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I know that it is fall but I had to wear Clam Bake one more time.


I happened upon this color while browsing Target’s collection of Essie polishes. It’s the perfect shade of orange-red. Orange-red polishes can be tricky and look harsh. However, this is the perfect summer color. It’s a staple item. It’s thin and I use three coats. I prefer it without a top coat as it as it seems to matte it. The polish has a good jelly, shiny appearance once it dries. I’m not very good at doing my own nails but the polish isn’t streaky and glides on smoothly – which I assume is due to its thinness. Due to the orange, this would likely look best on darker, tan skin. However, I like it on my paleness.

My thumb is on the desk of my hotel room.

I decided to wear it one last time and rushed through painting them (hence while watching the CMAs. Now, I’m searching for my fall color. I’ll keep you posted.


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OPI Matte is definitly better for your piggie toes. Here are my hands after 24 hours.

Left hand

Sorry for the funky lighting. I took the photo on my iPhone.

Right hand

The lighting is better, though this is taken on my iPhone as well. Dig my orange bag? It’s a great color to notice while I’m at the baggage claim.

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