

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If you came to our house, you’d think we were real smarties. We got The New York Times and The Economist everywhere. Seriously, there are piles of them. However, none of these are mine. So, sometimes when I hang out/have a longish conversation with The Mister and his friends or co-workers, I feel like a real dum dum. I recognize that it’s because we have different talents and interests, still I always leave feeling like I don’t know enough.

They talk a lot about politics and the news. I don’t watch the local news because I’m not at home at 5:00 p.m. or even 6:00 p.m. Additionally, I’m not a fan of bad puns and all of our stations seem to think they’re comedians. The national news is watched occasionally, but it’s usually from the DVR. So, it’s not really news anymore. I know the basics. North Korea needs to calm the heck down. Global Warming is real – I don’t care what anyone else says. Jay-Z and Mrs. Carter have been in Cuba and people are unhappy.

Therefore, I signed up for The Skimm. It’s free. It’s short. It’s what I read while getting ready in the morning. This was yesterday’s  Skimm.


Sign up here.

Subscribers: An updated “Random Thoughts with RA” will post this weekend.

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