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I know that it is fall but I had to wear Clam Bake one more time.


I happened upon this color while browsing Target’s collection of Essie polishes. It’s the perfect shade of orange-red. Orange-red polishes can be tricky and look harsh. However, this is the perfect summer color. It’s a staple item. It’s thin and I use three coats. I prefer it without a top coat as it as it seems to matte it. The polish has a good jelly, shiny appearance once it dries. I’m not very good at doing my own nails but the polish isn’t streaky and glides on smoothly – which I assume is due to its thinness. Due to the orange, this would likely look best on darker, tan skin. However, I like it on my paleness.

My thumb is on the desk of my hotel room.

I decided to wear it one last time and rushed through painting them (hence while watching the CMAs. Now, I’m searching for my fall color. I’ll keep you posted.


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I knew I would need a bathing suit/swimsuit, or more than one, for The Mister and I’s upcoming cruise. I haven’t been jived about this at all. Therefore, I have planned to purchase one when they went on clearance at the end of the summer. When did the “end of summer” become the Fourth of July?

Last week, The Mister went to our Green Hills Dillards and casually mentioned that their swimsuits were on sale. At first, I felt like I needed to rush to the store but I decided that was their master plan and I would not be held captive to it. Then, while looking through the sales this weekend I noticed all the department stores were sharing their “clearance” prices and percentage off of swimsuits. Clearance? What?  I went to Cool Springs Mall as they have more department stores – like Belk and JCPenney.  

Sure enough those suckers are picked through like an after Thanksgiving sale. First, I walked into Macy’s and grabbed around eight suits and left with none. They were terribly short in the torso, lacked support in the top, or were overall “meh.”  At one point, I thought I had found a winner to find a sad and droopy behind. I had prepared myself for the absolute worst with trying them on but left thinking “That’s not bad” and energized to move on. Next, JCPenney. I rarely shop there (Hello Rhet!) and was quickly turned around to find myself in the Sephora.  The Mister asked somebody where the swimsuits were and I was back on track to find two sperate ends of the swimsuit spectrum. The suits were either tiny, triangle tops with frilly, tiny bottoms or oversized flower prints that looked as if were overstocks from Wal-Mart. They screamed “Have you seen my dentures?” I bought one bathing suit there. It screams “I look forward to retirement.”

I don’t know who I have to speak to but I’d like to not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bathing suit that I’ll cover up.

The only place with a selection was Dillards, where they were not on sale at all. Though they were very much full price I decided to purchase one from there ($200+) as they had not been ransacked. I did not go to Belk but will this week. Additionally, I’m sure I will do some online shopping.

Now, for more Natalie Dee entertainment.

She cracks me up.

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