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Friday, The Mister and I knew The Colonel Hoof-Hearted did not feel well. He yelped when we tried to pick him up – which caused my heart to fall out every time. He even hid under our Christmas tree after I tried to get him in the bed. (We’re taking the tree down this week, let’s just focus on The Colonel right now.) His lil’ tail wasn’t curled and he was lethargic. This was him.

sick pig

Most pitiful pig evah

We listed his symptoms and The Mister took him to vet first thing Saturday morning. I couldn’t go as I was on my way to Upton, KY (it really exists) to see a girlfriend of mine and her little boy for the day. The Mister texted me less than fifteen minutes into seeing the vet that The Colonel had bulging disks and basically threw his back out.

We’re not sure how it happened and they said it “just does sometimes.” He’s on three bottles of meds that we have to hide in legit pepperoni because he’ll spit them out if they’re in Pupperonis. Saturday he still felt poor but it vastly different on Sunday. We’re to keep him from jumping on and off furniture which seems to be all he wants to do now that he can. Wish us luck.


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My pig

I recently realized I haven’t provided you good people with any updates on the life of The Colonel Hoof-Hearted or “Pig.”  He’s good. The vet even recently verified this information.

He’s the happiest pig to ever be at the vet.

He’s still showing off his privates.

He and his girlfriend, Hippo, are madly in love.

This means he licks her and uses her body as a headrest. He had a hard time pulling her up on the couch or bed with him as she’s on the bigger side. So, cheated on her for a little bit with the Ove Glove.

He finally came up with a system of how to get Hippo onto the couch and I needed the Ove Glove back. So, that was a short romance.

He’s been chillin’ at Lowes.

He watched the fireworks last week.

He’s sitting in the back of The Mister’s truck.

He loves being a man-bear-pug.

And we love him.

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