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So, the shoot didn’t happen yesterday. It happens this morning. I showed up in full hair and make up, called my contact and her horrified response was  “No, it’s tomorrow.” My response was, “You mean I’m standing here in fake eyelashes for no reason?” It’s my fault. It was originally yesterday but it changed. I consider yesterday a dress rehearsal and it gave me some time for additional maintenance. While getting ready Tuesday morning I realized I should have done the following:

  • Got a manicure
  • Waxed my eyebrows
  • Had my teeth bleached
  • Lost 50 pounds

My fingernails commonly look bad. My nails have always been weak. They easily break and even peel. Plus, I don’t rub Vitamin E into my nail bed every night, so I’m not a stranger to busted looking cuticles. I’ve had acrylics in the past and have done gel manicures. I don’t like the drills for acrylics and I don’t like the UV light for gel. However, I got a gel manicure yesterday. It looks great and reinforces that I paint my finger nails like a four-year old.

Luckily, I was able to get in and have my brows waxed too. I cannot do my own brows. I physically cannot pluck them. It makes me sick to my stomach. Occasionally, I even feel sickly when a professional does it. Luckily, I keep my brows thick, and I’m told that I have a “perfect brow line,” so I don’t have to go too often.

I go to Therapy Systems in Green Hills and highly suggest them. I have their Wax Six card and you should buy it. Basically, you pay $60.00 for this card.

Wax 6 card

Then, they punch the card for each visit. This means I get my eyebrows done for $10. In fact, they’ll wax anything on yo’ face in that visit. You can get your brows, lip and whatever else done for $10.00. It’s a no-brainer.

I did not do anything to loose 50 pounds. In fact, I ate pretty terribly. My teeth will have to be okay. Nobody look at them.


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I know that it is fall but I had to wear Clam Bake one more time.


I happened upon this color while browsing Target’s collection of Essie polishes. It’s the perfect shade of orange-red. Orange-red polishes can be tricky and look harsh. However, this is the perfect summer color. It’s a staple item. It’s thin and I use three coats. I prefer it without a top coat as it as it seems to matte it. The polish has a good jelly, shiny appearance once it dries. I’m not very good at doing my own nails but the polish isn’t streaky and glides on smoothly – which I assume is due to its thinness. Due to the orange, this would likely look best on darker, tan skin. However, I like it on my paleness.

My thumb is on the desk of my hotel room.

I decided to wear it one last time and rushed through painting them (hence while watching the CMAs. Now, I’m searching for my fall color. I’ll keep you posted.

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