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We took The Colonel Hoof-Hearted to The Blessing of the Animals at our church.

blessing of the animals 2013He’s adorable and completely content being held.


We finally went to LIGHT by Bruce Munro at Cheekwood this past Thursday.

cheekwood light with mansion

cheekwood lights 2

It was really beautiful and ran through yesterday. My favorite thing was the teepee installation. I took a video, to my best ability, here.


confined only by the walls quotehere


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I have no idea why the “Random Thoughts with RA” didn’t update. It’s very aggravating and something I will fix this week.

We were pretty busy this week. Saturday, The Mister umpired a bunch of games while I attended a Red Cross training, acupuncture and got my hair did.


Yesterday, we went to Sams. I bought a Living Social for us to become members. We had our cards made.


They’re pretty grainy so you can’t fully see the ridiculousness that is The Mister. He photo bombed my card photo then chose to dangle his sunglasses from his mouth in his. We roamed around and bought a few things. We miss Costco. We haven’t been members in awhile because we felt like we didn’t use enough. Sams may have made us miss it more.

Then, we did some work around the house. Mostly, The Mister mowed the lawn and I cleaned inside. However, the best thing we did was get The Colonel to wear sunglasses.


I love that pig.

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Friday, The Mister and I knew The Colonel Hoof-Hearted did not feel well. He yelped when we tried to pick him up – which caused my heart to fall out every time. He even hid under our Christmas tree after I tried to get him in the bed. (We’re taking the tree down this week, let’s just focus on The Colonel right now.) His lil’ tail wasn’t curled and he was lethargic. This was him.

sick pig

Most pitiful pig evah

We listed his symptoms and The Mister took him to vet first thing Saturday morning. I couldn’t go as I was on my way to Upton, KY (it really exists) to see a girlfriend of mine and her little boy for the day. The Mister texted me less than fifteen minutes into seeing the vet that The Colonel had bulging disks and basically threw his back out.

We’re not sure how it happened and they said it “just does sometimes.” He’s on three bottles of meds that we have to hide in legit pepperoni because he’ll spit them out if they’re in Pupperonis. Saturday he still felt poor but it vastly different on Sunday. We’re to keep him from jumping on and off furniture which seems to be all he wants to do now that he can. Wish us luck.

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Creepy or Cute: Pug Pagoda Pillow

While on the search for fun fabric, I found this.


I knew, right away, that y’all needed to see it. So, now it’s time for you to cast your vote.

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My pig

I recently realized I haven’t provided you good people with any updates on the life of The Colonel Hoof-Hearted or “Pig.”  He’s good. The vet even recently verified this information.

He’s the happiest pig to ever be at the vet.

He’s still showing off his privates.

He and his girlfriend, Hippo, are madly in love.

This means he licks her and uses her body as a headrest. He had a hard time pulling her up on the couch or bed with him as she’s on the bigger side. So, cheated on her for a little bit with the Ove Glove.

He finally came up with a system of how to get Hippo onto the couch and I needed the Ove Glove back. So, that was a short romance.

He’s been chillin’ at Lowes.

He watched the fireworks last week.

He’s sitting in the back of The Mister’s truck.

He loves being a man-bear-pug.

And we love him.

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Recently, YouTube sucked me in with videos of pugs in swings.  I hadn’t thought about putting The Colonel Hoof-Hearted in a swing, but now I can’t wait till Spring so I can try it.

The was the first one I watched.

I love the snorting.

The Colonel Hoof-Hearted (Pig) has always sat on his rear with his arms in front of him, like a teddy bear.

Evidence for what I’m about to say.

Him being comfortable in that position leads me to believe that is the reason why these pugs fit so nicely in the child swings. Of course, I immediately asked The Mister to buy a swing set but he said no. Therefore, I’m waiting till the spring and I’ll take Pig to the park and try it out. The Mister gave me the side-eye when I didn’t drop it and told him my enthusiasm for putting Pig in a swing, but he doesn’t know how obsessed I’ve become. I’ve begun to wonder if he’d like another type of baby swing, like this. He just fits the max weight.

I’m taking the name “Safari Swing” seriously.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like that time of year where everyone is trying to out do others. Whether it is their neighbor, co-worker, other blogger, The Ghost of Christmas Past they are challenged in a Spirit Showdown. Between family gatherings, buying last-minute gifts wrapping presents you purchased well in advance and overall holiday hoopla I’m sure you have tons of time to decorate for the Christmas holiday. You and these people:

I bet they even grew the greenery themselves. They’re probably organic herbs, so you can reuse them by trying them on a salad or something. We’d put it on pizza in our house because they’re more popular than salads.


I actually thought about doing gift topiaries, but I had too many questions. 

Questions included:

  • What kind of paper did they use?
  • Do I glue them all together?
  • How hard is that to store? They better be reuseable if not for me, for the earth.
  • Do you use boxes or something more solid like foam or plastic boxes as the packages?
  • What the hell am I thinking?

If I do them next year, I’ll keep you posted. You can come over and we’ll do it together since we have so much time on our hands.

I’m going to assume everything has been replaced in this room to be a Christmas item. That or they keep dolls by the fireplace and baby buggies on their mantle year round. Either way, I don’t care for it and find it borderline creepy.


There are three trees and an unidentifiable number of poinsettias in this abandoned boat. It’s pretty but I’m concerned why they’re encouraging people to go onto thin ice or into extremely cold water. At the holiday party everyone has to guess how many poinsettias are in the canoe. Go out there to get a good look. And die or at least become really sick.

They took the themed food too far. What kind of meal is this?
I would want to leave this party and maybe check out the neighbors with the boat we just saw.

When this cat claws your face off, you deserve it.
Is it just me or does this cat look especially angry?

I don’t put much trust in cats and am aware they especially do not appreciate outfits. I wouldn’t put The Colonel in a collar that made noise, that would drive me bonkers. I may do this.

Don’t lie. If we do it, you want to see it.


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