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I’m trying to come up with ideas on what to do with our television in our living room. My current idea is to surround it with a bookshelf or built in. Here are my inspirational photos.

three bookshelves with tv


tv in built in with lights on top


blue built ins via porterdesigncompany


bookshelves with tv


bedroom with tv bookshelf


I like these bookshelves the most.

bookshelves with tv in center


Of course, I just like this room. Big gold mirror. Clear coffee table. Garden stool. Books everywhere. All of it. However, we couldn’t do a series of bookshelves. We don’t have the space. I just want the one.

tv bookcase

I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

I think The Mister could make it. I don’t want anything fancy and these instructions/directions seem like something we could use.


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The Encylopaedia Britannica is not going to be printed again. They’ve decided to only be availble digital. Therefore, the 2010 edition will be their final.

You can buy it here for $1,395.00.

Though I’m not surprised by the announcement, I still find it a touch sad. The Mister and I have a lot of books, magazines and print. I thought about buying an e-reader but I haven’t been able to do it. I’m sure I will buy one, someday, but it could never replace my love of having a print version. (I tried reading a magazine on a Nook and found it maddening.) Plus, you have to have books for a bookshelf and encylopedias look chic.



 I remember my childhood set fondly, but I no longer have it. However, I do have my father’s 1954 set of Child Craft that I love. There are some old sets on eBay: 1910, 1910 and 1926.

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I’m a lover of magazines, but I play on the side and read books. Here are some books I’ve read recently:

I started to read In Defense of Food, but didn’t finish it. However, I can’t take that on vacation. I don’t need to read about good food choices in between eating like it’s going out of style. So, what have you been reading? What do you suggest?

Don’t forget to read yesterday’s love story (https://thelovelylifestyle.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/a-love-story-tonya-and-andrew/).

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Well, some people fell for my April Fools joke. However, this is no joke. You can have a pug with Port-a-Pug.

Port-a-Pug is made up of die-cut cards that you assemble to build a 10 x 11 x 4-1/2 inch pug. Each Port-a-Pug comes with a Certificate of Adoption, Owner’s Manual, dog bowl, dog bed, collars with an ID tag, food, water and bones. 

There are some cons like it doesn’t love you back and it could never replace The Colonel Hoof-Heartered. However, it gets bonus points because Port-a-Pug doesn’t shed and aggravate your allergies. Therefore, I’m jealous.

See an assembled Port-a-Pug in the video

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We have a carpenter coming to our house this morning to give us estimates for some built ins. Here are the inspiration photos I am sharing:

photo from iSuwanee

photo from decorpad

Inidia Hicks office

Of course, I’m going to ask for a quote on the corner cabinets I’ve lusted over from Traditional Home’s August issue.

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My word…

These are gorgeous.

Photo credit goes to CoCo+Kelley 

Follow the link to check out their great post “Great Scott,” which also wins for better title than mine.

I have been lusting over the new covers of Penguin’s Classics but have not been sure who to credit. Casandra of CoCo+Kelley states I can thank Coralie Bickford-Smith. The covers are quite stunning and I’m a book nerd. Therefore, I must have them. I have found them on Amazon (of course) and at Anthropologie, but I cannot find a way to purchase the set. Hmmm…what to do…what to do? I believe this calls for an early draft of my birthday and Christmas list.

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