You can follow the shop on Insta at begussiedup.

gussie logoHere it is on Instagram. The booth opened on July 2 and it’s done well. It’s not how I want it. I had big plans of stripes on the wall, specialty storage, signage and some other stuff. It’ll get there.  I need to cut myself some slack and remember this. 

I’m doing some shopping for Gussie this week. I’m looking at some lines and items to carry. Follow and give me some feedback!

In other news, this pimento cheese is available at Whole Foods.

whole foods pimento cheeseWorth every penny

I love, love pimento cheese. If you have a recipe, please send it my way. I’ve claimed that this summer will be the summer I master a pimento cheese recipe. I still have more experimenting to do.

Our wise words for the week:

choose to see the good stuffhere

Be good. Be safe. Be lovely.


Anthropologie is celebrating their 20th anniversary with 20 pieces they’ve named their “Archival Collection.” They’ll go live tomorrow. However, Anthro members had a sneak peek and advance shopping privileges. Here’s a sampling:

Archival Collection Peplum CardiArchival Collection: Peplum Cardi

Archival Collection No 2. Pencil Skirt

Archival Collection: No. 2 Pencil Skirt

Archival Collection Peacock Cardi

Archival Collection: Peacock Cardi

Archival Collection Striped Dress

Archival Collection: Striped Dress

I believe they’re only found as a whole collection on their site. So, you better get to gettin’ if you like it.

This weekend I saw The Queen (Beyonce) and it was glorious.


If you follow me on Insta you saw some videos. I had a pretty good seat, especially for what they call “Bey Stage.” I’ve never felt more encouraged to get in shape, install some large mirrors and practice dance moves. Her body is delicious looking.

I attended the concert with some girls. I planned on being out of town and the concert sold out quickly. So, I didn’t think I’d get to go but I found my single ticket on Craigslist for less than face. I told myself that I travel and do things alone frequently so this was no big deal. However, I did feel insecure.

First, I almost hit Martina McBride. I could not find my section (turns out it was the only one without a sign) and was frustrated. So, I raised my hand and turned at the same time. I came close to whacking a woman in the ear as I turned. I began to apologize and she walked off. I thought “That’s weird. I didn’t mean to. Ooooh wait. That was Martina McBride.”

Second, I was smack in the middle of several large groups and couples that were not ashamed of PDA. So, I felt left out or skeezey – depending on who I was glancing at.

Then, I found out about the Trayvon Martin case. I got the text and began to cry. This made me the girl who was all alone and crying. (aka: The Freak) Nobody said anything to me and I quickly got my shit together. I exchanged texts with a couple friends.

I loved the concert and tried to live in it but also wanted to talk to The Mister and go hug some people. Bey (we’re close friends now) did have a moment of silence, sang “I Will Always Love You” and followed it by “Halo.” I talked with The Mister till early morning hours about the case. Then, went to bed and prayed for Beyonce’s feet (they had to be sore) and Trayvone’s family.


Unfortunately, this is especially true if you’re a young black man in a hoodie.

I search Craigslist more than usual. The Craigslist Pro app is some of the best money ever spent. I have some standard searches that I always browse. Therefore, I happily look on Craigslist for friends. Currently, beyond my personal searches, I’m searching for:

  • An armoire – There are not many to choose from.
  • Dining set – She super specific and we have very different styles. So, I’m probably not the best person to ask but I do it out of curiosity now.
  • A rumble seat –. Turns out a “rumble seat” is an extra seat you add to a stroller, not a spaceship artifact.

Wednesday night, while looking at rumble seats and strollers I found something that someone cannot look away from.


I sent the graphic that you see to The Mister. He stopped his work and asked to see the listing. Then, he told me to send it to him and he promptly made a screenshot. So, here you go.

jogging stroller

It can be found here. It actually states “Man in white speedo not included. You wouldn’t want him anyway.”

I search for items in 11 cities. So, I found this gem in Birmingham. Poor Birmingham. They don’t deserve this.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Jenny Andrews Anderson of My Favorite and My Best and Jamie from iSuwanee and Furbish would partner together. Jamie has used Jenny’s art in a couple installs and now offers prints as a pop up shop.

Jenny Andrews Anderson Pop Up Shop - Furbishhere

You may recognize the print of a piece of art that I missed out on in May. It’s titled “Through the Telescope” (the original was titled “Through the Periscope”) and is $75.00 and I believe the original was double that. All prints are on 11×14″ paper and there are six available and all are signed. Find them here. It’s tempting. This is my work computer.

work computer

Obviously, I’m a fan.

June 30 was not a Thursday yet you got something I thought was scheduled for a Thursday. So, that obviously didn’t go as planned.

I hope all y’all had a wonderful Fourth of July. We spent it with my family on the General Jackson. Before you think this is super fancy, you should know that we all agreed that we’re not going to do it again. We did it four years ago with two family friends and it was a much better time. In fact, one of The Mister’s favorite photos came from that holiday.

20130707-225429.jpgThe top photo is The Mister’s favorite and the bottom photo is one of my favorites. It is of one of my mother’s dearest friends, Gary. He unexpectedly passed away a few months later, right before our wedding. They’d been friends for over 30 years. Gary and his wife have always been in my life. It was very difficult but I’m glad to have these photos in our hallway. When the photographers came around and showed the table the top photo Gary announced “You have to have this photo! I mean…y’all are meant for each other.”

This photo is also from July 4, 2009.

Fourth of July 2009Let’s discuss how good my skin looks.

I’ve heard some discussion about “What is the song of the summer?” This is a silly question but I’m willing to answer it. My song of the summer is Lorde’s “Royals.” I can’t say I’ll continue to listen to it on repeat as it was in heavy personal rotation the month of June. You should add it to your current playlist.

In other news from the past week:

  • We opened my booth at Miss Lucille’s Marketplace – more details coming
  • We are ordering the awnings for the house.
  • The painters are coming! The house should be painted within the next few weeks.
  • I changed a diaper. I got to see a loved girlfriend that lives too many hours away (hey Kia) and meet her precious son. He’s pretty fresh so I was very much like a robot with holding him and she encouraged me to change his diaper. To her credit, she coached me through it and didn’t make tremendous fun. Let’s be clear: I’ve changed a diaper before but not a baby that just a few months old.

This week’s mantra:

christian d. larson

Recently, I was going through photos on my computer and came across the ones below. The homes are gorgeous but I have no idea where they are. They’re from 2010. That seems like a very long time ago mostly because it kind of was. So, enjoy these pretty homes that I think are from New Hampshire.

Camera 085

Camera 080

Camera 084

Camera 082

I wish I could tell you where it was. It looks beautiful. However, that’s the life I’ve had on the road the past 5+ years. Looking back, I wish I would have kept a journal or been better about documenting my travel on this very blog that you’re reading.