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The bathroom is cray right now.

bathroom progress with comments

It’s impressive that The Mister and I haven’t committed double suicide. The main thing getting me through is the thought of how much better it will be. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Filling in the walls and fixing poorly done jobs in the past (jobs done by previous owner)
  • Removing everything from walls
  • Sanding the walls
  • Repainting the walls and the wall cabinet
  • Replacing the medicine cabinet, air vent and shower shelf
  • Replacing doors and hardware on wall cabinet
  • Glazing the tub (we’re hiring this out)

The main thing that has my attention is painting. I have purchased an unreasonable amount of paint samples (you can see some of them on the top shelf above the toilet) trying desperately to match our vintage blue tile and it ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t like the solid blue “treatment” that we’ve had and I feel like doing plain white is…boring. So, much to The Mister’s side-eye glances, I want to hand paint a wall treatment. I’d love to do something like this.

china seas hand paint wall


But I’m being realistic. So, I have a few other ideas. It’s either I go with something more formal (potentially stenciled) or I go with something more free form.

Option 1:  Something more formal or stenciled
First, we have Higgledy Piggledy Stripe. This wallpaper is by the amazing Anna Spiro for Porter’s Paint. I would do a “knock off” of this pattern. I think it’s the middle ground of free form and formal.


Second, we have Albert Hadley’s iconic Fireworks.

albert hadley fireworks in bath


Albert Hadley makes my heart swell. However, I don’t know if I trust myself with a stencil. They seem hard. I know there are DIY pins of them everywhere, but I’m not talking about a trellis pattern or some gloss paint over flat paint. I’m talking about a knock off of an iconic designer and print. I don’t think I can do it.

Option 2: Something more loose or free form

First, we have David Hockney painting his pool.

david hockney painting his pool


Then, we have samples of free form thin stripes.

hand stripe tshirt


Alexander hand painted stripes for Kate Spade

alexander henry painted stripes for Kate Spade


In either option, I  would likely do a white background with the darker blue stripes to match the top (gray blue) tile in our bath. Though this last photo of many different colors is quite pretty, it could easy become too much for all the walls.

So, what do you think? Free form or stenciled?


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Today’s post is a twofer. You get a War Paint Wednesday (Clarisonic idea) and a before and after. Don’t get use to the over achievement.  

We took down the towel holder in the bath awhile back. It was not centered over the toilet (see the photo here) and was looking shabby. However, we didn’t expect to see this under it.

spot from towel holder in bath

We put a fake plant in front of it for well over a year (you can see that here) and have wondered what to do. We considered “stealing” a tile from behind the toilet but the tiles are set in such strong mortar we were fearful of it. Finally, I realized a hook would cover it well and was actually needed.

I looked at many hooks online and at the usual suspects – Lowes and Home Depot. I purchased a few and returned them. As most of them were brushed nickel and we needed chrome. Additionally, most of the backs/plates were too big or too small. A few weeks went by and I happened down the bath aisle at Home Depot, the one with the towel rack collections and such, and found this.

futura hooks from home depot

Seriously, I thought I heard trumpets.

The screw for it was on the underneath. So, we could still insert it but it wouldn’t require the same amount of work to look drilled in. (We have no desire to drill into the tile.) It was chrome and the styling fits the style of the bath. It was simple and a rectangle. I was sure it was the same size as the spot. I grabbed two and practically ran to find The Mister.

The Mister grabbed some mounting tape before we left. We chose Scotch’s Extreme Mounting Tape. We probably could have used something less “extreme” as it doesn’t need to hold 20 pounds. However, we decided it was better to be safe with too much than risk them falling off or being shabby. We would suggest using it if you’re doing a similar project.

Luckily, I was right and the hook was almost the exact same size as the spot in the tile. So, we quickly tackled this project. The screw in the bottom of the hook kept the flat mounting plate in place.

back of futura hook

Then, we added a small strip of mounting tape to the mounting plate.

back of hook with mounting tape

The Mister was a little nervous with putting them on the tile. It’d be reversible if not put on correctly, but I was being pretty specific on their placement. Finally, he agreed that I should just do it. I removed the red protective lining from the tape and lined the top of the hook to the top of the spot on the tile. Then, I pressed it on. I used a good amount of pressure.

hook up over spot from towel holder in bath

I was super jazzed and put the other one up. Though the left side of our tile did not have a spot, I felt another hook was needed for balance and to look purposeful.

bath hooks

Here’s how I use the hooks in “real life.” (This is not totally true as the right hook usually has a face towel on it. I was washing them when I took the photo.)

clarisonic hook

Using it as a holder for The Clarisonic has been awesome for letting it dry. It was a happy surprise. I have found that when I try to dry my Clarisonic, usually the bristles get smushed on one side and heads are not cheap. So, I’m hoping this will extend the life of them. Full disclosure: you have to hit it at the right angle for it to stay. I haven’t gotten it to stay every time. It usually take a few tries. I gotta find the sweet spot.

We’ve had the hooks up for about a month and have had no issues. I’m so glad we found the hooks and it was a simple project. It looks tremendously better. Young House Love tackled the same kind of towel bar spots in their tile here (a good fix if it’s under the window) and here (I like our fix better for by the sink. However, it’s a good idea for above the toilet.)

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I have a deep want to use Anthropologie’s Blazing Poppies wallpaper.

blazing poppies 1

Detailed photo:

blazing poppies 2

Wham. Bam. Thank you Ma’am.

I’d love it in a bathroom. I considered it for our bath. However, with the blue tile I decided it would be too much. That pains me to say. However,  it would look better above neutral tile, wainscoting or beadboard. I have a vision and if I had Photoshop I may be able to get it across. Instead, I’m going to show you a mood board because that’s something I can do.

Blazing Poppies moodboard

We got a new laptop and feel all fancy. I hope to get Photoshop and go on with my fancy self. Therefore, I’ll look like a fancy blogger lady and more legit with my ideas.

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The weather was great this weekend. It really felt like Spring. The flea market is next weekend and the March market is the kick off to the Spring and Summer flea markets and yard sales. We went to Lowes and was excited to see this by the front door.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

We went to Lowes to buy a medicine cabinet for our bathroom. We haven’t installed it yet as we’re doing some patching to smooth out the edges where the old cabinet was. You can see what I’m talking about in the photo below.


It obviously makes The Mister feel very glamorous.

We hung a bunch of art in the office.


All of this plus two other pieces.

The walls in our home office are gallery style. I’ll have a post on it soon. The wall when you walk in hasn’t had anything on it, so it looks much more finished.

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So blue

We have one bathroom, which is not ideal. We plan/hope/want to add another bath sometime. We have no idea if/when that will happen. So, we currently just have our one. She has blue tile which has grown on me. I was never hateful towards her blue tile, as I do enjoy most things considered “retro.” However, I did hate the original vanity in the bathroom. This was it:

Not only was the vanity a hideous beast, it was gross. So, not only was it not well constructed/organized I refused to use the little storage it provided because it was narsty. Therefore, we purchased a new vanity.

I visited my local Homegoods and happened across beautiful, mirrored vanity. I put it on hold and waited for The Mister to come home. When I saw him pulling in I ran to his truck and told him to rush to Homegoods as they closed in 30 minutes. A lady was looking at it and talking to someone on the phone about it. The hold sign was not on it. A mixture of confusion and anger made me walk right up to it and yank the price off.  I got the vanity. Here it is in our bathroom.

It wasn’t pretty to install. Here are some photos I took while perodically saying things like “ewwww” and “groddy” in between puke noises.

Here is our bathroom as it is today.

The right side of the room:

The left side of the room:

I shall have one mirrored item (perferably a piece of furniture) in every room.

Quick resource guide:

Rug – West Elm
Shower curtain – Pottery Barn
Vanity – Homegoods
Toilet – Jacuzzi brand from Lowes (install info/video here)

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Flushed in 2010

If you saw “Home” in your inbox that’s because I didn’t recognize that WordPress still defaulted to 2010. I got too ahead of myself. So, it’ll truly publish tomorrow.

This is The Mister and I’s new years, last year:

Testing the toilet 

We replaced our toilet last year which was much more of a pain than one would think. A piece of plastic no bigger than a pencil eraser broke. So, we were just going to replace the guts of the tank but parts were impossible to find because it was a pressurized tank.  Therefore, we bought a new toilet. However, the toilet couldn’t be installed because when we took the old toilet up we realized the old toilet had never been bolted down. To our horror there was no flange. We purchased a few and none fit because we had galvanized pipe. So, we stayed at a friend’s house (Thanks Prima!) and called a trusted plumber (Thanks Alvin!) the next morning. All in all it was a pretty penny to buy the new toilet and put in PVC pipe.

I hope you have a wonderful 2011 and it doesn’t go to your shitter. Literally.

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