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Recently, I was going through photos on my computer and came across the ones below. The homes are gorgeous but I have no idea where they are. They’re from 2010. That seems like a very long time ago mostly because it kind of was. So, enjoy these pretty homes that I think are from New Hampshire.

Camera 085

Camera 080

Camera 084

Camera 082

I wish I could tell you where it was. It looks beautiful. However, that’s the life I’ve had on the road the past 5+ years. Looking back, I wish I would have kept a journal or been better about documenting my travel on this very blog that you’re reading.


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Two weeks ago I had to go to Louisiana for a client. I spent maybe three hours in New Orleans and then headed to Baton Rouge. I encourage you to spend more than a couple hours in NOLA, but I got to rush in a couple of things. First stop was Central Grocery.

Muffalata goodness

Then, I walked around. It was around 10 in the morning, so the streets were not that crowded. I saw some pretty things.





The last imagine is the entrance to Rouses. I went in to buy some beans.


I’ve never had them but I should have gotten a can for myself. I bring them back for a friend. He loves them beans.

I stayed at the Hilton Baton Rouge, which I had stayed at before. It has Art Deco decor. These are photos from the bathroom – wallpaper and tile.



My client was some distance from Baton Rouge. I stopped at Rayne to get some water and found out they’re “The Frog Capital of the World.”

My first clue was the sign above. Second, I noticed their “mural.”

Third, I went to the restroom and heard some weird tapping above me. I looked up and saw this.


There were also some dead ones on the floor. Rayne is not somewhere to visit again but Baton Rouge and New Orleans are great. Last week, The Mister and I went on vacay and it was great. It may be a few days till I get back to regular scheduled programming.

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If you’re getting married, you need to do a few things. For one thing, don’t listen to anyone but me and Emily Post. So, you need to know about Goodwill’s Wedding Gala. Most of the dresses are brand new and donated from local shops. I wish I would have done it. I loved my dress but it’s almost embarrassing how much it cost. You need to get to the Rivergate store tonight. Yes, it’s Saturday morning but these folks are playing around. Here’s some advice from Goodwill’s blog. 

Next, you’ll need me to review your invitations. It’s a not so secret passion of mine. For real. Send them. I’m on a mission to rid people of poorly written and inappropriate invitations. I judge them. I always have. I’m not proud of it. I almost always find something. I’ve thought of making a list of rules, but most rules can be found in any and all editions of Emily Post’s Etiquette. Your grandmother will thank me.

This week I was back in New Hampshire and Maine. I returned the rug and it pained me a little. I didn’t have a place for it, but that’s never stopped me from wanting. If you’re ever near Portsmouth, New Hampshire – go.


A bunch of tasty food and cute shops. What else do you want?

I have an idea of what The Mister does when I’m on the road.

I wish. 

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One must be vigilant while on the road for weirdies and creeps. Fact: They’re everywhere. However, you have to watch out for other types of danger such as germs. Of course, there are many things you can do to limit germ exposure and l appreciate the easiest, most common options like washing your damn hands. (I will give you all my anti-bacterial hand gel/smell like a hospital before you eat stuff.) One of the ways I watch out for germs is by bagging the remote in my hotel rooms.

I use the ice machine bag, the clear bag that is inside the ice bucket in your room, to cover the remote. I use it almost like a doggie poo bag. I wear it like a glove and grab the remote. Then, I flip the bag around it and tie the ends.

I realize this sounds and looks weird at first, but you’ll start doing it too. It’s well-known that remote controls harbor a massive amount of germs, many of which I’m not going to discuss. I don’t like saying I’ll “never” discuss it but not now. You know what I’m talking about.

Covering the remote gives me peace of mind and I’m convinced it protects me against stuff on/in/around the buttons. Though I think it’s a good idea, and encourage you do it, I’m still self conscious about it. So, I’m always sure to take the remote out of the bag before I check out of the room. I’m weird like that.

So enjoy your summer, take a vacay and don’t touch the remote with your bare hands. You gotta use protection.

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I’m introducing a new series, Travel Thursday. During it I will share a photo, or photos, of something I saw on the road. Photos are likely to be ridiculous. This is especially true with the photo below.

This glorious man’s hairstyle was found at the Charlotte, North Carolina airport. I walked into the gift shop at the airport to buy some water and saw him head on. His hair was oddly curly (permed) and tall. I thought it was pretty interesting, but didn’t realize its true magnificence until I got behind him in line.

I almost gasped.

I wonder how long it takes him to get ready. How did he choose this style? Did it happen in stages? First, he had a bowl cut with sideburns. Then, he grew it out and went with the pony but still liked the bowl length. The top was too shaggy for him so he decided a perm was the way to go. Did someone suggest it? What hairstylist does this for him? Has anyone tried an intervention? So many questions.

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As you know, I call The Colonel Hoof-Hearted a couple things. Man-Bear-Pug and Pig are the most common nicknames. He answers to all of them because not only is he adorable, he is smart. I love him for many reasons. Here are two:

1. He gets me.

2. He is lazy. This may correlate with number one.

Now, after Friday, you know I’m trying to get my butt in gear and become healthier. It was difficult. First, I was on the road last week. Here are random road thoughts: Can the people below hear me jumping around? I’d hate me if they can. Why is the workout room a glass box in the lobby? I don’t want people watching me. Wait. Can those people see me watching them? Yes. Yes they can indeed. Hmmmmm. Gross. (You can expect a travel post later.) Second, we had stuff to do this weekend. I needed to do domestic stuff (cleaning, errands) that don’t happen much when I’m gone. Plus, we had Momma’s birthday and a wedding. However, I stayed commited and worked out. This was Pig and I.

Image found via pinterest
I think the boobs being little v’s is funny. 

Speaking of boobs… I’m pretty sure they should make sport underwear not just sport bras. (Yes, you just read that. I’m sharing and you’re listening. Leave a comment.) I often wonder, while jumping around like an idiot while watching impossibly coordinated ladies on a DVD, if it is bad for my skin. I’m not tight and toned or else I’d be teaching the workout. Therefore, I worry if a full on compression outfit is needed. I’ve seen those sweat belts. Maybe they are used as a workout girdle.

I have always been a fan of Miss Piggy. She wore a bathing suit when working out.

Taking advice from a Muppet sounds like a good idea.

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I like to visit Goodwill while on the road. This is a fairly new habit for me. While in Tempe, Arizona I found these chairs.

The blue chair was $12.00 and would be great re-upholstered while the pink chairs were $4.00 each. Crazy talk. Sadly, chairs cannot fit inside my luggage. However,  here is a list of things I have fit in my luggage:

  • 2’6″ x 4’3″ Martha Stewart Astronomy rug from a Homegoods in Connecticut
  • at least six sets of curtains from IKEA
  • IKEA PS Clock
  • Two RENATE rugs (one is a back up)
  • Five SIGNE rugs (once again, back ups)
  • Two pieces of pottery from Goodwill from Illinois (One piece broke – my first thing to break which I think is pretty good)
  • Reverse painting of The Capitol from an antique store in Colorado (I was particularly nervous about this, but it was the first thing I ever packed home. I was too fresh to know better.)
  • Four bud vases from Goodwill
  • A Tennessee souvenir plate (The Mister collects them)
  • Samsonite briefcase/laptop bag from a TJMaxx in Kentucky (gift for The Mister)
  • Giodorno’s pizza from Chicago (It comes home as a carry on, but I’ll count it for the entertainment value.)
  • 8 yards of fabric from a JoAnn’s in Delaware (not as easy as thought)
  • Tortillas from Houston

Of course, this list does not compose of everything. These are basic highlights of what I remember packing. I have a zipped soft sided Baggallini bag I carry with me for “overage.” Thank you Southwest for allowing two bags for free. This week I’m at a conference with my team in Orlando. I doubt I’ll have time to shop anywhere, but I’ll keep you posted.

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