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I have a deep affection for coral reds. This should not surprise you. Last Thursday I took off my acrylics and got a gel manicure. It’s shockingly durable, but the UV machine makes me nervous. Also, it made my skin tingle. So, I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up but I love the color. I went with a girlfriend and it was pretty telling of our styles. I got coral and she got gray.

Then, this weekend I went to the fabric stores and look at what I found at Fabric Gallery.

When I grabbed it to check the price I realized that it matched my nails and was pretty cheap at $8.95 a yard.


I showed my fabric sample to said girlfriend and realized I have a strong attraction to coral red colors.

My bracelet, nails, fabric sample and my shirt were all the same color

I love the color – obviously I’m drawn to it. Now, I just need to figure out how much to buy. I have to figure out how much because I don’t know what I’m doing with it. It’s not a matter on if I’m buying it – just how much. I think I have a fabric issue.


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The Mister and I are large Mad Men fans and this Sunday’s episode was one of the best. Though I have noticed Joan’s apartment in previous episodes/seasons it was this Sunday when I decided to test The Mister on the paint color. I loves it. Loves it a lot.

All photos are from here. There are some other photos to gaze at here.

BAM! That coral is the best. It makes one think of Dorothy Draper. The Mister wasn’t surprised that I liked the coral and he didn’t say anything about it except that he wasn’t surprised. So, we’ll take that as a “I love it. We should definitly paint something that color.” Obviously.

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