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As you know, I call The Colonel Hoof-Hearted a couple things. Man-Bear-Pug and Pig are the most common nicknames. He answers to all of them because not only is he adorable, he is smart. I love him for many reasons. Here are two:

1. He gets me.

2. He is lazy. This may correlate with number one.

Now, after Friday, you know I’m trying to get my butt in gear and become healthier. It was difficult. First, I was on the road last week. Here are random road thoughts: Can the people below hear me jumping around? I’d hate me if they can. Why is the workout room a glass box in the lobby? I don’t want people watching me. Wait. Can those people see me watching them? Yes. Yes they can indeed. Hmmmmm. Gross. (You can expect a travel post later.) Second, we had stuff to do this weekend. I needed to do domestic stuff (cleaning, errands) that don’t happen much when I’m gone. Plus, we had Momma’s birthday and a wedding. However, I stayed commited and worked out. This was Pig and I.

Image found via pinterest
I think the boobs being little v’s is funny. 

Speaking of boobs… I’m pretty sure they should make sport underwear not just sport bras. (Yes, you just read that. I’m sharing and you’re listening. Leave a comment.) I often wonder, while jumping around like an idiot while watching impossibly coordinated ladies on a DVD, if it is bad for my skin. I’m not tight and toned or else I’d be teaching the workout. Therefore, I worry if a full on compression outfit is needed. I’ve seen those sweat belts. Maybe they are used as a workout girdle.

I have always been a fan of Miss Piggy. She wore a bathing suit when working out.

Taking advice from a Muppet sounds like a good idea.


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