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A few days ago, while doing my grocery shopping at Kroger, I saw this.


Insert me stopping mid-aisle and backing up

I was at the Green Hills Kroger so I wasn’t at a Kroger Marketplace. I’ve only been to a Marketplace on the road but know some outlying areas have them. I haven’t seen Kroger sell dishes before and I was real excited about them being Blue Willow. Plus, there sale signs.


Here is the only picture of pricing that is readable.


After scrutinizing photos, here are the prices I’ve confirmed:

  • Dinner plate $5.24
  • Salad plate $3.75
  • Cereal bowl $3.75
  • Soup bowl $3.75
  • Large serving bowl $14.99
  • 14″ Oval Platter $20.24
  • Covered casserole $44.99

I think a grouping of Blue Willow can be really pretty on a wall.

blue willow hanging from michaelpennystyle


blue willow wall hanging plates with yellow chairs via house beautiful


However, I don’t think it looks great on your back.

blue willow back tatoo




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I’m a coupon girl. This factoid can be surprising to some, but I love a coupon.

Image by me – I freehanded that heart on my first try. Booyah!

I get a little high (I’ve made The Mister sit through more than one rambling brag) when I see my savings printed on my receipt. I feel victorious. Plus, they help me justify all my non-coupon purchases which are plentiful on their own.

Every week I write down my sales from the Sunday paper. I go through the sales and write down the product and the sales price for items we may need. This allows me to easily refer to what is on sale for the week and compare prices between stores. Then, I cut my coupons. If I find a coupon that correlates with my sales I organize it in my coupon organizer (seen below) and write a large “C” by the item on my list. I have left them out of the organizer and stapled them to the list. I’ve tried putting them in a weekly envelope. Yet, I prefer to simply mark it on my list. If I have a coupon that must be used that week I do attach it to my list. These are usually store coupons – Michael’s 40% off an item or other similar savings.

I had two coupon organizers, one for perishables and one for non-perishables. It was out of control. I cut more coupons than I would use and my valuable coupons would get lost. Therefore, I have one organizer. Some people suggest that you organize your coupons by the aisles of your favorite grocery store or by sections of the store. I have organized mine by what makes the most sense to me and trial and error. This is my organzier.

My categories are:

  • Make up, Face and Body Care – However, I leave out “body” coupons like lotion. I put “body” usually in Teeth and Personal as it makes more sense to me and Make up and Face Care is enough coupons on their own.
  • Hair and Shower – This include shaving.
  • Teeth & Personal – I have not made a new tab. I told you trial and error.
  • Medicine/First Aide
  • Cleaning and Household Supplies – All cleaning coupons (including laundry and dishes) go in here. Household supplies include paper goods, battery and general home supply coupons.
  • Breakfast, Juice and Drinks – Though I have a “dairy” section I place yogurt coupons here because that is usually a breakfast food for me.
  • Meat, Dairy and Frozen Food – Most meat coupons are for frozen meat. Therefore, I combined these sections. You may think this section is overwhelming. However, if I stick to only cutting coupons that will be used then it is manageable.
  • Canned Goods and Soups
  • Pasta, Rice, Bread and Crackers – I put what I use to label as “Meal Helpers” in this section. “Meal Helpers” include items like Hamburger Helper.
  • Sauces, Dressings and Condiments
  • Dessert, Chips and Snacks
  • Baking, Seasoning, Oil and Flour

This leaves me with a section at the back that does not have a tab. I put store coupons in that section. You may notice one poking out in the photo with an expiration date in 2010. It is a coupon for Bed, Bath and Beyond. I hold on to expired 20% coupons from them that I receive in the mail as they will still honor expired mailed coupons.

If you don’t want to cut coupons ,or do not receive a newspaper, you can still find savings online.

You can load coupons to your Kroger Plus Card here by creating an account.  

You load the coupons to your card and they will be applied when you use your Plus Card.  Kroger sells gas in many of our middle Tennessee stores and you can receive discounts on your gas depending on the amount of groceries you purchase within the store. For example, if you spend $100 on groceries you receive 10 cents off per gallon. If you don’t go “Krogering” you may shop at Publix.

Publix doubles coupons up to fifty cents – yay for double coupons! Their sales run Wednesday through Tuesday and include BOGO (buy one, get one free) items. You can find your weekly ad here. They look like this:

You can view their Buy One, Get One sales, Publix Brand items (they have a money back gaurantee) on sale and print coupons. Plus, you can create a shopping list from their weekly ad webpage. I’ve never done this as I create my weekly master shopping list for all my sales. However, their site is well organized. Plus, Publix has Clubs and Programs you can join for additional savings including a pet and baby club.

Writing my master sales list and organizing my coupons have become Sunday “to do” items. I find if I don’t do Sunday afternoon/evening I will continue to push it off. Both have become resources in our home to save money, organize purchases and take advantage of items when they are on sale. Saving money often tops the list of New Years Resolutions and there are many tips, tricks and ideas to doing so. I suggest beginning your “Sunday Savings” by writing down the weekly sales that apply to you and cutting coupons that correlate with those sales. Keep both the list and it’s correlating coupons in an envelope and refer to it. You can start an additional envelope to hold any coupons that didn’t correlate with that week’s sales but were too good to not cut.  After all, those items are likely to go on sale by the end of the month.

What do you do to save money? Do you have a suggestion for organizing your coupons? Does anyone else write a master sales list?

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