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The cutest thing you’ve ever seen

We love our pug, The Colonel Hoof-Hearted, and sometimes we talk about getting another dog. I look through Petfinder occasionally and now with some shelters being on Facebook, dog faces show up in my newsfeed from time to time. This new Facebook trend caused me to fall a little bit for a 5 year old cutie available in the town where my parent’s live. I called my mom about him and she was of no help. Very encouraging. I talked to The Mister about it and he didn’t fight me. However, I gave myself 48 hours. I called and found out he was adopted.

We’ve talked about french bulldogs. Then, I saw the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

baby and bulldog puppieshere

Look at the back fat on that one on the left! Lawd have mercy!

There are 12 adorable photos of these babies here. I think we’ll keep on the watch.


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If you give The Colonel Hoof-Hearted a blanket you shall receive his love. He loves a blanket. Therefore, we decided to use receiving blankets on our couch to designated “pig friendly” areas. However, I knew the blankets needed to be cute. I didn’t want them to look like we were missing a baby. No teddy bear, ABC, baby prints. So, I was happy when I came across the following Dwell Studio blankets at Target.

They’re awesome. The Colonel recognizes his area of the couch, is able to nest, and knows when to “get on your blanket.” He’s pretty good with parameters. So, they did what they needed without being bulky and take up space like the past “couch beds” we used. Plus, we can wash them on hot with our rags. (More on our rag consumption here)

Here is The Colonel Hoof-Hearted, or as I affectionately call him “Pig,” laying on one of his blankets.

Here is a full couch view:

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Pug purse

Recently, at TJMaxx, I found a purse with a pug on it. It was $19.99 and I couldn’t resist. It was a cross-body bag which is great for travel. Plus, the inside was furry and the color of a fawn pug. It felt and looked like a pug but didn’t shed. I had to have it. It would be like I had The Colonel Hoof-Hearted with me when I’m on the road.

Look at him! He’s so cute. Plus, it came with the glittered dog bone keychain on the side.

Isn’t the fur great?


This is a ridic awful purse.

Please tell me you didn’t think I purchased this piece of gross.

Have a wonderful Friday and April Fool’s Day.

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Wicked Good Pet Cuddler from L.L. Bean

Reasons I’m tempted by this bed:

  1. They named it “Wicked Good.”
  2. The Colonel would lick the heck out of it’s berber fleece lining.
  3. L.L. Bean has free shipping
  4. I appreciate the neutral solid brown and carmel options.

However, they don’t have a pillow that comes with the bed and our pig pug likes to cuddle under one.



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