I’m diggin’ our new dresser/tv stand.

tv dresser situation

This was it before. Here were the inspiration photos and me discussing my master plan and more before photos.

BEFORE AND AFTER - tv dresserI’m working on the play-by-play of what I did and how I did it. The outside edge and the hardware are painted.


I know we’re all over “Blurred Lines” but I’ve been into this cover for the past week.



Today, I bring you the Man in the Moon garland for one of my favorite post themes. Creepy or Cute makes you ask yourself “Is this creepy or cute?” and I want to know what you decide.


The Man in the Moon garland was featured on Design Mom but I found it on Pinterest. The post boasts, “What nursery wouldn’t benefit from such a friendly addition? And it can be easily customized to your liking — different faces, bushier eyebrows, paler cheeks — whatever you like!”

So, y’all tell me. Is this what baby dreams or nightmares are made of?

This is making my Halloween.



I made our shower curtain.

shower curtain made from sheet - The Lovely Lifestyle

I went to two alteration locations and my mother went to three – nobody would make it. So, we did what any “scorned” woman with a deep desire for the pretty things would do – came up with a way to do it myself.

A “how to” post is coming next week.


This is an interesting ad campaign by UN Women.

People still think lady brains are not fully functioning or worthwhile. The Google results are from September 3, 2013.



Needlepoint Leopard Clutch from C. Wonder

You can monogram it for $10.00 more.
I’m little worried about how well you can see it even if it’s in Neon Orange. Of course, it would be in Neon Orange.


beginning to middlehere

Costume Contest

Today is your last day to enter Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee’s Halloween Costume Contest.

halloween contest

Show off your spooktacular costume you made from items you bought at Goodwill for a chance to win a $50 Goodwill gift card! Submissions accepted from October 18-24. Then, invite your friends to vote until October 30. We’ll announce two winners: a fan favorite, determined by voting, and most original, determined by Goodwill employee.

I’m not entering, of course. However, y’all know about my Halloween costume this year and it’s all because of Goodwill.

$50.00 to Goodwill? Heck yeah. Enter here.

Don’t forget that you can find Halloween costume ideas on my Pinterest board for Goodwill. Find it here!

I know y’all like to save money but you want to be cute. Me too. That’s why Target is so popular. However, there are things that Targeay (if you’re fancy) cannot provide and that’s when you need to go for the good stuff. So, here’s whatcha need to do – get a Club Twenty-Two Card.

club twenty-two card logoClub Twenty-Two Cards are offered by the Junior League of Nashville (which I’m apart of) and all proceeds support the Junior League’s programs, developing and training women to their highest potential, and our work in fighting childhood obesity in Middle Tennessee. 100% of the proceeds are given directly to our partner agencies – Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, Book ‘Em and Ronald McDonald House for example. A full list of partner agencies can be found here.

With a Club Twenty-Two card you get 20% off at over 130 retailers on October 24– November 3, 2013 and March 6-17, 2014. We’re talking 20% off at nice places for ten days. It’s a great way to buy holiday presents. It’s a great way to buy stuff for yourself whether it’s clothes, food, homegoods or skin/nail care. For $50.00, it’s a no-brainer. Here are some of the participating retailers. They may, or may not, be places I’m going. All retailers can be found here.

Club 22 stores

Shockingly, some cards are still available so you need to get on it. The first shopping period begins TOMORROW.

You’d save 19.60 on this Camel Sweater.

Camel sweater

You’d save $7.90 on the Plaster Paths Tee.

Plaster paths Tee

You’d save $6.50 on this glitter belt.

Glitter belt

You’d save $45.00 on this Two Tone Tortoise Gramercy Watch.

Two Tone Tortoise Gramercy Mini

You can either tell me you want one and I’ll grab it for you or you can pick it up yourself at Headquarters. The easiest thing may be for you to buy it online. It’ll cost you an extra $2.00 for postage and you’ll need to put my name (Rachael Anne) in the comments box.

Let me know if you have any questions. I figured if some are still available, I want you lovelies to get in on the action.

I’ve used Paperless Post for a couple events and really like it. Tracking is incredibly easy on their site and on their app. There are lots of great designs and they commonly have partnerships with designers. Currently, Kelly Wearstler has line of beautiful invitations and cards. They can be sent digitally and purchased as paper (legit) stationary.

The “Marbleized” card may be my favorite.

marbleizedmarbleized horizontal

Marbleized – Horizontal

The envelope details are great.marbleized envelope

The Graffito card is based on her famous foyer.

graffito paperless cardGraffito card

graffito stationaryGraffito – Horizontal

kelly wearstler foyer
Send a chic Hanukkah card to your family and friends.


See the entire collection here.

Register for Paperless Post here.

This post was not sponsored, but if you register using my link I’ll get coins. Make it rain with digital coins y’all.