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I haven’t thought of Old Navy in years. Though I will purchase clothes at Target I’ve considered Old Navy to be “college clothes.” I use to buy the majority of my wardrobe from Target and Old Navy when I was teacher as my clothes needed to be cheap (I was a teacher) and disposable (I taught children). I haven’t stepped inside an Old Navy, or considered them for anything, in years. Until my co-worker Melissa mentioned that I may like some of their jewelry. Frankly, I was surprised she shopped at Old Navy. Melissa is a “hard-core” Ann Taylor gal. Well, as hard-core as Ann Taylor gets. So, I checked out their site and fell into that rabbit hole. Here are some things I purchased.

The flag shirt is a joke. However, I’ll let you know how everything else turns out.


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Ballard Designs recently came out with the Sarah Storage Tower.

There are two options to make the combination above the shoe and boot tower and shoe and handbag tower. The one pictured is three towers put together. Each cubbie is lined with soft fabric to protect your shoes/handbags and all towers come in a “Brushed Taupe finish.”

I have wondered if it is named after Sarah Jessica Parker. I loved Sex in the City. However, the movies haven’t been enough for me. There have been a few highlights. The Halling Secretary and Carrie’s closet.  

Sadly, our house has little closets. It’s been a struggle for me. My bedroom, growing up, had two closets. One had french doors and fairly large on its own. Then, my parents built a large walk in closet within my attic space. (The attics were built off the rooms on the second level.) The Mister and I are working on our lack of closet space. Currently, all my clothes and shoes live in our guest bedroom. Therefore, I occasionally call the guest bedroom “my room.” Do any of you do this too? If you all have walk in closets I may scream or move in with you.

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My original Creepy or Cute had an overwhelming vote of creepy. While browsing Anthropologie’s site I stumbled across these plant/pot stands.

stork feet plant stand

alligator feet plant stand

I like them both but I realize they are little creepy. What do you think?

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So blue

We have one bathroom, which is not ideal. We plan/hope/want to add another bath sometime. We have no idea if/when that will happen. So, we currently just have our one. She has blue tile which has grown on me. I was never hateful towards her blue tile, as I do enjoy most things considered “retro.” However, I did hate the original vanity in the bathroom. This was it:

Not only was the vanity a hideous beast, it was gross. So, not only was it not well constructed/organized I refused to use the little storage it provided because it was narsty. Therefore, we purchased a new vanity.

I visited my local Homegoods and happened across beautiful, mirrored vanity. I put it on hold and waited for The Mister to come home. When I saw him pulling in I ran to his truck and told him to rush to Homegoods as they closed in 30 minutes. A lady was looking at it and talking to someone on the phone about it. The hold sign was not on it. A mixture of confusion and anger made me walk right up to it and yank the price off.  I got the vanity. Here it is in our bathroom.

It wasn’t pretty to install. Here are some photos I took while perodically saying things like “ewwww” and “groddy” in between puke noises.

Here is our bathroom as it is today.

The right side of the room:

The left side of the room:

I shall have one mirrored item (perferably a piece of furniture) in every room.

Quick resource guide:

Rug – West Elm
Shower curtain – Pottery Barn
Vanity – Homegoods
Toilet – Jacuzzi brand from Lowes (install info/video here)

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Lilly Pulitzer Home is available through Horchow. Her are some of my favorite things.



Boulevard Barstool

Here they are together.

Aster Home Collection

The brass and lacquer white are killah.


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I read an article some time ago about what foods in particular you should purchase organic. I could not find that article specifically. However, Prevention has a very informative article about twelve plants to buy organic and fifteen that are naturally clean. Then, I found this chart on my renewed drug of choice – Pinterest.

Chart via here

Of course, I suggest you purchase your fruits and vegetables with reuseable produce bags.

Don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies and be good to Mother Earth.

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Kate Spade Illustrated

I lurve Kate Spade’s illustrated china. The Tidbit plates are my favorites. However, I have quite a bit of tableware and don’t need anymore.

But, I want more.

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