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During our days off for Thanksgiving, we decided to work on the kitchen a bit. We took down the awful blue laminate backsplash by our sink. Though I know it looks terrible right now, I prefer it. It now looks like we’re doing something instead of just being ugly. Then, we scraped the paint off the walls. Yes, we scraped it off.

The previous owners put oil-based paint over latex. (We muttered some ugly words about the previous owners during this process.) We had a few places where paint had peeled off and I was sure it appeared that we picked at our walls when nervous. Therefore, I think it looks better too.

Yes, I think that looks better than a randomly peeling wall. Additionally, The Mister ripped up the floor molding, we tested the kitchen floor for future removal and chose our new floor. More of that to come.

At the beginning of The Lovely Lifestyle, which was also the beginning of 2010, I blogged about painting our kitchen cabinets. We painted them a dark brown with a slight purple undertone.

The photo is from the blog post and is me celebrating the paint sticking. Yay for oil-based paint!  (RIP blue backsplash) The color was The Mister’s choice. After my shenanigans of testing coral colored paint on the cabinets, it was his turn. Turns out they are too dark for our little, galley kitchen. So, we’ll be repainting and will need new hardware.

Here is the hardware I would like to have.

Clear glass pulls with polished nickel 3 inch for $16.50

I want to use the pulls for our drawers.

Clear glass knob pulls with polished nickel with 1 inch for $6.95

I want to use the knobs on our doors.

We are using beadboard in the kitchen, but I don’t want it to be to “cottagey.” Therefore, I want hardware that is different and a nod to glamour over cottage. What do you think?


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