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Target is on the ball, y’all. They recently introduced a brass and wood bar cart to their Threshold line for $159.00.

threshold wood and brass bar cartRUN! DON’T WALK! Get it here!

I don’t have a need for it as our bar is on our CB2 acrylic console. However, I do like a bar cart. They’ve been popular for years but they’re still going strong. This brass and wood, modern style is classy. Let’s look at what you could do with it.

This brassy bar cart is hanging out with some malachite printed drapes. Yes, please.

malachite drapes and brass bar carthere

Because, sometimes,  I need to drink while I work.

bar cart by deskhere

You wouldn’t have to get up to get a drink if you used it as a side table.

bar cart by couchhere

Or you could just enjoy a lazy, hazy weekend in bed.

car cart as bedroom side tablehere

I feel like I need to find a place for it. Where oh where?


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I finished upholstering our headboard. Here’s a sneaky peak.

headboard against curtains

We have a load of dirt (a whole truck of it) showing up this morning. We’re planting boxwoods and working on our landscape. Obviously, my house is going to look like this after this weekend.

Churchill cottage, birmingham

That would be the Best. Weekend. Ever.

This is still on clearance.

coral accent table


I want two, because I need more accent tables.

It’s gone down to $49.98 since this originally posted. Oh y’all. The temptation.

The past few weeks have been a blur. I ask that everyone schedule their annual physical, have patience as the blog goes through some big changes and it would be pretty swell if you would consider being part of this study.

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I like Target shoes. I’ll even enhance a pair (seen here). However, it’s rare that I see them on sale. Right now, heels and flats are buy one, get one 50% off.  Here are some pairs I thought I’d share with you and some that I may have (totally did) purchased.

I saw these in store and really liked the color.

target merona mabli moccasin in orange


target merona maren kitten heel


target mossimo vivian pointy heel


These don’t look like much, but they’re the same style of my leopard shoes. They’re pretty comfortable and make great knock-around shoes.

target mossimo brown scruntch flat


All of these are included in the sale.

While browsing I got a mild case of heart palpitations because I thought they brought back their Mossimo Payton striped wedge. I love that shoe. I have one pair that I found while on the road and was never able to procure another pair in my size.

target shoe lies

If you ever see a pair or happen to have a pair that are size 9.5 let me know right away. I’ll take them if they’re a size 9. This is not a joke. I’ll pay for shipping. Email me. Stat.

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Marky Mark

I find a lot of “knock around” shoes at Target. They’re a good place to find flats. Currently, they have some Mossimo brand flats for $14.99 in black and leopard print that are great. I bought both, and I’ll probably buy additional pairs to hoard in preparation for when they stop selling them, but wear the leopard most often.

Though I liked them, I wanted them have a hint of black. I realize that few people nobody noticed that I was wearing a black shirt and brown shoes but it bugged the hell out of me. So, I decided to take a Sharpie to them. I began on the inside, just in case it looked awful. Here is a comparison between Sharpie drawn inside (top shoe) and non colored on shoes.


I decided to follow the pattern where the dark brown meet the yellow. Here is a photo of me trying to point to said spot.


Here’s the same spot after I drew on it.


I like it. The spots look a bit sharper and clearer and I’m okay with that. So, I did the pair of shoes in about 5 minutes. Here they are done.


What do you think?

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Two weeks ago Target had their candles on sale for buy one, get one 50% off. I may have spent at least $150.00 in candles. This is not a belated April Fools joke. My reasoning was that their candles never go on sale, at least the ones I buy, and they’re way cheaper than me buying Nest. Even after going to two Targets to stock up, I still felt like I needed more. Here is what I bought:

These are new for Target and I hope they stay.

Vanilla Amber candles are my stand by. The candles come in these two sizes and reed diffusers are available.

I stash my candles in the antique Chinese cabinet from Horchow my mother gave me for Christmas years ago.

However, I had too many. So, I put the rest in one of the orange ottomans we have.

There are six Black Orchid, 6 Vanilla Amber tins and 6 Vanilla Amber reed diffusers inside.

What orange ottomans? These under the table.

At least both of them are not full of candles and reed diffusers. So, don’t judge me.

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Missoni for Target

I love Target. I buy a lot of stuff from there. However, I am not happy with them right now.

Target debuted their Missoni line this Tuesday. It sold out immediately in stores and online. People waited in line when the stores opened, scores of people checked Target.com throughout the early morning to try to access the items, but I did not. When I checked the webiste that afternoon, all I saw was “out of stock.” I knew the line would be popular, it was very anticipated. However, I’m saddened that everything is gone, no longer available and the sale was seemingly managed poorly. There are many blog posts out there about people’s experiences and upset, this is a good example, but I’m not going to tell you how Target looked like the milk aisle after the Snowbird Report. Instead, I’m going to show the items that were not.

Here are the items I very much wanted but never found.

 I did get the blue skirt. I was looking at the left overs (a few pairs of socks and two ties) at the store in Brentwood and a woman was trying on a sweater. It was an extra large and she had to be a small. She looked at me and said, “This is too big, yes?” I agreed and she asked if I wanted it. I said no but thanked her for offering it. Then, she said “Do you want a skirt?” My eyes must have bugged out when I said, “Yes!” because she said, “Follow me. I found one hidden in the work out clothes.” She led me straight to it. I almost hugged her.

Unfortunately, there are lots of pieces on eBay. I refuse to pay for them there. Did you get anything? If you find any of these pieces in a large or extra large,  I’ll pay you back.

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As you may remember from my last Website Wednesday, I purchased quite a few items from Old Navy.  I disliked my Old Navy clothing. I only kept the necklace and the $5.00 white t-shirt. I had to think about both but decided to keep them due to how cheap they were. I’m beginning to feel that is their business model. You buy it because it looks promising. Then, you realize that is poorly cut and made but you paid less than $10.00 for it. Is “That’ll do.” Old Navy’s motto?

I will continue to say “What tha?” when I hear about / see people on Facebook rushing to Old Navy for sales.How is it that Target clothing is better quality? Do you purchase Old Navy clothing? What am I missing?

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